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1. "Mr. Anderson:Well, maybe we all should call it a night. Congrats to the happy couples. Will there be wedding bells soon?SnowGirl:Definitely. I mean, if you help a guy kill a dwarf, he should marry you."
Author: Alex Flinn
2. "Aunt Libby: "I think I'm getting married! I've been dying to tell you."Raven: "You are? Congrats! Dad didn't mention..."Aunt Libby: "Well, okay, it's not official or anything. In fact, we haven't officially gone out yet. I just met him last night."
Author: Ellen Schreiber
3. "Teresa stood up, surprising Thomas with her confidence."Guess he forgot to tell the little part about me kicking him in the groin and climbing out the window." Thomas almost laughed as Newt turned to an older boy standing nearby, whose face had turned bright red. "Congrats, Jeff," Newt said. "You're officially the first guy here to get your butt beat by a girl."
Author: James Dashner
4. "Two former students of mine are getting married. Congrats, grandpa and grandpa!"
Author: Jarod Kintz
5. "Actual message in letter I mailed: Congrats on getting married! Here's a hundred-dollar gift certificate to You could buy something practical, or you could buy 101 copies of my .99 cents ebook. Just kidding—I didn't mean to imply that buying 101 copies of my book was impractical."
Author: Jarod Kintz
6. "I took a six pound dump," Jack offered."You lie." I laughed. The J's could always make me feel better."It's true," Josh said. "Our whole scrimmage team weighed in before and after.""I won twenty bucks!""Congrats, Jack. You've reached a new level of disgusting.""But I won twenty bucks."
Author: Kelly Oram

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