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1. "E penso a quel detto che ripetono sempre tutti: "la vita è dura... e poi muori". A dire il vero, non è affatto così. Questo lo dicono loro. La vita è dura: su questo hanno ragione. Ma quei giorni che dovrebbero essere la parte peggiore? Su questo si sbagliano. E' la tua vita, il resto della tua vita, la parte peggiore."
Author: Amy Hempel
2. "I will not let anyone tell me we must spend more money. This crisis did not come about because we issued too little money but because we created economic growth with too much money and it was not sustainable growth."
Author: Angela Merkel
3. "Egli era libero, ma infinitamente libero, fino a non sentirsi pesare sulla terra. Gli mancava quel peso delle relazioni umane che ostacola il passo, gli mancavano quelle lacrime, quegli addii, quelle gioie, quei rimproveri, tutto ciò che un uomo accarezza o distrugge ad ogni gesto che accenna, quei mille vincoli che lo appesantiscono legandolo agli altri."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
4. "E' una di quelle notti in cui sei a bordo da cinque giorni egoisti che sembrano venti e tutto ciò che riguarda la terra sembra così lontano che non te ne frega un cazzo; e ti rendi conto che da un secolo non ascolti chiacchiere radiofoniche, non leggi un giornale, non guardi la tele, non ti parlano di politica nè di corruzione, non ti dicono sa com'è, e la vita continua il suo corso e non succede assolutamente nulla e ti domandi cosa si può fare, dove diavolo ha sbagliato l'Umanità."
Author: Arturo Pérez Reverte
5. "When, as happened recently in France, an attempt is made to coerce women out of the burqa rather than creating a situation in which a woman can choose what she wishes to do, it's not about liberating her, but about unclothing her. It becomes an act of humiliation and cultural imperialism. It's not about the burqa. It's about the coercion. Coercing a woman out of a burqa is as bad as coercing her into one. Viewing gender in this way, shorn of social, political and economic context, makes it an issue of identity, a battle of props and costumes. It is what allowed the US government to use western feminist groups as moral cover when it invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Afghan women were (and are) in terrible trouble under the Taliban. But dropping daisy-cutters on them was not going to solve their problems."
Author: Arundhati Roy
6. "I tried hard to imagine my poems or any poems as machines that could make things happen, changing the government, or the economy or even their language, the body or its sensorium, but I could not imagine this, could not even imagine imagining it. And yet when I imagined the total victory of those other things over poetry, when I imagined, with a sinking feeling, a world without even the terrible excuses for poems that kept faith with the virtual possibilities of the medium, without the sort of absurd ritual I'd participated in that evening then I intuited an inestimable loss, a loss not of artworks but of art, and therefore infinite, the total triumph of the actual, and I realized that, in such a world, I would swallow a bottle of white pills."
Author: Ben Lerner
7. "Bernanke and company are trying to reflate the economy with almost stated objective of inflation at 2 percent and higher in order to provide some type of safety margin for a future recession. That's where they want to go."
Author: Bill Gross
8. "We know that, when it comes to technology and the economy, if you're not constantly moving forward, then - without a doubt - you're moving backwards."
Author: Bill Owens
9. "When you're fighting for economic and social justice, you're always fighting for the minority."
Author: Bob Kerrey
10. "The Republic of Macedonia is being built on democratic ideals and values, not on ethnic groups. Those ideals and values include economic opportunities, language and educational opportunities, religious rights, and political processes."
Author: Boris Trajkovski
11. "Rather than seeing himself as human because he could make economic calculations, the hunter insisted that being truly human meant refusing to make such calculations, refusing to measure or remember who had given what to whom, for the precise reason that doing so would inevitably create a world where we began "comparing power with power, measuring, calculating" and reducing each other to slaves or dogs through debt."
Author: David Graeber
12. "Many outsiders clarified that they believe Christians have a right (even an obligation) to pursue political involvement, but they disagree with our methods and our attitudes. They say we seem to be pursuing an agenda that benefits only ourselves; that we expect too much out of politics; they question whether we are motivated by our economic status rather than faith perspectives when we support conservative politics; they claim we act and say things in an unchristian manner; they wonder whether Jesus would use political power as we do; and they are concerned that we overpowered the voices of other groups."
Author: David Kinnaman
13. "And each of these perspectives comes to the same conclusion, which is that our global economy is out of control and performing contrary to basic principles of market economics."
Author: David Korten
14. "To not say all that can be said is the secret of discipline and economy."
Author: Dejan Stojanovic
15. "Greece's European neighbors were able step in and bolster the weak foundation on which Greece's free-spending budget was based. It would be difficult for any country, or intergovernmental organization, to rescue an economy the size of the U.S. if investors were ever to lose faith in our bonds because of our enormous debt."
Author: Douglas Wilder
16. "En este pueblo no hay ladrones. Todo el mundo conoce a todo el mundo."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
17. "I am opposed to animal welfare campaigns for two reasons. First, if animal use cannot be morally justified, then we ought to be clear about that, and advocate for no use. Although rape and child molestation are ubiquitous, we do not have campaigns for "humane" rape or "humane" child molestation. We condemn it all. We should do the same with respect to animal exploitation. Second, animal welfare reform does not provide significant protection for animal interests. Animals are chattel property; they are economic commodities. Given this status and the reality of markets, the level of protection provided by animal welfare will generally be limited to what promotes efficient exploitation. That is, we will protect animal interests to the extent that it provides an economic benefit."
Author: Gary L. Francione
18. "The schedules are crammed with shows urging us to travel further, drive faster, build bigger, buy more, yet none of them are deemed to offend the rules, which really means that they don't offend the interests of business or the pampered sensibilities of the Aga class. The media, driven by fear and advertising, are hopelessly biased towards the consumer economy and against the biosphere."
Author: George Monbiot
19. "A Swedish physicist can not discuss his work with fifty people unless he goes abroad. A Swedish economist can get opinions and instructions in his native language from thousands upon thousands of his fellow citizens."
Author: George Stigler
20. "People who were only ever half right about things drove me mad. I hated the flood of opinion, the certainty, the easy talk about Cuba and Russia and the economy, because beneath the hard structure of words was an abyss of ignorance and not-knowing; and, in a sense, of not wanting to know."
Author: Hanif Kureishi
21. "We should show Washington how we do it in North Dakota. I'm running to stop the over-regulating of our economy and start growing it."
Author: Heidi Heitkamp
22. "For God's sake, be economical with your lamps and candles! not a gallon you burn, but at least one drop of man's blood was spilled for it."
Author: Herman Melville
23. "Combien de gens exercent-ils le travail de leur choix ? Certains scientifiques, artistes, quelques travailleurs très qualifiés ou certaines professions libérales ont peut-être cette satisfaction, mais la plupart des gens ne sont pas libres de choisir leur activité. C'est la nécessité économique qui les y oblige. C'est pourquoi on peut parler de "travail aliéné". En outre, la plupart des travailleurs produisent des biens et des services destinés à devenir des marchandises qu'ils n'ont pas eux-mêmes choisi de produire et qui appartiennent à un autre : le capitaliste qui les emploie. Les travailleurs sont donc, en outre, parfaitement étrangers au produit de leur labeur. Le travail s'effectue dans des conditions industrielles modernes qui privilégient la concurrence plutôt que la collaboration et l'isolement plutôt que l'association. Les travailleurs sont donc également étrangers les uns aux autres. Concentrés dans les villes et les usines, ils sont pour finir étrangers à la nature."
Author: Howard Zinn
24. "Mi ero troppo affezionato a te" spiegò Silente con semplicità. "Tenevo più alla tua felicità che a farti conoscere la verità,più alla tua serenità che al mio piano.Ho agito esattamente come Voldemort si aspetta che agiscano gli sciocchi in grado di amare"
Author: J.K. Rowling
25. "No conocía la melodía, que era «hogar, dulce hogar», pero sabía que estaba diciendo:«Vuelve, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy» y exclamó entusiasmado:-Señora, jamás volverá a ver a Wendy, porque la ventana está cerrada.Volvió a atisbar para ver por qué se había interrumpido la música y entonces vio que la señora Darling había apoyado la cabeza en la caja del piano y que tenía dos lágrimas en los ojos.«Quiere que abra la ventana», pensó Peter, «pero no lo haré, no señor.»Volvió a asomarse y las lágrimas seguían allí, u otras dos que habían ocupado su lugar.-Quiere muchísimo a Wendy-se dijo. Entonces se enfadó con ella por no darse cuenta de por qué no podía tener a Wendy.La razón era tan sencilla:-Yo también la quiero. No podemos tenerla los dos, señora."
Author: J.M. Barrie
26. "Maybe they'd use biological or chemical weapons instead. Maybe they'd crash the world economy. Maybe they'd turn every program on television into one of those reality shows.""That's mostly done already, Harry.""Oh. Well. I've got to believe that the world is worth saving anyway."
Author: Jim Butcher
27. "Should we attempt border security first, which I believe we should, we still need to face the fact that comprehensive reform is necessary. This must include a guest worker program and dealing with the 11 million people who are here today that are contributing to our economy."
Author: Jim Costa
28. "We have to have a way of dealing with this that engenders confidence, trust, gives us every chance of getting the right outcome and boosts both sustainability and economic return at the same time."
Author: John Anderson
29. "If economists could manage to get themselves thought of as humble, competent people on a level with dentists, that would be splendid."
Author: John Maynard Keynes
30. "The light which we have gained, was given us, not to be ever staring on, but by it to discover onward things more remote from our knowledge. It is not the unfrocking of a priest, the unmitering of a bishop, and the removing hum from the Presbyterian shoulders that will make us a happy nation; no, if other things as great in the Church, and in the rule of life both economical and political, be not looked into and reformed, we have looked so long upon the blaze that Zwinglius and Calvin have beaconed up to us, that we are stark blind."
Author: John Milton
31. "Un completo desconocido se me acercó y me dijo: Eres tu... !Cuanto tiempo! Tienes que casarte conmigo antes de que vuelvas a desaparecer. Creí que estaba loco."
Author: Ken Follett
32. "It's funny that we need laws so people can have the freedom to do what they want when we already have the constitution where the 1st amendment allows us to do what we want already. Gay marriage should not be a political matter they are people just like everyone else and have the right to do what they want like everyone else. If NYS/US would take half the effort into the economy or education we wouldn't be as fucked as we are now."
Author: Kenneth G. Ortiz
33. "It was interesting to find how dominating American vision is all over the world. I think there's something to be said about the world's mindset and its economics and all of that, and I think it affects the way we see ourselves and it affects music."
Author: K'naan
34. "The first is gentleness; the second is economy; and the third is shrinking from taking precedence of others."
Author: Lao Tzu
35. "«Penso a quanto mi sento riconoscente per tutto, anche le cose brutte. Ogni notte insonne, ogni istante di solitudine, ogni volta che si è rotta la macchina, ogni gomma da masticare sulla suola, le bollette pagate in ritardo, i biglietti perdenti della lotteria, le stoviglie rotte e i toast bruciati». La sua voce è dolcissima: «Perché amore mio?»«Perché tutto è servito a portarmi fino a te»."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
36. "Mitt Romney, you can criticize him for a lot of things, and that's fair, but he knows how the economy works."
Author: Mario Diaz Balart
37. "The evidence from behavior genetics and twin studies indicating that 40to 50 percent of the variance among people in temperament,personality, and many political, economic, and social preferences areaccounted for by genetics."
Author: Michael Shermer
38. "Thus, seeking to produce a typology of forms of the art of government, La Mothe Le Vayer, in a text from the following century (consisting of educational writings intended for the French Dauphin), says that there are three fundamental types of government, each of which relates to a particular science or discipline: the art of self-government, connected with morality; the art of properly governing a family, which belongs to economy; and finally the science of ruling the state, which concerns politics. What matters, notwithstanding this typology, is that the art of government is always characterized by the essential continuity of one type with the other, and of second type with the third."
Author: Michel Foucault
39. "La pure morale est unique et universelle. Elle ne subit aucune altération au cours du temps, non plus qu'aucune adjonction. Elle ne dépend d'aucun facteur historique, économique, sociologique ou culturel ; elle ne dépend absolument de rien du tout. Non déterminée, elle détermine. Non conditionnée, elle conditionne. En d'autres termes, c'est un absolu."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
40. "La gente si preoccupa perché i ragazzini giocano con le armi, perché gli adolescenti guardano film violenti; c'è la paura che nei giovani finisca per imporsi una specie di cultura della violenza. Nessuno si preoccupa dei ragazzini che ascoltano migliaia di canzoni - migliaia, letteralmente - che parlano di cuori spezzati, e abbandoni e dolore e sofferenza e perdita. Le persone più infelici che conosco, dico in senso amoroso, sono anche quelle pazze per la musica pop; e non sono sicuro che la musica pop sia stata la causa della loro infelicità, ma so per certo che sono persone che hanno ascoltato canzoni tristi più a lungo di quanto non siano durate le loro tristi storie."
Author: Nick Hornby
41. "Ojalá fuera Halloween todos los días. Todos podríamos llevar máscara siempre. Podríamos pasearnos por ahí y conocernos antes de ver que aspecto tenemos debajo de las máscaras."
Author: R.J. Palacio
42. "Travolti dal torrente dell'incertezza, i nostri sogni hanno teso le bracciaPer afferrare la terra.In mattoni e pietra si irrigidisconoi loro sogni e così sono state costruitele città dell'uomo."
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
43. "A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy, and a weak economy leads to a weak nation."
Author: Ross Perot
44. "Who is affected more when it's cold? Poor people. Who is affected more when it's hot? Poor people. Who is affected more when it's wet? Poor people. Who is most affected when the economy is bad? Poor people. Poor people are the most fragile."
Author: Russel Honore
45. "Today, the US spends less on defense as a percentage of our economy than we did at any time since he Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. For the world's only superpower, that is an invitation to very serious trouble."
Author: Steve Forbes
46. "No government of the left has done as much for the poor as capitalism has. Even when it comes to the redistribution of income, the left talks the talk but the free market walks the walk.What do the poor most need? They need to stop being poor. And how can that be done, on a mass scale, except by an economy that creates vastly more wealth? Yet the political left has long had a remarkable lack of interest in how wealth is created. As far as they are concerned, wealth exists somehow and the only interesting question is how to redistribute it."
Author: Thomas Sowell
47. "Well, the economic recovery was successful even though the Democrats opposed the reforms every step of the way. And it is clear the Democrats have no clear plan to strengthen our economy, as Republicans do."
Author: Todd Tiahrt
48. "Marius y Cosette no se hablaban, no se saludaban, no se conocían: se veían y, como los astros en el cielo que están separados por millones de leguas, vivían de mirarse."
Author: Victor Hugo
49. "China is a main energy consumer and, therefore, is also a big greenhouse gas emitter. We must use energy resources rationally and must conserve. This needs us to adjust our economic structure, transform the mode of development, to make economic development more dependent on progress of science and technology and the quality of the work force."
Author: Wen Jiabao
50. "L'inconvénient majeur de la liaison passagère, du point de vue de l'économie sexuelle, c'est qu'elle ne permet pas une adaptation sensuelle des partenaires aussi complète que la liaison durable, ni par conséquent une satisfaction sexuelle aussi complète. Du point de vue de l'économie sexuelle, c'est là l'objection sérieuse à la liaison passagère et le meilleur argument en faveur de liaison durable. Les champions du mariage pousseront ici un soupir d'aise, croyant pouvoir réintroduire frauduleusement le moralisme monogamique. Mais nous serons obligés de les décevoir à nouveau : quand nous parlons de liaison durable, nous ne fixons pas de limites de temps ; du point de vue de l'économie sexuelle, il se peut que cet liaison dure des semaines, des mois, deux ans ou dix ans ; et nous ne disons pas non plus que cette relation doit ou devrait être monogamique ; car nous ne fixons pas de normes. (p. 193)"
Author: Wilhelm Reich

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