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1. "When I was cooking I enjoyed a sense of being ‘out' of myself. The action of dicing vegetables and warming oil made my hands tingle and my thoughts switch to a different hemisphere, right brain rather than left, or left rather than right. In my mind there were many rooms and, just as I still got lost in the labyrinth of corridors at college, I often found myself lost, with a sense of déjà vu, in some obscure part of my cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that plays a key role in perceptual awareness, attention and memory. Everything I had lived through or imagined or dreamed appeared to have been backed up on a video clip and then scattered among those alien rooms. I could stumble into any number of scenes, from the horrifically sexual, horror-movie sequences that were crude and painful, to visualizing Grandpa polishing his shoes."
Author: Alice Jamieson
2. "Unwell? I was fine, as good as one might feel in such circumstances. No, my friend, I merely pretended to faint. I'm a good actress. Actually, a thought had come into my mind: if a terrorist, I said to myself, were to blow up this church with all of us inside, at least one-tenth of all the hypocrisy in the world would disappear with us. So I had myself escorted out."
Author: Andrea Camilleri
3. "Classifying depression as an illness serves the psychiatric community and pharmaceutical corporations well; it also soothes the frightened, guilty, indifferent, busy, sadistic, and unschooled. To understand depression as a call for life-changes is not profitable. Stagnation is not a medical term. The 17.5 million Americans diagnosed as suffering a major depression in 1997 were mostly damned. (Psychobiological examinations confuse cause and symptom.) Deficient serotonergic functioning, ventral prefrontal cerebral cortex, dis-inhibition of impulsive-aggressive behavior, blah blah blah: the medical lexicon boils emotion from human being. Go take a drug, the doctor says. Pain is a biochemical phenomenon. Erase all memory."
Author: Antonella Gambotto Burke
4. "A cortesia, assim como as moedas feitas de metal, é reconhecidamente uma moeda falsa. Não se deve economizá-la... Quem, entretanto, pratica a cortesia em detrimento de interesses reais assemelha-se àquele que despende autênticas moedas de ouro em vez de metal."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
5. "I learned in the computer game business early on that all senses are not equal. The best example is, you're listening to a radio play and you're driving down the road, and suddenly you realize you haven't seen the road in five minutes. It's because your visual cortex has been partying with your imagination, basically."
Author: Brenda Laurel
6. "An older dom snorted. "Atherton uses the word escort loosely. The last time someone messed with a trainee, he threw the guy across the bar. Strolled over, waited for the idiot to stand up, punched his lights out, and dragged him by his jacket collar out of the place. Escorted him, my ass. Didn't even wrinkle that fancy suit." He took a sip of his beer and added, "Atherton is invariably polite, but nobody in their right mind fucks with his trainees."
Author: Cherise Sinclair
7. "Here's where things get hazy. John claims that the men hauling him away from the scene were escorted by other men carrying submachine guns, though when pressed, he admitted that they may have been flashlights. Either way, John says the men threw him down and intended to execute him, at which point he kicked one of the men in the face and backflipped to his feet. He then wrestled away the man's gun and "dick-whipped" him with it. I am unclear as to whether or not this means he struck the man in the groin or merely slapped him in the same manner in which he would slap a person with his dick. I never ask John to clarify such things. Anyway, he said he swung again and slammed another man's skull with the gun, so hard it "made the batteries fly out."
Author: David Wong
8. "...he'd know about the role of mirror neurons in the brain, special cells in the premotor cortex that fire right before a person reaches for a rock, steps forward, turns away, begins to smile.Amazingly, the same neurons fire whether we do something or watch someone else do the same thing, and both summon similar feelings. Learning form our own mishaps isn't as safe as learning from someone else's, which helps us decipher the world of intentions, making our social whirl possible. The brain evolved clever ways to spy or eavesdrop on risk, to fathom another's joy or pain quickly, as detailed sensations, without resorting to words. We feel what we see, we experience others as self."
Author: Diane Ackerman
9. "Si me quieres, quiéreme entera,no por zonas de luz y sombra…Si me quieres, quiéreme negray blanca. Y gris, y verde y rubia,y morena…Quiéreme día,quiéreme noche…¡Y madrugada en la ventana abierta!…Si me quieres, no me recortes:¡Quiéreme toda… O no me quieras!"
Author: Dulce María Loynaz
10. "Na Natureza nunca eu descobriria um contorno feio ou repetido! Nunca duas folhas de hera, que, na verdura ou recorte, se assemelhassem! Na Cidade, pelo contrário, cada casa repete servilmente a outra casa; todas as faces reproduzem a mesma indiferença ou a mesma inquietação; as ideias têm todas o mesmo valor, o mesmo cunho, a mesma forma, como as libras; e até o que há mais pessoal e íntimo, a Ilusão, é em todos idêntica, e todos a respiram, e todos se perdem nela como no mesmo nevoeiro... A "mesmice" - eis o horror das Cidades!"
Author: Eça De Queirós
11. "Taking it as a whole, Mexico is a grand city, and, as Cortes truly said, its situation is marvellous."
Author: Edward Burnett Tylor
12. "It often occurs to me that if, against all odds, there is a judgmental God and heaven, it will come to pass that when the pearly gates open, those who had the valor to think for themselves will be escorted to the head of the line, garlanded, and given their own personal audience."
Author: Edward O. Wilson
13. "I didn't kiss him back even as my body went wild internally, blood being police escorted to certain extremities, endorphins diving out of my pituitary gland like they were in a Busby Berkeley musical, my heart going all heavy metal."
Author: Eli Easton
14. "La habilidad para revivir estados emocionales del pasado es un talento a la vez que una maldición. Es una maldición porque no te permite seguir adelante con tu vida. Cada corte, cada moretón, cada rechazo produce una cosecha que luego se almacena. El dolor se guarda congelado y conserva el mismo sabor que tuvo el día que nos lo hicieron"."
Author: Elliot Perlman
15. "The anarch is (I am simplifying) on the side of gold: it fascinates him, like everything that eludes society. Gold has its own immeasurable might. It need only show itself, and society with its law and order is in jeopardy.The anarch is on the side of gold : this is not to be construed as a lust for gold. He recognizes gold as the central and immobile power. He loves it, not like Cortez, but like Montezuma, not like Pizarro but like Atahualpa ...."
Author: Ernst Jünger
16. "Il corteggiamento è un atto di coraggio che contiene il rischio del ridicolo in quanto prevede un gesto folle, un'azione poetica."
Author: Fabio Volo
17. "Cortejo as palavras para cair na graça dos seus amores tal qual um aristocrata burguês trocando gracejos com uma dama da nobreza a fim de ascensão social por meio de matrimônio."
Author: Filipe Russo
18. "Eu escrevo um caixão de gravetos, uma toca de terra; papiro para untar meus restos mortais. Eu escrevo uma salva de saudade, um funeral de flores; epitáfio para demarcar onde a vida morre em paz. Eu escrevo um esqueleto de cálcio sobre o qual nasço, cresço e morro. Você, antropólogo forense, leia meus ossos e relate em corte marcial os crimes e torturas que a vida e o homem afligiram a minha pessoa."
Author: Filipe Russo
19. "Date?" I hear the hardness creeping into his voice. "I've escorted a lot of women around this town, and I've fucked a hell of a lot of them. But I didn't date them."
Author: J. Kenner
20. "I don't think we are ready to die, any of us, not without being escorted."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
21. "She sat in her chair, eyes closed. She liked to be the last one to leave. She despised crowds, and their opinions as they left a performance, or worse, discussed the wait for the bathroom or where do you want to eat. It spoiled her mood. She was still in that other world, she would stay there as long as she possibly could, the parallel channels twining and tunneling through her cortex like coral."
Author: Janet Fitch
22. "The neocortex is not like a computer, parallel or otherwise. Instead of computing answers to problems the neocortex uses stored memories to solve problems and produce behavior."
Author: Jeff Hawkins
23. "Our visual field, the entire view of what we can see when we look out into the world, is divided into billions of tiny spots or pixels. Each pixel is filled with atoms and molecules that are in vibration. The retinal cells in the back of our eyes detect the movement of those atomic particles. Atoms vibrating at different frequencies emit different wavelengths of energy, and this information is eventually coded as different colors by the visual cortex in the occipital region of our brain. A visual image is built by our brain's ability to package groups of pixels together in the form of edges. Different edges with different orientations - vertical, horizontal and oblique, combine to form complex images. Different groups of cells in our brain add depth, color and motion to what we see."
Author: Jill Bolte Taylor
24. "Then felt I like like some watcher of the skiesWhen a new planet swims into his ken;Like stout Cortes when with eagle eyesHe star'd at the Pacific-and all his menLook'd at each other with a wild surmiseSilent upon a peak in Darien"
Author: John Keats
25. "Our visual cortexes are wired to quickly recognize faces and then quickly subtract massive amounts of detail from them, zeroing in on their essential message: Is this person happy? Angry? Fearful? Individual faces may vary greatly, but a smirk on one is a lot like a smirk on another. Smirks are conceptual, not pictorial. Our brains are like cartoonists - and cartoonists are like our brains, simplifying and exaggerating, subordinating facial detail to abstract comic concepts."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
26. "Eres es la explosión de rosas en un cuarto oscuro.O el sabor inesperado y dulce en el té que tomamos en StarbucksYou are the moon that gives midnight its meaning.And the explanation of water for all living things.You are my compass,A sapphire,A bookmark,A rare coin,Un trompo,Un canica,De mi juventud.Eres miel y canelachocolate y jamoncillo.You are rare spices lost from a boatThat was once sailed by Cortez.Eres un rosa, prensado en un libroun anillo de perla de herenciay un frasco de perfume rojo que se encuentran cerca de las orillas del Nilo.You are an old soul from an ancient place,A thousand years and centuries and milleniums ago.And you have traveld all this way…Just so that I could love you…And,I do."
Author: José N. Harris
27. "Quantas vezes contamos a história da nossa vida? Quantas vezes adaptamos, embelezamos, fazemos cortes matreiros? E, quanto mais a vida avança, menos são os que à nossa volta desafiam o nosso relato, para nos lembrar que a nossa vida não é a nossa vida, é só a história que contámos sobre a nossa vida. Que contámos aos outros mas — principalmente — a nós próprios."
Author: Julian Barnes
28. "Mi nombre es Ashallyn‘darkmyr Tallyn, tercer hijo de la Corte Unseelie. Que sea conocido, desde hoy en adelante,que yo prometo proteger a Meghan Chase, hija del Rey de Verano, con mi espada, mi honor y mi vida. Sus anhelos son míos. Sus deseos son míos. Si el mundo se pone en su contra, mi espada estará a su lado. Y en caso de que no la proteja, que mi propia existencia se pierda. Esto lo juro, por mi honor, mi Nombre Verdadero y mi vida. A partir de este día… Yo soy tuyo."
Author: Julie Kagawa
29. "The part about me being an 'okay sorcerer'? 'Not great'? No I believe I missed that.-Lucas Cortez (Dime Store Magic)"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
30. "Porque não morremos num período assim? Antes que tudo se comece a esboroar. Nem sei se é no fundo ou na superfície que começa a erosão. A primeira tristeza não partilhada. A primeira solidão em que se vira as costas e, ao voltar, já não se encontra a presença reconfortante. Apenas outra solidão, de costas. A consciência alerta: está a acabar, está a acabar. Talvez não ainda o amor, mas a alegria está a acabar. O resto vem depois. O cortejo todo."
Author: Lya Luft
31. "I accepted an invitation to talk to the women's branch of the Ku Klux Klan...I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses...I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak...In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered."
Author: Margaret Sanger
32. "Right before I was escorted to the jail, Fawn waved bye bye to me. I smiled. My empty, pointless life for hers. Not bad."
Author: Maria V. Snyder
33. "Warning:This data storage unit, or "book," has been designed to reprogram the human brain, allowing it to replicate the lost art that was once called reading. It is a simple adjustment and there will be no negative or harmful effects from this process.What you are doing: "Reading" ExplainedEach sheet is indelibly printed with information and the sheets are visually scanned from left to right, and from top to bottom.This scanned information is passed through the visual cortex directly into the brain, where it can then be accessed just like any other data."
Author: Mike A. Lancaster
34. "¿Quién te ha dicho que no puede haber amor verdadero, fiel y eterno en el mundo, que no existe? ¡Que le corten la lengua repugnante a ese mentiroso!"
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
35. "We are part of nature, a product of a long evolutionary journey. To some degree, we carry the ancient oceans in our blood. … Our brains and nervous systems did not suddenly spring into existence without long antecedents in natural history. That which we most prize as integral to our humanity - our extraordinary capacity to think on complex conceptual levels - can be traced back to the nerve network of primitive invertebrates, the ganglia of a mollusk, the spinal cord of a fish, the brain of an amphibian, and the cerebral cortex of a primate."
Author: Murray Bookchin
36. "Uneori, omul e în situatia lui Cortes, de a arde toate corabiile care l-ar putea duce înapoi, ca sa poata merge înainte."
Author: Octavian Paler
37. "Y durante buena parte del tiempo, la sabiduría ha tenido que trabajar en secreto, susurrando sus palabras, moviéndose como un espía a través de los lugares humildes del mundo mientras las cortes y los palacios están ocupados por sus enemigos."
Author: Philip Pullman
38. "Electronic circuits are millions of times faster than our biological circuits. At first we will have to devote all of this speed increase to compensating for the relative lack of parallelism in our computers, but ultimately the digital neocortex will be much faster than the biological variety and will only continue to increase in speed."
Author: Ray Kurzweil
39. "Recall the metaphor I used in chapter 4 relating the random movements of molecules in a gas to the random movements of evolutionary change. Molecules in a gas move randomly with no apparent sense of direction. Despite this, virtually every molecule in a gas in a beaker, given sufficient time, will leave the beaker. I noted that this provides a perspective on an important question concerning the evolution of intelligence. Like molecules in a gas, evolutionary changes also move every which way with no apparent direction. Yet we nonetheless see a movement toward greater complexity and greater intelligence, indeed to evolution's supreme achievement of evolving a neocortex capable of hierarchical thinking. So we are able to gain an insightinto how an apparently purposeless and directionless process can achieve an apparently purposeful result in one field (biological evolution) by looking at another field (thermodynamics)."
Author: Ray Kurzweil
40. "The Italian landscape has always harmonized the vulgar and the Vitruvian: the contorni around the duomo, the portiere'S laundry across the padrone's portone, Supercortemaggiore against the Romanesque apse. Naked children have never played in our fountains, and I. M. Pei will never be happy on Route 66."
Author: Robert Venturi
41. "Se tudo o que eu tivesse feito na vida fosse ter nascido e ser descoberto, ainda assim teria deixado uma marca em toda aquela terra, para todo sempre. Cresci sem pai nem mãe, numa corte onde todos me conheciam como um divisor de águas. E um divisor de águas eu me tornei."
Author: Robin Hobb
42. "It was nineteen fifty seven, the Little Rock nine were escorted to school by Federal troops under the order of President Eisenhower to counteract the attempt of Arkansas Governor Faubus to prevent it. Southern racial tensions produced a supreme irony: Federal troops against the National Guard. This visible strife between state and nation was one of the evidences of the racial turmoil of the times"
Author: Sara Niles
43. "Se alguém tivesse prestando atenção aos sinais, teria percebido que o ar fica esbranquiçado quando as coisas estão prestes a acontecer, os cortes de papel significam que há mais coisas escritas na página, palavras que os olhos não podem ver, e os pássaros estão sempre a postos, para protegê-lo daquilo que você não vê."
Author: Sarah Addison Allen
44. "La supervivencia no es cuestión de cortesía ni de disculpas."
Author: Stephen King
45. "The brevity of mini (psycho)therapies is another efficient forestaller of healing. The neocortex rapidly master didactic information, but the limbic brain takes mountains of repetition. No one expects to play the flute in six lessons or to become fluent in Italian in ten. (189)"
Author: Thomas Lewis
46. "La cortesía es el engaño en un envase bonito."
Author: Veronica Roth
47. "Cortesia é desilusão embrulhada em papel de embrulho."
Author: Veronica Roth
48. "El sakia peleaba como un león para distinguirse y ennoblercese, no sabiendo que la vejez lo encontraría lo mismo bajo la coraza del soldado que entre los velos de seda de cortesano"
Author: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
49. "Across the broad continent of a woman's life falls the shadow of a sword. On one side all is correct, definite, orderly; the paths are straight, the trees regular, the sun shaded; escorted by gentlemen, protected by policemen, wedded and buried by clergymen, she has only to walk demurely from cradle to grave and no one will touch a hair of her head. But on the other side all is confusion. Nothing follows a regular course. The paths wind between bogs and precipices; the trees roar and rock and fall in ruin."
Author: Virginia Woolf
50. "Lui sta armeggiando in macchina cercando di liberare la piccola dalle cinture del seggiolino. La bimba sembra essersi svegliata, ma lui è bravo, le parla dolcemente e lei non piange e si lascia andare persino a un risolino.«Forse ci vorrebbe del latte» faccio io raggiungendoli, come se di bambini capissi tutto.«Yeah» risponde lui.Yeah?Poi annuisce e mi chiede cortesemente di prendere la borsa rosa che è in macchina. Obbedisco e trotterello dietro di lui in casa.Red, dall'alto del suo palco reale, segue la scena un po' seccato e commenta con un miao altezzoso. Forse invidioso.Fuck you, Red."
Author: Viviana Giorgi

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