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1. "She laughs and looks out the window and I think for a minute that she's going to start to cry. I'm standing by the door and I look over at the Elvis Costello poster, at his eyes, watching her, watching us, and I try to get her away from it, so I tell her to come over here, sit down, and she thinks I want to hug her or something and she comes over to me and puts her arms around my back and says something like 'I think we've all lost some sort of feeling."
Author: Bret Easton Ellis
2. "It gets so boring at home. After all, how many reruns of Abbott and Costello movies can a guy watch on television?"
Author: Bud Abbott
3. "Elvis Costello's song writing is so peerless and individualistic. It's storytelling and it's deeply intelligent and clever."
Author: Chip Esten
4. "Although in Abbott and Costello, and straight man was first. That's a very interesting concept."
Author: Harvey Korman
5. "No, Paul, I couldn't care less if you tell me made-up stories. Our lies reveal as much about us as our truths.' (Said to Paul by Elizabeth Costello, the interloping novelist-angel-inner voice)."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
6. "We didn't know anything about comedy duos - Abbot and Costello, Martin and Lewis - we didn't know anything about that. Kim Fields showed us a tape of Martin and Lewis and their old shows and they come through the curtain so we started doing research on them."
Author: Kel Mitchell
7. "I was always a fan of the old-style comics. I loved vaudeville. I loved Milton Berle, Dick Shawn, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Charlie Callas, all those guys. Hilarious. I love the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope movies, and Abbott & Costello. My television influences were 'Monty Python's Flying Circus,' 'Benny Hill,' and 'Hee Haw.'"
Author: Larry The Cable Guy
8. "Nothing happened. Nothing continued to happen. More Nothing. The Return of Nothing. Son of Nothing. Nothing Rides Again. Nothing and Abbot and Costello meet the Wolfman..."
Author: Neil Gaiman
9. "Elvis Costello had a brand new bag. He was a musician, but he knew all about the attitude part of it."
Author: Nick Lowe
10. "When somebody like Elvis Costello comes along, anybody can make a good record with him."
Author: Nick Lowe
11. "Abbott and Costello were huge for me as a very young person."
Author: Tim Heidecker

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