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1. "Marla dug her fingernails into the palms of her hands as she watched the Coyotes struggle, without success, to make up the twelve-point deficit. It was hot in the arena, and the players were perspiring heavily. Neal was substituting often in order to give them water, but the heat was wearing them down, and the Cougars managed to outscore the Coyotes seventeen to two at the opening of the second half."
Author: Barbara Casey
2. "What is even happening here?" Will said, looking to each of us and the back to wherever the cougars had wandered off to."Am I drunk? Hanna, they just pinched my ass and this one"- he motioned to George- "wants to claim me for his own. A little help?"Hanna took a drink off her frilly drink, complete with big pink umbrella and some sort of neon glow stick. "I don't know, you seem to be doing pretty well on your own there," she said, then took another long pull of her straw."
Author: Christina Lauren
3. "I'm pretty sure 'ferral cats' is code for 'vampire cougars."
Author: Jenny Lawson
4. "Meanwhile, I was doodling pictures of vampiric cougars."
Author: Jenny Lawson
5. "Don't bait the cougars."
Author: Rachel Caine
6. "Cougars are all the rage! I'm so glad that Hollywood and America are embracing women when they get in their 40s instead of putting us out to pasture."
Author: Vivica A. Fox

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