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1. "I'm screwed up, mixed up, messed around, dive-bombing, crashing and burning."
Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
2. "It was a number of years of crashing and burning before I made the discovery that I was not God. Finally I realized that though I was not God, I was of God"
Author: Nevada Barr
3. "Very well, but remember this... I'll be looking at you when you're laid on the cross and the twelve blows are crashing down on your limbs. When the crowd is finally tired of your screams and wandered home, I will climb up through your blood and sit beside you. I will look deep into your eyes... and drop by drop I will trickle my disgust into them like burning acid until... finally... you perish."
Author: Patrick Süskind
4. "It was like resolution. The circling antagonisms collapsed inward like orbitals crashing and burning, surrendering to a mutual gravity that had dragged like chains while it endured but in release was a streak of fire through the nerves."
Author: Richard K. Morgan

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Quotes About Crashing And Burning
Quotes About Crashing And Burning
Quotes About Crashing And Burning

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