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1. "I give Cronkite a whole lot of credit."
Author: Ben Bradlee
2. "Are they real fires? Or are people just reacting to something? Just because there's an alarm going doesn't mean it's a fire. And I think that people are confusing the two. It's only a fire when it offends the fans, and the fans turn on you. Tosh has fans, and they get the joke. If you've watched enough Tracy Morgan, you let the worst thing go by. When did Tracy Morgan become Walter Cronkite? You have to mean something to me to offend me. You can't break up with me if we don't date."
Author: Chris Rock
3. "Do you know that I was the anchor on the 'CBS Morning Show?' And my newsman was Walter Cronkite."
Author: Dick Van Dyke
4. "With the fragmentation of television audiences and the advent of cable and on-demand services, the prestige of being an anchor is not what it was in the days of Walter Cronkite."
Author: Jill Abramson
5. "It is time we accept there's no Cronkite moment for Afghanistan. Perhaps it's time we value the hearts and minds of our own over distant Afghan tribes."
Author: Tiffany Madison

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