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1. "Then"love," or "falling in love," an extra density textured into the weave of the days, a craziness,an orchidaceous interdimensional blossoming of the otherwiselinear creatures we were."
Author: Albert Goldbarth
2. "Death growls mostly bore me. Whowants to hear the Cookie Monster?Sing your fucking lyrics. Put someemotion behind it."And Ghost's usual retaliation."Aw, I'm sorry. Do you need a hug,emo boy? You know, you mightwant to cross your legs. Yourvagina is showing.""Suck my dick.""I know you'd like that, butCandace would have to return itfirst.""Burn!"
Author: Cherrie Lynn
3. "Ghost leaned across the table toward Candace and Brian. "Candace," he said, and for a moment Macy thought he might actually say something sincere. No such luck. "I really advse against leaving him alone with me again. Two hours away from you and he was coming on to me." Everyone else at the table broke up in laughter. It only egged him on. "I mean, I know he wants me. He's made it clear. And I'm growing weak, I tell you. I missed him. If he does it again, I'm gonna give it to him."
Author: Cherrie Lynn
4. "A phone number is like the combination to a safe, isn't it? I figured you gave me yours because you wanted me to crack it open, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste! (Brian to Candace)"
Author: Cherrie Lynn
5. "Janus found himself drawn to the edge of the rink, staring fixedly at Candace as she approached: grinning, puffing steam, her cheeks flushed, her brown hair peeking out from under a knitted cap, her hazel eyes sparkling green and gold in the bright winter sun. She wore a wool riding coat, brilliant red trimmed with black, which stood out amid the ice like a ruby on white gold. Janus thought she had never looked more beautiful than she did in that moment, with all her cares and duties laid aside for the pure joy of living. Janus wanted to freeze the moment in his memory and carry it forever: This is what happiness looks like. I never knew."
Author: Chris Lester
6. "Ecco dove accadde. Lei è stata qui. Questi leoni di pietra, ora senza testa, l'hanno fissata. Questa fortezza, una volta inespugnabile, cumulo di pietre ora, fu l'ultima cosa che vide. Un nemico da tempo dimenticato e i secoli, sole, pioggia, vento, l'hanno spianata. Immutato il cielo, un blocco d'azzurro intenso, alto, distante. Vicine, ogg come ieri, le mura ciclopiche che orientano il cammino: verso la porta dal cui fondo non fiotta più sangue. Nelle tenebre. Nel macello. E sola. Con questo racconto vado nella morte. Termino qui, impotente, e niente, niente di quello che avrei potuto fare o non fare, volere o pensare, mi avrebbe condotto a una meta diversa. Più profondamente di ogni altro moto dell'animo, più profondamente persino della mia paura, mi impregna, mi corrode, mi avvelena l'indifferenza dei celesti verso noi terreni. Naufragata l'audace impresa di opporre il nostro debole calore alla loro gelidità."
Author: Christa Wolf
7. "I did a 'Children of the Corn' remake for Sci Fi Channel. I play the Peter Horton role from the original, and Candace McClure from 'Battlestar Galactica' is my Linda Hamilton."
Author: David Anders
8. "Mostraste-me agora o quão cruel tens sido. Cruel e falsa! Por que me desprezaste, Cathy? Por que traíste o teu próprio coração? Não tenho sequer uma palavra de conforto para dar. Tu mereces tudo aquilo por que estás passando. Mataste a ti própria. Sim, podes beijar-me e chorar o quanto quiseres. Arrancar-me beijos e lágrimas. Mas eles vão te queimar e serás amaldiçoada. Se me amavas, por que me deixaste? Com que direito? Responde-me! Por causa da mera inclinação que sentias pelo Linton? Pois não foi a miséria, nem a degradação, nem a morte, nem algo que Deus ou Satanás pudessem enviar, que nos separou. Foste tu, de livre vontade, que o fizeste. Não fui eu que despedacei teu coração, foste tu própria. E, ao despedaçares o teu, despedaçaste o meu também."
Author: Emily Brontë
9. "C'était un de ces hommes politiques à plusieurs faces, sans convictions, sans grands moyens, sans audace et sans connaissance sérieuse, avocat de province, joli homme de chef-lieu, gardant un équilibre de finaud entre tous les partis extrêmes, sorte de jésuite républicain et de champignon libéral de nature douteuse, comme il en pousse par centaines sur le fumier populaire du suffrage universel.Son machiavélisme de village le faisait passer pour fort parmi ses collègues, parmi tous les déclassés et les avortés dont on fait les députés. Il était assez soigné, assez correct, assez familier, assez aimable pour réussir. (…) On disait partout de lui « Laroche sera ministre », et il pensait aussi plus fermement que tous les autres que Laroche serait ministre."
Author: Guy De Maupassant
10. "Odsutno zagledan u mesec u zoru, sam, zapitao sam se dokle ce ovo da traje. Verovatno cu opet negde sresti neku dugu zenu. Privuci cemo se prirodno kao planete. I uzalud ocekujuci cudo, glodacemo dane, istrosicemo duse i rastacemo se."
Author: Haruki Murakami
11. "Rehv cleared his throat. "What book is that?" The Moor looked up, his almond-shaped eyes focusing with a sharpness Rehv could have done without. "You're awake." "What book?" "It's The Shadow Death Lexicon." "Light reading. And here I thought you were a Candace Bushnell fan."
Author: J.R. Ward
12. "When it's finals week and you've been studying for five hours straight, you need three things to get you through the nigh.The biggest Slurpee you can find,half cherry half Coke.Pajama pants, the kind that have been washed so many times they are tissue-paper thin. And finally,dace breaks.Lots of dance breaks."
Author: Jenny Han
13. "Dolci le melodie conosciute, ma più dolci le ignote così voi, tenere cornamuse, il vostro canto non al mero orecchio portate- ma, per questo più care, allo spirito offrite silenziosi concerti."" o grazioso giovane alla fresca ombra mai potrà il tuo canto languire- nè a quei rami venir meno la fronda.""audace amante, mai tu potrai baciarla, seppur vicino alla metae tuttavia non disperare.""ella non può sfiorare e, seppur mai colta, per sempre l'amerai-e lei sarà per sempre bella."
Author: John Keats
14. "She (Candace) straightened her spine and shot him (Ryan) a warning glare. "You know what? You just reminded me why I don't like you."He grinned like he got a giant kick out of needling her. Or maybe it was her response that he found funny. "Well I like you.""That's because I'm not rude and obnoxious.""Well there is that. But I think it's mostly to do with the fact that I'm standing here breathing because of you.""Ah. So gratitude makes you rude? I'll have to remember that if I'm in the area next time you get in a tight spot."
Author: Kaylea Cross
15. "Sooo, I'm tired of people thinking I'm a freak. I know you can't relate to that but -""Get over it already, will ya?" Candace stood. "You're not Smellody anymore. You're pretty. You can get hot guys now. Tanned ones with good vision. Not geeky hose jousters." She shut the window. "Don't you ever want to use your lips as something other than veneer protectors?"Melody felt a familiar pinch behind her eyes. Her throat dried. Her eyes burned. And then they came. Like salty little paratroopers, tears descended en masse. She hated Candace thought she had never made out with a boy. But how could she convince a seventeen-year-old with more dates than a fruitcake that Randy the Starbucks cashier (aka Scarbucks, because of his acne scars) was a great kisser? She couldn't."
Author: Lisi Harrison
16. "It was becoming more and more evident that Salem was a town that celebrated individuality, a real live-and-let-live kind of place. Melody felt a gut punch of regret. Her old nose would have fit in here."Look!" She pointed at the multicolored car whizzing by. Its black door were from a Mercedes coupe, the white hood from a BMW; the silver trunk was Jaguar, the red convertible top was Lexus, the whitewall tires were Bentley, the sound system was Bose, and the music was classical. A hood ornament from each model dangled from the rear view mirror. Its license plate appropriately read MUTT."That car looks like a moving Benton ad.""Or a pileup on Rodeo drive." Candace snapped a picture with her iPhone and e-mailed to her friends back home. They responded instantly with a shot of what they were doing. It must have involved the mall because Candace picked up her pace and began asking anyone under the age of fifty where the cool people hung out."
Author: Lisi Harrison
17. "Candace nodded a little too hard. She loved making her ponytail swing."
Author: Lisi Harrison
18. "Aveces no importa cuántas pestañas o dientes de león soples, no importa cuánto tu corazón se despedace y bofeteé tu cubierta, simplemente no va a suceder."
Author: Melissa Jensen
19. "Norns are incredible architects. They simply use death as a building block." Andacellus, Viddion marah."
Author: Taylor Grace
20. "Candace doesn't have to worry about me being busy in my world without you, because you are my world."
Author: Vi Keeland
21. "Audaces fortuna iuvat (latin)- Fortune favors the bold."
Author: Virgil

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