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1. "She kept sliding down, in small half-willing surrenders, till she was a heap, with the book held tiringly above her face."
Author: Alan Hollinghurst
2. "If a bloke gave you a hundred quid for a book you can bet your life it's his way, but if all the poor and suffering people raise their hats to you for writing it - that's different; it makes it worthwhile then."
Author: Alan Marshall
3. "But mostly, it's a book about my relationship with my father."
Author: Alison Bechdel
4. "There's no book that absolutely everyone loves."
Author: Carolyn Parkhurst
5. "As I stood with her on the platform - she impatient, tapping her foot, leaning forward to look down the tracks - it seemed more than I could bear to see her go. Francis was around the corner, buying her a book to read on the train.'I don't want you to leave,' I said.'I don't want to, either.''Then don't.''I have to.'We stood looking at each other. It was raining. She looked at me with her rain-colored eyes.Camilla, I love you,' I said. 'Let's get married."
Author: Donna Tartt
6. "Man reading ought to be a man intensely alive. The book ought to be a ball of light in his hands."
Author: Ezra Pound
7. "So Ame stayed home like a good girl, and I snuck out like a bad one. I already longed for a good book and my quilt."
Author: Gwen Hayes
8. "Rebecca was an academic star. Her new book was on the phenomenon of word casings, a term she'd invented for words that no longer had meaning outside quotation marks. English was full of these empty words--"friend" and "real" and "story" and "change"--words that had been shucked of their meanings and reduced to husks. Some, like "identity" and "search" and "cloud," had clearly been drained of life by their Web usage. With others, the reasons were more complex; how had "American" become an ironic term? How had "democracy" come to be used in an arch, mocking way?"
Author: Jennifer Egan
9. "During my second draft pass on my last book I made 20,000 words happen in a week, which is practically supernatural for me, and it would never have been possible without three nights in a hotel in my own city."
Author: Laini Taylor
10. "The greatest book is one written by your pen, but not exactly from your mind."
Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
11. "I'm pretty crazy about the Yankees. When I can't actually watch a game, I TiVo it. I am also a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. I don't tell many people that because I will get made fun on because I'm from New Jersey!"
Author: Nick Jonas
12. "All my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began.Psalm 139:16"
Author: S.L. Rubart
13. "In my darkest night, when the moon was covered and I roamed through wreckage,a nimbus-clouded voice directed me:"Live in the layers,not on the litter."Though I lack the art to decipher doubt the next chapter in my book of transformations is already written.I am not done with my changes"
Author: Stanley Kunitz
14. "I hadn't had a book in my hands for four months, and the mere idea of a book where I could see words printed one after another, lines, pages, leaves, a book in which I could pursue new, different, fresh thoughts to divert me, could take them into my brain, had something both intoxicating and stupefying about it."
Author: Stefan Zweig
15. "Come to a book as you would come to an unexplored land. Come without a map. Explore it, and draw your own map.... A book is like a pump. It gives nothing unless first you give to it."
Author: Stephen King
16. "The terrible thing about the Internet and Amazon is that they take the magic and happy chaos out of book shopping. The Internet might give you what you want, but it won't give you what you need."
Author: Tom Hodgkinson
17. "Forth from the war emerging,a book I have made, the words of my book nothing, the drift of it everything, a book separate, not link'd with the rest nor felt by the intellect, but you ye untold latencies will thrill to every page."
Author: Walt Whitman

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