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1. "I twisted my body, suddenly unable to stand his hands on me. "Do you really think I give a damn what you are? That anything else matters to me more than you, yourself? I don't want you to stay because you think I need a protector, Daniel. I've been looking after myself for a very long time now, and I've done just fine. Dammit, have some faith in me.""If I didn't have faith in you, Sarah, I wouldn't feel this way."
Author: Angela B. Wade
2. "He'd done everything in his power to make damn certain that Daniel never had to fear coming home. At that endeavor, Cameron knew he'd already surpassed his own father."
Author: Jennifer Ashley
3. "Think about what it is you're after.""Understanding," she said slowly."Good," Bill said. "What else?"A nervous energy was coursing through her, as if she was on the brink of something important. "I want to find out why Daniel and I were cursed. And I want to break that curse.I want to stop love from killing me so that we can finally be together-for real.""Whoa,whoa,whoa." Bill started waving his hands like a man stranded on the side of a dark road. "Let's not get crazy. This is a very long-standing damnation you're up againat here. You and Daniel,it's like...I don't know, you can't just snap your pretty little fingers and break out of that. You gotta start out small."
Author: Lauren Kate

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Quotes About Damn Daniel
Quotes About Damn Daniel

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