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1. "He was dirty, his hair unkempt, his clothes stained with blood. Heroes in stories somehow managed to rescue maidens while looking like court dandies. Next time he went adventuring he'd remember to bring a comb."
Author: J.V. Jones
2. "For with dandies, a joke is the only way of making yourself respected."
Author: Jules Amédée Barbey D'Aurevilly
3. "Dandies, who – as you know - scorn all emotions as being beneath them, and do not believe, like that simpleton Goethe, that astonishment can ever be a proper feeling for the human mind."
Author: Jules Amédée Barbey D'Aurevilly

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Quotes About Dandies
Quotes About Dandies
Quotes About Dandies

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I feel like I'm forgetting something. Vyrus. Clans. Zombies. Stay out of the sun. Don't get shot. Abandon your life. Drink blood to survive. No, guess that pretty much covers it."
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