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1. "School did give me one of the greatest gifts of my life, though. I learned how to read, and for that I remain thankful. I would have died otherwise. As soon as I was able, I read, alone. Under the covers with a flashlight or in my corner of the attic—I sought solace in books. It was from books that I started to get an inkling of the kinds of assholes I was dealing with. I found allies too, in books, characters my age who were going through or had triumphed against the same bullshit."
Author: Craig Ferguson
2. "A long day of dealing with bullshit often leads to an evening of no-decision television ..."
Author: David McRaney
3. "Jimmy nods. Being with him like this, without the attitude and looking at me with complete trust, almost makes me understand why parents would go through the trouble of dealing with all of the bullshit of having kids. Then I remember how he told me I smelled like cat pee, and the moment passes."
Author: S.G. Browne

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Quotes About Dealing With Bullshit
Quotes About Dealing With Bullshit
Quotes About Dealing With Bullshit

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