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1. "What is this slow blue dream of living, and this fevered death by dreaming?"
Author: Aberjhani
2. "Seeing that our thirst was increasing and the water was killing us, while the storm did not abate, we agreed to trust to God, Our Lord, and rather risk the perils of the sea than wait there for certain death from thirst."
Author: Alvar N. C. De Vaca
3. "The unlimited creativity of humanity has created cruelty so chilling that death itself has become a welcomed and kind benefactor."
Author: Bryant McGill
4. "Traveled so far, and not yet have they come across anything of interest, he mused, except, of course, for that nest of goblins I managed to stir up. Indeed, his brother had always been a valiant fool; why not give him some excitement?He always did possess a love for a good fight, and who am I to deny him?The glass sphere, responding to his thoughts, zoomed in on the mountain nearby where Shrukian camped, and by putting both his hands on the sphere's sides and closing his eyes, Pharun could all but smell the power that radiated from its depths. He could taste it on the back of his tongue, and it awake all sorts of things inside of him. The power tasted of death and ash, and it was scalding hot, pouring down his throat like blood of the freshly dead. He did not need further searching to know what kind of power he was sampling.He smiled to himself, and it came out a satisfied smirk."
Author: C.N. Faust
5. "His work was so great that it cannot be compassed in a few words. His death is one of the greatest losses ever to occur to British science.{Describing Ernest Rutherford upon his death at age 66. Thomson, then 80 years old, was once his teacher.}"
Author: His
6. "And an extra loud shout-out to the Empire State Garrison, who came to Manhattan on a hot summer day to shoot Del Rey's Death Troopers trailer and didn't forget the blood … or the beer."
Author: Joe Schreiber
7. "That day had changed him. It had changed the entire village. Shaken by the death of a boy they had loved, each person had found ways to be more worthy of the sacrifice he had made. They had become kinder, more careful, more attentive to one another."
Author: Lois Lowry
8. "The poor die on flea-infested straw, and the rich on down pillows, Simon thought. But no matter where they are, people die. Death makes no exceptions."
Author: Oliver Pötzsch
9. "If you need drugs to be a good writer, you are not a good writer."
Author: Rod Serling
10. "And we used to do a lot of drugs and get very drunk on very cheap wine."
Author: Santiago Durango
11. "Stephen watched the packets of lives with their memories and loves go spinning and vomiting into the ground. Death had no meaning, but still the numbers of them went on and on and in that new infinity there was still horror."
Author: Sebastian Faulks
12. "An important consequence of freeing oneself from the fear of death is a radical opening to spirituality of a universal and non-denominational type."
Author: Stanislav Grof
13. "I'm not sure I've learned anything new about life; but I've had to think harder about death and what comes after for other people."
Author: Tony Judt
14. "That is death - shifting from "is" to "was."
Author: Veronica Roth

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Quotes About Death Due To Drugs
Quotes About Death Due To Drugs
Quotes About Death Due To Drugs

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