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1. "Considerava que no tenia sentit que sempre miréssim endavant, sense saber les oportunitats que hi havia al darrere. Ella opinava que tot el que ens seguia contenia la clau del que ens havia de passar."
Author: Albert Espinosa
2. "He gave me a look of great contempt; as I supposed, for venturing, even by implication, to draw a parallel between a lack of affluence that might, literally, affect my purchase of rare vintages, and a figure of speech intended delicately to convey his own dire want for the bare necessities of life. He remained silent for several seconds, as if trying to make up his mind whether he could ever bring himself to speak to me again; and then said gruffly: 'I've got to go now."
Author: Anthony Powell
3. "Bill Cosby, you know, he's a delightful guy."
Author: Barry Corbin
4. "Just a month after the completion of the Declaration of Independence, at a time when he delegates might have been expected to occupy themselves with more pressing concerns -like how they were going to win the war and escape hanging- Congress quite extraordinarily found time to debate business for a motto for the new nation. (Their choice, E Pluribus Unum, "One from Many", was taken from, of all places, a recipe for salad in an early poem by Virgil.)"
Author: Bill Bryson
5. "We have created a false dichotomy between behaviors attributable to companion animals and those of other species that blinds us to the inherent worth and needs of all animals. The problem is that we have constructed a society in which we are rarely forced to think about where what we consume comes from, and this extends to the animals reared for our consumption.While we pamper one set of animals, another set of animals becomes our food. The main difference is that we come to know one set of these animals, while the other set is raised and killed for us, delivered in plastic wrap and Styrofoam, and served up as dinner. If nothing else, this belies the deep moral confusion that we have about animals as a culture."
Author: Bob Torres
6. "If we are free to delete all inconvenient data we shall certainly have no theological difficulties; but for the same reason no solutions and no progress.... The troublesome fact, the apparent absurdity which can't be fitted into any synthesis we have yet made, is precisely the one we must not ignore."
Author: C.S. Lewis
7. "I think, like a lot of other people who have been in the service, you'd been delayed in what you were doing. You wanted to catch up and the best way to catch up was to move as fast as you could toward a degree."
Author: Daniel J. Evans
8. "First, I'd like to point out that I didn't use ‘one of mine.' You refused to let me pay for my ice cream cone with a good ol' fashioned credit card, and you forced your pretend money on me. Secondly, I can't take any currency seriously that looks like it belongs in a psychedelic-inspired Special Edition Monopoly box."
Author: Elle Lothlorien
9. "While enjoying a month of fine weather at the sea-coast, I was thrown into the company of a most fascinating creature: a real goddess in my eyes, as long as she took no notice of me. I 'never told my love' vocally; still, if looks have language, the merest idiot might have guessed I was over head and ears: she understood me at last, and looked a return - the sweetest of all imaginable looks. And what did I do? I confess it with shame - shrunk icily into myself, like a snail; at every glance retired colder and farther; till finally the poor innocent was led to doubt her own senses, and, overwhelmed with confusion at her supposed mistake, persuaded her mamma to decamp. By this curious turn of disposition I have gained the reputation of deliberate heartlessness; how undeserved, I alone can appreciate."
Author: Emily Brontë
10. "Avevo capito che rinunciare a se stessi, non amarsi è come sbagliare a chiudere il primo bottone della camicia. Tutti gli altri poi sono sbagliati di conseguenza. Amarsi è l'unica certezza per riuscire ad amare davvero gli altri."
Author: Fabio Volo
11. "Acho que é melhor nos separarmos e eu ir tocar minha música em outro lugar com todos os meus preconceitos burgueses de fidelidade."
Author: Frida Kahlo
12. "Aún estaba embadurnada con la sangre delparto y los comienzos acuosos de sus heces de lactante. La llevó a la puerta y la puso bajo la lluvia tibia. Cuando estuvo limpia, vio que eraverde."
Author: Gregory Maguire
13. "Surely--But I am very off from that.From surely. From indeed. From the decent arrowthat was my clean naivete and my faith.This morning, men deliver wounds and death.They will deliver death and wounds tomorrow.And I doubt all. You. Or a violet."
Author: Gwendolyn Brooks
14. "The talk of lovers who have just declared their love is one of life's most sweet delights. Each vies with the other in humility, in amazement at being so valued. The past is searched for the first signs and each one is in haste to declare all that he is so that no part of his being escapes the hallowing touch."
Author: Iris Murdoch
15. "Een verlangen was het om alles waar zij naar keek in je op te zuigen, om niets te vergeten, geen moment van deze wereld die haar wereld was geworden: koel, helder, ondoorgrondelijk."
Author: J. Bernlef
16. "No jealousy their dawn of love overcast, nor blasted were their wedded days with strife; each season looked delightful as it past, to the fond husband and the faithful wife."
Author: James Beattie
17. "I heard you before, but I could not immediately determine what to say in reply. You wanted me, I know, to say 'Yes,' that you might have the pleasure of despising my taste; but I always delight in overthrowing those kind of schemes, and cheating a person of their premeditated contempt."
Author: Jane Austen
18. "This practically unlimited supply of advertisers in a fluid marketplace appears to be a new economic model that may insulate Google from some of the dynamics of an economy built on mass and scarcity. Google has its own economy."
Author: Jeff Jarvis
19. "You," Madeline said, her voice hollow and wheezing, "are like a bad case of herpes, wizard. You're inconvenient, embarassing, no real threat, and you simply will not go away."
Author: Jim Butcher
20. "Um dia que já lá vai D. João o Segundo, nosso rei, perfeito de cognome e a meu ver humorista perfeito, deu a certo fidalgo uma ilha imaginária, diga-me você se sabe doutro país onde pudesse ter acontecido uma história como esta, E o fidalgo, que fez o fidalgo, foi ao mar à procura dela, gostaria bem que me dissessem como se pode encontrar uma ilha imaginária. A tanto não chega a minha ciência, mas esta outra ilha, a ibérica, que era península e deixou de o ser, vejo-a eu como se, com humor igual, tivesse decidido meter-se ao mar à procura dos homens imaginários."
Author: José Saramago
21. "Boating, my dear Mrs. Bedel, is the dullest of all things; don't you think so? Because a boat looks very pretty from the shore, we fancy that the shore must look very pretty from a boat; and when we try it, we find we have only got down into a pit and can see nothing rightly. For my part, I hate boating and I hate the water..."
Author: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
22. "Y lo que llamamos amarnos fue quizá que yo estaba de pie, delante de vos, con una flor amarilla en la mano, y vos sostenías dos velas verdes, y el tiempo soplaba contra nuestras caras una lenta lluvia de renuncias y despedidas y tickets de metro."
Author: Julio Cortázar
23. "He looked like a tall, confused dandelion, with his long, thin stem and puff of white hair"
Author: Kathy Reichs
24. "So here's the deal: I speak up in class, I get sent to office. Megan speaks up in class, she's a "strong, assertive model student."I post a few flyers saying that the vending machines on school property are a sign that our school has sold out to corporate-industrial establishment, I get (what else?) Saturday detention. Megan starts a campaign to serve local foods in the lunchroom (oh, and can we please maybe get rid of the soda machines?) and the local newspaper does a write-up about her.She's like me, only not. Not like me at all. She's the golden girl and I'm...tarnished. So forgive me if I hate her a little."
Author: Katie Alender
25. "In every country, those who were against war had been overruled. The Austrians had attacked Serbia when they might have held back; the Russians had mobilized instead of negotiating; the Germans had refused to attend an international conference to settle the issue; the French had been offered the chance to remain neutral and had spurned it; and now the British were about to join in when they might easily have remained on the sidelines."
Author: Ken Follett
26. "Iyi seylerin hiçbiri bedava degildi.Sevgi bile.Her seyin bedelini ödüyordum.Ve eger yoksulsan,elindeki tek nakit ,kahir çekmekti."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
27. "Eres un idiota, Maxon Schreave. Tus padres te sabotearon por completo. Podrías tener cientos de chicas delante de ti, y eso no importaría. Eres demasiado estúpido para reconocer el amor aun cuando se encuentra delante de ti."
Author: Kiera Cass
28. "You know, you should think about getting in touch with Gabriel, he's your half-brother and also a really good guy." Delilah looks at me cynically. "Gabriel despises me." "He despises Ethan, you I think he might just have some time for. After all, you're both dhamphirs." "That's like me telling you you'll get along with George Bush because you're both human." Delilah replies snidely. I get her point, but still I grin and respond. "You're right, we would definitely get along. He'd make me feel all intelligent and shit."
Author: L.H. Cosway
29. "Ma in nessuna delle sue fantasie avrebbe potuto immaginare di finire intrappolato in una realtà puramente mentale, con il mondo reale ridotto a una distesa di cenere e fumo sovrastata da nubi tossiche e gas. Uno sconfinato spazio di terra senza futuro, di acqua senza vita. Una silenziosa palla di roccia in orbita nel Sistema Solare, divenuta all'improvviso inospitale. La civiltà di Alex aveva percorso l'ultimo tratto del sentiero. Si era arresa alla Natura. Aveva obbedito impotente alle leggi del cosmo, spietate e uguali per tutti i possibili universi paralleli. Ma nelle pieghe dei ricordi, là dove tutto era già successo e il tempo non seguiva più un andamento lineare, continuava a echeggiare un rumore di fondo. Un flebile, piccolo e insignificante crepitio.L'eco lontana della speranza."
Author: Leonardo Patrignani
30. "I'll always try to follow my heart into things I love, and modelling is not something I'm dreaming of pursuing forever."
Author: Lily Cole
31. "Education is not confined to books, and the finest characters often graduate from no college, but make experience their master, and life their book. [Some care] only for the mental culture, and [are] in danger of over-studying, under the delusion . . . that learning must be had at all costs, forgetting that health and real wisdom are better."
Author: Louisa May Alcott
32. "Nessun uccello vola appena nato, ma arriva il momento in cui il richiamo dell'aria è più forte della paura di cadere e allora la vita gli insegna a spiegare le ali."
Author: Luis Sepúlveda
33. "Eu sei que vossa excelência preferia uma delicada mentira; mas eu não conheço nada mais delicado que a verdade."
Author: Machado De Assis
34. "Wezmy twój rozum. Na pozór wydaje sie, ze myslisz w sposób uporzadkowany, logiczny i sensowny. Ale wszyscy wiemy, ze w twojej glowie kwitnie istna dzungla nonsensów. Twój umysl to poskrecany, chaotyczny zlepek przypadkowych informacji, które nie kleja sie ze soba z powodu elementarnego braku wiedzy, nie stosowania zasad logiki, niewiarygodnego zaniku zdolnosci wnioskowania oraz niczym nieuzasadnionego poczucia wlasnej wyzszosci. Chaos w plonacym wloskim burdelu podczas bombardowania w czasie II wojny swiatowej daje mniej wiecej obraz tego, co dzieje sie zazwyczaj w..."
Author: Martin Lechowicz
35. "For myself I couldn't care less, but I have a lover. Not a partner, Susannah, or a friend or a significant euphemism, but the love of my life. And he believes. And I've watched him tie himself in knots, as he struggles to find a place for himself in texts that were written thousands of years ago, with the deliberate aim of excluding him."
Author: Michael Arditti
36. "It was a long, difficult summer of 2004. That was a leap year, so several things happened - the Olympics and presidential election. And right in the middle of the election campaign - and I don't think this was an accident - the 9/11 Commission delivers its report."
Author: Michael Hayden
37. "Se quello era il prezzo dell'immortalità, allora sarebbe stato più alto di quello richiesto dalla morte."
Author: Mila Fois
38. "La decadencia del catolicismo europeo coincide con su apogeo hispanoamericano: se extiende en tierras nuevas en el momento en que ha dejado de ser creador. Ofrece una filosofía hecha y una fe petrificada, de modo que la originalidad de los nuevos creyentes no encuentra ocasión de manifestarse. Su adhesión es pasiva. El fervor y la profundidad de la religiosidad mexicana contrastan con la relativa pobreza de sus creaciones. No poseemos una gran poesía religiosa, como no tenemos una filosofía original, ni un solo místico o reformador de importancia. […] el catolicismo ofrece un refugio a los descendientes de aquellos que habían visto la destrucción de sus templos y manuscritos y la supresión de las formas superiores de su cultura pero, por razón misma de su decadencia europea, les niega toda posibilidad de expresar su singularidad."
Author: Octavio Paz
39. "Las masas humanas más peligrosas son aquellas en cuyas venas ha sido inyectado el veneno del miedo… del miedo al cambio"
Author: Octavio Paz
40. "I kind of modeled Optimus Prime's voice out of many people I had known over the years, my family especially."
Author: Peter Cullen
41. "The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite and builds a road into Chaos and old Night, and is followed by those who hear him with something of wild, creative delight."
Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
42. "Why love the woman who is your wife? Her nose breathes in the air of a world that I know; therefore I love that nose. Her ears hear music I might sing half the night through; therefore I love her ears. Her eyes delight in seasons of the land; and so I love those eyes. Her tongue knows quince, peach, chokeberry, mint and lime; I love to hear it speaking. Because her flesh knows heat, cold, affliction, I know fire, snow, and pain. Shared and once again shared experience."
Author: Ray Bradbury
43. "You're a gorgeous siren who could lure anybody into your arms. But I must go before I deliciously fall under your spell."
Author: Rebekkah Ford
44. "Life is not long, and too much of it must not pass in idle deliberation how it shall be spent."
Author: Samuel Johnson
45. "I'm all about that shit."Mom shoots me the Disapproving-Mom-Subtle-Lip-Frown."I'm all about that poop," I correct delicately."
Author: Sara Wolf
46. "There were, in his opinion, drugs that diminished ego and drugs that engorged ego, which is to say, revelatory drugs and delusory drugs; and on a psychic level, at least, he favored awe over swagger."
Author: Tom Robbins
47. "His wife, it seems, would very soon be excorting his sister to a certain clinic near New Delhi, where she might die with the grace and ease that every being deserves, and for which purpose God-or Mother Nature if you prefer-surely put the opium poppy on earth."
Author: Tom Robbins
48. "In Tar Baby, the classic concept of the individual with a solid, coherent identity is eschewed for a model of identity which sees the individual as a kaleidoscope of heterogeneous impulses and desires, constructed from multiple forms of interaction with the world as a play of difference that cannot be completely comprehended."
Author: Toni Morrison
49. "As Miss Golightly was saying, before she was so rudely interrupted..."
Author: Truman Capote
50. "Earth-treading stars that make dark heaven light:Such comfort as do lusty young men feelWhen well-apparell'd April on the heelOf limping winter treads, even such delightAmong fresh female buds shall you this nightInherit at my house; hear all, all see,And like her most whose merit most shall be:"
Author: William Shakespeare

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