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1. "La Historia, en general, es una sucesión de violentas conquistas y derrocamientos. Y aquel que más habilidad demuestra en los derrocamientos y con más firmeza se encarama a la silla, goza de la augusta bendición de la justicia, y todos sus actos, tanto pasados como venideros, son legales y encomiables, mientras que los de su menos afortunado adversario son delictivos, punibles y merecen ser castigados con la muerte."
Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
2. "DOGMA: a political belief one is unreasonably committed to, such as the notion that freedom is good and slavery is bad.BIAS: predeliction for a particular dogma. For example, the feminist bias is that women are equal to men and the male chauvinist bias is that women are inferior. The unbiased view is that the truth lies somewhere in between.(an early comment on backlash, from "Glossary for the Eighties")"
Author: Ellen Willis

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Quotes About Delicti

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In that sense, I became politicized because the people in the coal mining villages who were involved in the struggle knew why they were there. But they couldn't understand why some pop star from London would want to be there."
Author: Billy Bragg

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