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1. "O que é um sati? perguntou.Um sati, senhor Fogg,respondeu o general de brigada, é um sacrifício humano, mas um sacrifício voluntário. Esta mulher que acabou de ver será queimada amanhã às primeiras horas do dia.Ah! malditos! exclamou Passepartout, que não pôde conter este grito de indignação.E o cadáver? perguntou Mr. Fogg.É o do príncipe, seu marido, respondeu o guia, um rajá independente do Bundelkund."
Author: Jules Verne
2. "Powiedz mi, co mam zrobic, zeby osiagnac taka madrosc?" Medrzec patrzy na niego i powiada: "Siadaj." Uczen siada obok niego i powtarza swoje. "No, powiedz mi, rebe, to co ja mam robic?" Rabin milczy i nie rusza sie z zydelka. Siedza kilka minut w milczeniu. Wreszcie uczen nie wytrzymuje i pyta "Rebe, czy ja cos zle robie?" Rabin patrzy na niego i odpowiada: "Kiedy ty siedzisz, to siedz. Kiedy ty idziesz, to idz. Ja, kiedy siedze, to siedze, a ty juz wstales i dokads pedzisz. Ja, kiedy ide, to ide, a ty, kiedy idziesz, to juz doszedles."
Author: Krzysztof Mazurek
3. "[Koudelka] looked back, "You?! I know you! You trust beyond reason!"[Cordelia] met his eyes steadily, "Yes, it's how I get results beyond hope, as you may recall."
Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
4. "Micsoda vak ösztön, micsoda kegyetlen végzet rendelkezik velünk, és sodor éppen azoknak az útjába, akik szíve másért dobogna inkább?"
Author: Mariana Alcoforado
5. "Delk shifted in his chair, the arrow point never wavering. "What do you want?""Oh, the usual.World peace, a pair of Christian Louboton heels, a perfect wedding."
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
6. "Képzeloerovel rendelkezni annyit jelent, mint a világot a maga teljességében látni. Mert a Képek hatalma és küldetése éppen abban áll, hogy megmutassa mindazt, ami a fogalmi gondolkodásnak ellenáll. Ezért nyomorúságos annak az embernek az élete, aki „híján van a képzeletnek": fal választja az élet mélyebb valóságáról és a saját lelkétol."
Author: Mircea Eliade
7. "How did your mother die?" asked Delk."Car accident," Katie replied, gazing out over the water. "She'd been to mass. A tire blew on the way home, and she was gone. I was nineteen, Pather's age, when it happened. My brother was only eleven." She paused. "I do know what you're going through." Katie looked at her."Pather told you?" Katie nodded. Delk was glad Pather had told his sister; she was relieved not to have to tell the story again. "Does it ever . . . you know . . . get any better?"Katie shrugged her narrow shoulders and smiled. "In some ways it does, but it's a bit like running a long race with a rock in your shoe. You get used to it, but it always hurts a little."
Author: Suzanne Supplee

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