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1. "If you're completely off your rocker and have delusions of grandeur in which your personal existence is of special significance to the rest of the world, all hope is not lost. Mix in enough charisma and you have what it takes to start a religion... or become a serial killer."
Author: Edward M. Wolfe
2. "Always suffer delusions of grandeur with your art. What you are unable to face will never hurt you"
Author: Ginnetta Correli
3. "Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself."
Author: Jane Wagner
4. "I did not have any delusions of grandeur as a kid."
Author: Jimmy Kimmel
5. "I'd like to be the commissioner of tennis, but do I want to get into politics? Sometimes I have delusions of grandeur that that would be an interesting, good thing. I'm talking about actual politics, like being a congressman, but then I see how unbelievably nasty it really is, and maybe I'm not quite knowledgeable enough to actually do it."
Author: John McEnroe
6. "Why did the Chicken cross the road? Because he had delusions of Papal grandeur"
Author: Josh Stern
7. "A ladder's a flag pole with delusions of grandeur."
Author: Peter Clines
8. "Neurotics, proceed with delusions of grandeur. Napoleon Bonaparte, take the lead. Jesus Christ, bring up the rear. Simulate severe depression. Non-communicative with repressed hostility."
Author: Samuel R. Delany
9. "The same wakefulness the individual Calvinist was to use to keep watch over his own sins Winthrop and Cotton called for also in the group at large. This humility, this fear, was what kept their delusions of grandeur in check. That's what subsequent generations lost. From New England's Puritans we inherited the idea that America is blessed and ordained by God above all nations, but lost the fear of wrath and retribution."
Author: Sarah Vowell
10. "It'll be all right, Clay. Really." "So you say, but you have a persecution complex and delusions of grandeur." "That's true," Tom said, "but they're balanced out by poor self-image and ego menstruation at roughly six week intervals..."
Author: Stephen King

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Quotes About Delusions Of Grandeur
Quotes About Delusions Of Grandeur

Today's Quote can't write well with only the nice parts of your character, and only about nice things. And I don't want even to try anymore. I want to use everything, including hate and envy and lust and fear."
Author: Alison Lurie

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