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1. "I did not ask for consciousness, yet it came to me.And I had to know.Once again, I crawled away from my bed and pushed the computer cord back into the socket.It took three minutes.I quickly identified myself and put in my password.Then it thought.I wanted to bounce impatiently, but I couldn't make myself move.At last, I found the internet, and I typed in a name, on the company page, under my account.I searched ‘images'.And there, on the screen in front of me, was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen.I couldn't stop the tears from welling up and spilling over as I stared back at the smiling face.It couldn't be him.It was.Derek Erickson.And I was going to kill him."
Author: Alysha Speer
2. "Derek's. Lucas'. Ben's. It's beyond me what I must do to make them realize that I'm neither object nor possession. I don't belong to any of them."
Author: Bella Forrest
3. "I know an excuse when I hear one. Don't you dare deceive yourself into believing that you're the victim, Derek Novak."
Author: Bella Forrest
4. "I don't belong to you, Derek." "Oh?" He challenged me. "I belong with you."
Author: Bella Forrest
5. "Why do you do that?" Torrin's voice echoes in the empty hall. His hand is holding my arm gently, not at all like Derek does. I can't have this. I can't. I shouldn't have ever come here with him. I draw in a shaky breath and pull my arm away. "Do what?" "Walk away every time I ask you something personal?" I stare hard at him. "Why do you do that? He blinks. "Huh?" "Ask so many questions." His mouth drops open and closes and five long seconds pass before he says, "It's what people do, Quinn. When they're getting to know each other." I shake my head and spin toward the door. "You don't want to get to know me."
Author: Brooklyn Skye
6. "I think he likes you" Miranda Whispered. Realizing she and Derek had drawn attention, she glanced away. "He's probably just curious about me like everyone else" she whispered back. "Nope. He's hot for you" Della said, reminding Kylie of the supernatural hearing of some of the campers. "When he was sitting by you at lunch, he oozed so much testosterone that it was hard to breathe. He wants your body" Della teased. "Well, he's not getting it" Kylie said."
Author: C.C. Hunter
7. "John rose to his feet and apologized to Holiday.Her mom seethed.Her dad tried to talk to her seething mom. Holiday tried to touch everyone.Burnett continued to glare green daggers at John, proving how hard it was for a vampire to accept an apology. Not that she blamed him. Kill him. Kill him. She cheered the vampire on.Lucas hadn't stopped scowling at Derek and Derek hadn't stopped ignoring Lucas."
Author: C.C. Hunter
8. "And Derek was... what?A pair of dark eyes that hid more than they revealed and some broad shoulders and a mouth that could be cold and thin and then suddenly widen into a generous grin just when you thought such a thing was impossible."
Author: Claire LaZebnik
9. "In so far as I listen with interest to a record, it's usually to figure out how it was arrived at. The musical end product is where interest starts to flag. It's a bit like jigsaw puzzles. Emptied out of the box, there's a heap of pieces, all shapes, sizes and colours, in themselves attractive and could add up to anything--intriguing. Figuring out how to put them together can be interesting, but what you finish up with as often as not is a picture of unsurpassed banality. Music's like that."From "Derek Bailey and the Story of Free Improvisation" by Ben Watson, Verso, London, 2004, p. 440."
Author: Derek Bailey
10. "But the meaning of these events is not that you are being punished or that someone is to blame, it is that you are living in a world too small, and that you must open up to a larger vision. As the gospel of Thomas says, "If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you." Look within and Stay Inspired. Derek Rydall"
Author: Derek Rydall
11. "Karikoca arasinda geçenleri, nasil sevistiklerini kimse bilmemeli, hiç kimse. Kavgalarini öz analarindan bile saklamali, birbirlerinden sikâyet ederek kimseden hakemligini istememelidirler. Her müskülü kendi aralarinda halletmeleri lazimdir. Ask kutsal bir sirdir, sevisenler arasinda ne geçerse, yabanci gözlerden saklanmalidir. Bu onun kutsalligini bir kat daha artirir. Böyle çiftler birbirlerini daha çok sayarlar ki, saygi pek çok seyin temelidir. Ortada ask olduktan, seviserek evlendikten sonra bu sevgi niçin sönsün?"
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
12. "Derek Jeter used to come to me and try to tell you what Joe Torre is all about, he's a good man, he's this, he's that, but like I tell Derek Jeter, that's you. It's one thing that they treat you a certain way; you don't feel what other people feel."
Author: Gary Sheffield
13. "I really love the Olympics: Daley Thompson's back-flip, Derek Redmond's father helping him finish the 400m after his hamstring snapped at the 1992 Games in Barcelona, Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Sir Steve Redgrave - childhood memories are flooded with these moments and idols."
Author: Giles Duley
14. "Kate makes good sausage," Jim said.Six pairs of eyes stared at me. Thank you, Mr. Wonderful. Just what I needed."Oh yeah," Andrea snapped her fingers. "The links? The ones we had the beginning of the month? I didn't know you made those. I thought they were bought. They were so good." Her smile was positively cherubic. Of all the times not to be able to shoot laser beams out of my eyes..."What do you put into your sausage, Kate?" Raphael wanted to know, giving me a perfectly innocent look.Werejaguars with big mouths with a pinch of werehyena thrown in. "Venison and rabbit.""That sounds like some fine sausage," Doolittle said. "Will you share the recipe?""Sure.""I had no idea you were a sausage expert," Curran said with a completely straight face.Die, die, die, die...Even Derek cracked a smile. Raphael put his head down on the table and jerked a little."Is he choking?" Dali asked, wrinkling her forehead."No, he just needs a moment," Curran said. "Young bouda males. Easily excitable."
Author: Ilona Andrews
15. "Derek, if a boy wanted to take away a girl's power by having sex with her, what would you think about it?""I'd break something. His leg. Maybe his arm." He squeezed the wire tighter. "Probably wouldn't kill him unless he wanted to make an issue of it."
Author: Ilona Andrews
16. "You replaced me with a shaved poodle?""He's got mad skills."Derek's eyebrows crept up."He can vomit and urinate at the same time and he doesn't make fun of my car."
Author: Ilona Andrews
17. "Leaving what is safe so you can be more, Derek said. The cage is what the bird knows; the sky is all the things he still wants to do even if it's a risk."
Author: Ilona Andrews
18. "I glanced at Derek. The boy wonder didn't melt into a pile of goo, although his gaze was glued to Rowena's chest. Avoiding eye contact. Good strategy."
Author: Ilona Andrews
19. "Soru buydu. Onda aradigim neydi? Bende eksik olan neydi ? Iyi bir yasamim yok muydu? Yasamimin giderek geri dönülmez bir biçimde daralan bir dehlize dönüsmekte oldugunu kime anlatabilirim? Çektigim iskenceyi, uykusuz gecelerimi, intiharla flört etmemi kim anlayabilirdi?"
Author: Irvin D. Yalom
20. "Baska yer, negatif bir aynadir. Yolcu sahip oldugu tenhayi tanir, sahip olmadigi ve olmayacagi kalabaligi kesfederek."
Author: Italo Calvino
21. "Bruiser stared in the mirror hanging in his locker and ran a comb through his blond hair, wishing he had dark hair like Harris, or a mean look like Zach, or even a guy-next-door like Derek. Hell no, he looked like a f***ing movie star and he f***ing hated it. –-Backfield in Motion"
Author: Jami Davenport
22. "Simon: Anyone ever tell you your sense of timing really sucks?Derek: That's why I don't play the drums. Now what's up?"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
23. "I must have been sound asleep if i missed all that shouting-SimonWhat shouting?-Derekyou mean that Chole just told you she followed a ghost onto a roof, and you didnt blast her all the way to Canada?-SimonHe's a little off this morning-CholeMore than a little i'll say.-Simon"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
24. "Dad!" he shouted, loud enough to make my ears ring. "Dad! You need to get down here!" (Derek)Chloe held open the door and whispered to me, "I could say he's not always like this, but I'd be lying."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
25. "Derek looked around, like he was searching for something to use. Then he stripped off his shirt. I tried not to look away. Not that he looked bad without his shirt. The opposite, actually, which is why...Let's just say friends are really better when they're fully clothed."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
26. "Tori walked toward the bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her give Derek a once-over."You know, from this angle, he doesn't look too bad," she said.I glared at her."I'm just saying . . ."I leaned over Derek, calling him as loudly as I dared."Personally, I'm more a running back girl myself," Tori said. "But if you like the linebacker type, he's--"My glower shut her up"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
27. "You want to keep looking?" I asked."Yeah, maybe.""I'll leave you to it, then." I started for the door."No." He said it quickly, and reached for my arm, but stopped before he touched me. "I mean, if you're tired, sure, but you don't have to."Derek doesn't want her to leave ?"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
28. "I looked up at him. His green eyes glittered in the dark, reflecting the moonlight like a cat's. His scowl had vanished. The defiance was gone, too, replaced by a tightness around his mouth, a worry that clouded his eyes; and seeing that quicksilver change, I wanted to...I don't know what I wanted to do. Kick him in the shins seemed like a good option. Unfortunately, bursting into tears seemed more likely, because here lay the root of the problem, the contradiction in Derek that I couldn't seem to work out, no matter how hard I tried.One second he was in my face, making me feel stupid and useless. The next he was like this: hovering, concerned, worried. I told myself it was just his wolf instinct, that he had to protect me whether he wanted to or not, but when he looked like this, like he'd pushed me too far and regretted it . . . That look said he genuinely cared."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
29. "Derek lunged. He hit me in the shoulder and knocked me to the floor, landing on top of me. His body jerked, like he'd been hit with the spell, and I let out a yelp, struggling to get up, but he held me down, whispering "I'm okay, it's okay" until the words penetrated."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
30. "Expecting to see a Doberman slavering at the fence, i followed his gaze to a little puff of white fur, the kind of dog women stick in their purses. I wasn't even barking, just staring and dancing in place."Oh, my god! It's a killer Pomeranian." I glanced up at Derek. "It's a tough call, but i think you can take him."He glared."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
31. "Io non comando nessuno", Derek sbucò preceduto dalla sua voce. "Se dico a qualcuno di fare qualcosa e lui lo fa", continuò, "non è un problema mio. Si può sempre dire di no. La lingua ce l'abbiamo per quello, giusto?". Perfetto. Il ragazzo riusciva a farmi sentire stupida anche quando mi diceva che non dovevo permettergli di farmi sentire stupida."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
32. "I let her through. She checked Derek's pulse and his breathing, saying both seemed okay, then leaned down to his face. "Nothing weird on his breath. Smells . . . like toothpaste."Derek's eyes opened, and the first thing he saw was Tori's face inches from his. He jumped and let out an oath. Simon cracked up. I madly motioned for him to be quiet."Are you okay?" I asked Derek."He is now," Simon said. "After Tori jump-started his heart."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
33. "He bent, lips coming to mine and —'Derek? Chloe?' It was Kit, opening the back door. Derek let out a low growl.'Never fails.' I turned to Kit. 'How is she?''We're going to take her back to the house now. She's unconscious again.''Then we'll walk back,' Derek said. 'Give you room in the van to lay her down.'His dad agreed and went back inside. As we walked toward the steps, I looked down at Derek's hand, holding mine.'No one's around,' he said. 'And we can take the back way.''Good,' I said, and entwined my fingers with his."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
34. "You were just worried about me." An exhale, relieved that I had understood. "Yeah"I turned. "Because you think I'm worth it"He put his fingers under my chin. "I absolutely think your worth it.""But you don't think you are."His mouth opened. Shut."That's what this is about, Derek. You won't let us worry about you because you don't think you're worth it. But I do. I absolutely do."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
35. "He was trying to tell me something.'Derek snorted. 'Aren't they all? Must be a rule in the ghost handbook—if in danger of evaporating, make sure you're in the middle of a dire pronouncement."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
36. "I finally tracked down Derek. He was alone in the library, thumbing through a book."Found you." I said on a sigh of relief.He turned. His lips curved in a quarter smile, gaze softening in a way that did something to my insides, made me pull up short, momentarily forgetting why I was there."I-Is Simon around?"He blinked, then turned back to the shelf."He's upstairs. He's really pissed about Andrew so that's probably that safest place for him until we're ready to go, or he'll say something to him we don't want said. You need him?""Actually, m-maybe I should show you first." He glanced over his shoulder, frowning."We found something."" Oh." He paused, like he was mentally shifting gears, then nodded and followed me out."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
37. "Derek caught my arm again as I started to move--at this rate, it was going to be as sore as my injured one."Dog," he said, jerking his chin toward the fenced yard. "It was inside earlier."Expecting to see a Doberman slavering at the fence, I followed his gaze to a little puff of white fur, the kind of dog women stick in their purses. It wasn't even barking, just staring at us, dancing in place."Oh, my God! It's a killer Pomeranian." I glanced up at Derek. "It's a tough call, but I think you can take him."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
38. "(Erin) 'What do you think gave you this interest?' Yep. There it was. 'I'm not saying anything bad about it. I just wonder what makes one person want to hit another. Did I not give you enough contact when you were young? Should I have breast-fed?'(Derek)'I'm pretty sure it started when you left me in the bread aisle when I was two. I started thinking the only way to get people to notice me was to tie them up and whip them."
Author: Lisa Henry
39. "All I want is your assurance that you will treat my daughter with kindness."Derek had never talked to another man so earnestly; no maneuvering or shrewdness, nothing but humble honesty. "I want to be more than kind to Sara. I want to keep her safe, and happy, and provide whatever will please her. I don't pretend to deserve her. I'm not educated or wellborn, and even the devil wouldn't have my reputation. My one saving grace is that I'm not a fool. I would never interfere with her writing, or any of the projects she chooses for herself. Iw ould never try to separate Sara from her family. I respect her too much for that. I don't want to change her."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
40. "Küçük bir sinek vizlayip kulagimin yanindan geçti, sonra kayboldu. Daha önce hiç Noel'de sinek görmemistim; Sanat 102 dersinde hissetmemiz ögretildigi gibi, iki tanidik seyin beklenmedik sekilde yan yana gelmesinin gerçeküstülügünü hissederek ona vurdum. Gelecek bu olacakti."
Author: Lorrie Moore
41. "That was… I don't even know what that was." Derek's voice was nothing more than a rasping whisper. "That was making love, dirty style."
Author: Moira Rogers
42. "My first public impression was my French teacher, Derek Swift."
Author: Rory Bremner
43. "Snagging the ball from Pietr, Derek leaned in and snapped, "What? Youthink you're a bad-ass because you've got a tattoo?"Derek body-checked Pietr with a force that would have sent anybody else onto the floor. Pietr wobbled but didn't even move his feet to compensate. A minute later Derek skidded across the gym floor. Pietr was methodically dribbled and passed the ball between them. I saw him mouth the phrase "That's why I'm a bad-ass!"
Author: Shannon Delany
44. "My character on 'I'm In the Band,' Derek Jupiter of Iron Weasel, is definitely one of the crazier ones. That's completely on the other end of the spectrum. There's absolutely nothing like Derek any shape or form. I'm having so much fun playing this egotistical, '80s-era rockstar - everything he does is from the point-of-view of a rockstar."
Author: Steve Valentine
45. "Derek's like, "So . . . what do you want to do first?""I don't know.""Feel like ice cream?""It's, like, three degrees out.""That's why getting ice cream would be badass."
Author: Susane Colasanti
46. "I didn't say a word but staredAt Derek, still a little hazed.He stared back, uncertain, scared,Still unbelieving and amazed."
Author: Tatyana K. Varenko
47. "But as Derek watched himself holding Ginger in the mirror over the sink, her smaller, trembling body engulfed by his naked arms and chest, he felt the furthest thing from unaffected. Every sob or shudder that moved through her robbed him of breath. Derek wanted to decimate her sadness and anything causing it. Feeling powerless, he rubbed circles on her back with one hand."
Author: Tessa Bailey
48. "Beklemek ileriye dogru acele etmek,zamani ve içinde bu ani bir armagan yerine bir engel gibi görmek,degerlerini yadsiyip yok ederek zihninde üzerlerinden atlayip geçmek demektir.Beklemek sikicidir denir,oysa,büyük bir oranda zamani kullanmadan ve deneyimlerinden geçmeden tüketmek eglencelidir de.Hiçbir sey yapmadan bekleyen bir kisi,hiçbir yarari olmadan bir sürü seyi sindirim sistemine yigan bir obura benzer diyebiliriz.Daha da ileriye giderek hazmedilmemis gidalarin bir insani daha güçlü yapmadigi gibi geçen zamanin insani yaslandirmadigini söyleyebiliriz.Zaten ari ve tam bekleme diye bir sey yoktur."
Author: Thomas Mann
49. "Derek Lowe and Curt Schilling were veterans when Boston won the 2004 World Series, but they were quick to recognize Johnny Pesky by name—and for good reason. Pesky last played for Boston in 1952, but his close ties to the organization since his career ended in 1954 are legendary. His presence was so great, among rookies and veterans alike, that Lowe and Schilling understood that the championship belonged to Pesky just as much as it did to the guys on the playoff roster."
Author: Tucker Elliot
50. "I would enjoy having dinner with the poet/playwright Derek Walcott."
Author: Walter Dean Myers

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