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1. "My experiences thus far had me planning to throttle the first Tudor historian I met upon my return for gross dereliction of duty."
Author: Deborah Harkness
2. "Cowardly isn't a dereliction of duty, but rather a part of our humanity. However, only the brave ones are known for their humanity."
Author: Melody Manful
3. "So the captain, the first officer and the ship's doctor and sometimes the engineer all beam down to a planet. Together." "The entire complement of the senior officers?"Billy nodded"And who has the command of the ship?""I don't know. Junior officers I guess.""If they worked for me I would have them court-martialed. That sounds like a dereliction of duty.""I know. I know. I always thought it odd myself. But that's not the point.""What is the point?""They're usually accompanied by a guy in the red shirt. Always a crew member you've never seen before. And as soon as you see the shirt, you know he's going to die."
Author: Michael Scott

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Quotes About Dereliction Of Duty
Quotes About Dereliction Of Duty
Quotes About Dereliction Of Duty

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