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1. "The boy sang in a shrill high descant and seemed to be trying not to sing in tune."
Author: Anton Chekhov
2. "How does she know it's the right room?' wondered Descant.Oh, I don't know; mabye it's the magical red glow coming from the doorway, or perhaps it's the deafening howl of the temporal winds.' said Mervall. Descant nodded.'You could be right, brother. And don't think I don't know sarcasm when I hear it."
Author: Eoin Colfer
3. "If we had better hearing, and could discern the descants of sea birds, the rhythmic tympani of schools of mollusks, or even the distant harmonics of midges hanging over meadows in the sun, the combined sound might lift us off our feet."
Author: Lewis Thomas
4. "I. At TeaTHE kettle descants in a cosy drone,And the young wife looks in her husband's face,And then in her guest's, and shows in her ownHer sense that she fills an envied place;And the visiting lady is all abloom,And says there was never so sweet a room.And the happy young housewife does not knowThat the woman beside her was his first choice,Till the fates ordained it could not be so....Betraying nothing in look or voiceThe guest sits smiling and sips her tea,And he throws her a stray glance yearningly."
Author: Thomas Hardy
5. "...Why I, in this weak piping time of piece,Have no delight to pass away the time,Unless to see my shadow in the sunAnd descant on my own deformity :..."
Author: William Shakespeare

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