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1. "If there is a deity of the kind imagined by votaries of the big mail-order religions such as Christinity and Islam, and if this deityis the creator of all things,then it is responsible for cancer,meningitis, millions of spontaneos abortions everyday, mass killings of people in floods and earthquakes-and too great mountain of other natural evils to list besides. It would also,as the putative designer of human nature, ultimately be responsible or the ubiquitous and unabatable human propensities for hatred,malice,greed, and all other sources of the cruelty and murder people inflict on each other hourly."
Author: A.C. Grayling
2. "It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."
Author: Alexander McQueen
3. "Most people need expensive cars or designer clothes to be happy. You just need pancakes. And snow."
Author: Allie Everhart
4. "When I look at designer books I am sometimes puzzled why they don't share their inspiration, when it's obvious somebody had such great inspiration."
Author: Anna Sui
5. "How good something is should never be determined by its cost, designer, origin, or its perceived value by others."
Author: Ashly Lorenzana
6. "I meet the designers very often, we discuss the products, they show me their ideas, we discuss the ad campaigns and every new invention that we can find for the future."
Author: Bernard Arnault
7. "I think a game hits a high point when it provokes reactions the designer doesn't expect."
Author: Brenda Brathwaite
8. "At their best, religious and spiritual communities help us discover this pure and naked spiritual encounter. At their worst, they simply make us more ashamed, pressuring us to cover up more, pushing us to further enhance our image with the best designer labels and latest spiritual fads, weighing us down with layer upon layer of heavy, uncomfortable, pretentious, well-starched religiosity."
Author: Brian D. McLaren
9. "Which is an interactive sport for our family, since Gil likes to groan over the writing and point out the plot twists ahead of time, and Jeremy tears his hair out over the historical inaccuracies, and Dad makes corny jokes, till Mom reminds us, loudly, that some people are trying to watch the movie. Then we'll all quiet down for about five minutes, until Olivia remarks that the costume designer should have dressed the star in kitten heels instead, because it's a lot harder to run in stilettos."
Author: Caitlen Rubino Bradway
10. "I like a little bit of designer, with a bit of vintage and high street mixed in. I love it when you find those one-off key pieces, which end up becoming investment pieces."
Author: Cara Delevingne
11. "Fashion is very tough, and we shouldn't forget that before designers were money-makers, they were artists."
Author: Carine Roitfeld
12. "I knew from my youngest age I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was always draping fabric and working with color palettes."
Author: Catherine Malandrino
13. "There's a lot of art and comics and movies being paid homage to by game designers."
Author: Clive Barker
14. "I do very little industrial design. I'm asked a lot, but I certainly don't see myself as an industrial designer."
Author: David Chipperfield
15. "I provide the bricks and mortar with the words and situations - the director and the actors and the designers build the house."
Author: Eric Bogosian
16. "Sometimes I can't figure designers out. It's as if they flunked human anatomy."
Author: Erma Bombeck
17. "Modernism, rebelling against the ornament of the 19th century, limited the vocabulary of the designer. Modernism emphasized straight lines, eliminating the expressive S curve. This made it harder to communicate emotions through design."
Author: Eva Zeisel
18. "I'm a designer, I love it, and I haven't worked this hard to do bad work."
Author: Genevieve Gorder
19. "I'm a designer, not a businesswoman."
Author: Georgina Chapman
20. "I don't own anything designer."
Author: Grimes
21. "Courtrooms contain every symbol of authority that a set designer could imagine. Everyone stands up when you come in. You wear a costume identifying you as, if not quite divine, someone special."
Author: Irving R. Kaufman
22. "I dropped out of school for a semester, transferred to another college, switched to an art major, graduated, got married, and for a while worked as a graphic designer."
Author: James Green Somerville
23. "I don't wear particular designers. I wear whoever fits me well."
Author: Jane Lynch
24. "Stress is a designer ailment that many of the so-called afflicted suffer from with pride."
Author: Janet Street Porter
25. "Poor kids often dressed up. It was rich kids who dressed down, carefully assembling a blue-collar costume: eighty-dollar designer jeans that had been professionally faded and tattered and worn-out"
Author: Joe Hill
26. "It's a very strange thing for a designer to say, but one of the things that really irritates me in products is when I'm aware of designers wagging their tails in my face."
Author: Jonathan Ive
27. "I honestly think that with our generation - Alex Wang, Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Christian Cota, Robert Geller - there's a different expectation of what our behavior should be. People expect designers to be good businesspeople and PR people, and I don't think partying is a part of that persona the way it used to be."
Author: Joseph Altuzarra
28. "I wanted to be a set designer when I was young."
Author: Judi Dench
29. "I secretly wanted to act. I also wanted be a toy designer and make puppets."
Author: Kate Micucci
30. "Playwrights are the most gregarious writers - to get our work done, we need actors, directors, set designers."
Author: Katori Hall
31. "That dung flop?" Nakita said, her dislike almost visibly dripping into nasty puddles at Amy's designer flats. "Yes, I guess. That doesn't mean I have to like him.""I know what you mean." Amy faked a heartfelt sigh. "I have a brother too." The girls behind her giggled when she pushed past me to Barnabas. "I'm Amy," she said, smiling as she extended her hand.""Barnabas," the reaper said as he darted past me to give Nakita a sideways hug to avoid having to shake Amy's hand. "This is Nakita. She's my favorite sister. We're from Norway."
Author: Kim Harrison
32. "Designers and photographers still want to work with me and I'm grateful for that. I don't know how long I'll carry on - as long as they'll have me."
Author: Linda Evangelista
33. "I was always the funny-looking girl. I couldn't compete with the Brazilian girls. My nose is off, my ears are too big. But I think it's my personality that these designers were drawn to."
Author: Lou Doillon
34. "Magicians are typically introverted; they don't tend to work with others, but I work with software programmers, composers, designers, so it's a very diverse group and the result is always more interesting than something I could have done by myself."
Author: Marco Tempest
35. "A fashion photographer is nothing without clothes and hair and makeup. And when I speak to other photographers, a lot of them can't reference a picture by the designer. Me, I say, 'The Balenciaga.' And I go to the shows. I feel like it's my business."
Author: Mario Testino
36. "I had a dual role: designer and advocate."
Author: Michael Arad
37. "We've had the same set designer and the same crew in many cases since 1972."
Author: Mink Stole
38. "As a designer, I'm not a guy that can be put in a niche."
Author: Olivier Theyskens
39. "Even during the golden age of fashion, you had haute couture houses where the designers didn't have money."
Author: Olivier Theyskens
40. "I'm a designer, and for me, things are always evolving, and such evolution is necessary."
Author: Raf Simons
41. "I never went to fashion school. I didn't know what a designer was. I knew I had something, but I didn't know what it was. And it could just have easily been nothing."
Author: Ralph Lauren
42. "I have a showroom where we experiment with twelve cakes. We develop sketches and ideas for cakes for the next season. We work with the top fashion designers to see what type of lace they are using or work with the top florist for us to be able to make various sugar roses or flowers."
Author: Ron Ben Israel
43. "I did a bit of modeling before I took up acting, and I was up for this big campaign - I can't remember which designer - and all these execs were looking at my portfolio. Then one said: 'We'd like to use you, but can you come back next year when you've lost this.' And he tapped the underside of his chin."
Author: Rupert Penry Jones
44. "But I'm not crazy about the designers like Prada and Gucci. I hate going into designer stores."
Author: Samantha Mumba
45. "My goal as a puzzle designer is to create a meaningful experience for the player, not just 'I solved it.'"
Author: Scott Kim
46. "This is the entertainment industry, so game designers have to have a creative mind and also have to be able to stand up against the marketing people at their company - otherwise they cannot be creative. There are not that many people who fit that description."
Author: Shigeru Miyamoto
47. "The designer's job is to imagine the world not how it is, but how it should be."
Author: Sir Terence Conran
48. "Back at the Rash [a Florida nightclub], a waif in a lime latex body tube went into the rest room to snort the newest designer drug, XGB5, which gave people the uncanny sensation of throwing money away while chewing their own lips off. It was hard to come by and everyone had to have it."
Author: Tim Dorsey
49. "I'm a designer of more than clothes. I am a designer of a very creative concept."
Author: Tommy Hilfiger
50. "Andy Hertzfeld joined the Macintosh team, he got a briefing from Bud Tribble, the other software designer, about the huge amount of work that still needed"
Author: Walter Isaacson

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