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1. "He wished to ignore all but here and now, to be as though he had only just entered the world and were destined to be eternal. Bus his memory survived, even though he never deliberately made use of it; and though the things which had been Isabels were destoryed, he could not guard against chance reminders. Chance had found many gaps in his defenses this morning."
Author: Aldous Huxley
2. "That to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destoryed"
Author: Cassandra Clare
3. "Whenever and wherever men have engaged in the mindless slaughter of animals (including other men), they have often attempted to justify their acts by attributing the most vicious or revolting qualities to those they would destory; and the less reason there is for the slaughter, the greater the campaign for vilification."
Author: Farley Mowat
4. "Is there any meaning in my life that the inevitable death awaiting me does not destory?"
Author: Ian McEwan
5. "He came to destory sin because it is fatal."
Author: John Piper
6. "Cicero smiled at us. 'The art of life is to deal with problems as they arise, rather than destory one's spirit by worrying about them too far in advance. Especially tonight."
Author: Robert Harris
7. "Humanity will not see Peace..Till our World Rids Itself of HATRED and Anger. It's darkness is destorying our Nation & World. Kindness is the Answer and Love Will Conquer All!"
Author: Timothy Pina

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