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1. "I had never before been a special fan of that great comedian Phyllis Diller, but she utterly won my heart this week by sending me an envelope that, when opened, contained a torn-off square of brown-bag paper of the kind suitable for latrine duty in an ill-run correctional facility. Duly unfurled, it carried a handwritten salutation reading as follows:Money's scarceTimes are hardHere's your f******Xmas cardI could not possibly improve on the sentiment, but I don't think it ought to depend on the current austerities. Isn't Christmas a moral and aesthetic nightmare whether or not the days are prosperous?"
Author: Christopher Hitchens
2. "I was always a fan of the old-style comics. I loved vaudeville. I loved Milton Berle, Dick Shawn, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Charlie Callas, all those guys. Hilarious. I love the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope movies, and Abbott & Costello. My television influences were 'Monty Python's Flying Circus,' 'Benny Hill,' and 'Hee Haw.'"
Author: Larry The Cable Guy
3. "He was hanging from one of the rafters in a laundry up near Frau Diller's. Another human pendulum. Another clock, stopped."
Author: Markus Zusak
4. "She remained on the steps, waiting for Papa, watching the stray ash and the corpse of collected books. Everything was sad. Orange and red embers looked like rejected candy, and most of the crowd had vanished. She'd seen Frau Diller leave (very satisfied) and Pfiffikus (white hair, a Nazi uniform, the same dilapidated shoes, and a triumphant whistle). Now there was nothing but cleaning up, and soon, no one would ever imagine it had happened.But you could smell it."
Author: Markus Zusak
5. "Kapidan çikarlarken üstlerine semsiye tutuluyordu; zaten arabaya kadar iki adimlik bir yoldu. Bu nedenle ince pabuçlar giyebiliyorlardi. Nedense bizim ince pabuçlarimiz, hemen nasir yapiyordu ayaklarimizda; üstelik bulutlarin yagmuruna ve sokaklarin tozuna dayanmiyordu. Bizler, birer zengin karikatürü gibi dolasiyorduk ortalarda. ( Onlar görünmeden dolasiyorlardi.) Ayakkabilardan nasirlarimiz, gömleklerden killarimiz, daracik pantalonlarimizdan mendillerimiz ve paralarimiz ve cep defterlerimiz firliyordu. Ayakkabilarimizin burnu taslara takiliyordu. Onlar, kapidan arabaya, arabadan kapiya, rihtimdan motora bir rüya gibi kayarak gidiyorlardi. Sanki bir tünelin içinde, bize görünmeden dolasiyorlardi."
Author: Oğuz Atay
6. "I've been pitching a show of five female stand-up comedians through the generations, from Phyllis Diller to Amy Schumer, so when I got an e-mail asking me if I would participate in the Women in Comedy Festival, I was thrilled."
Author: Wendy Liebman

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