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1. "Mother Goose will show newcomers to this world how astonishing, beautiful, capricious, dancy, eccentric, funny, goluptious, haphazard, intertwingled, joyous, kindly, loving, melodious, naughty, outrageous, pomsidillious, querimonious, romantic, silly, tremendous, unexpected, vertiginous, wonderful, x-citing, yo-heave-ho-ish, and zany it is."
Author: Iona Opie
2. "Barmen, radyoyu açmisti. bir haber sunucusu bir sirk yanginindan bahsediyordu ve söyle denildigini isittim: "ve hipopotamlar tanklarinda haslanip öldüler." bu ayrintilari radyo spikerlerinin karakteristik tatli dilli, hevesli üslubuyla anlatiyordu..."
Author: Jack Kerouac
3. "Now nobody get nervous, you ain't got nothing to fear. You're being robbed by the John Dillinger Gang, that's the best there is!"
Author: John Dillinger
4. "He had had no experience in asking for a job with a big organization, and Mr. Dilling was making him aware of what a fine art it was--if you couldn't run a machine. A duel was under way."
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
5. "Emotions are destructive, Ms. Dillinger. One of two things will happen to you. You will either be hurt and wish you were dead, or you will end up dead." Katie stopped in front of the next cooler and checked inside. "I'm human. What am I supposed to do? Just…be?" "Welcome to the world."
Author: Mary Abshire
6. "Dillinger at one point was the second most popular man in America after President Roosevelt. And he was a national hero for a good reason. He was robbing the very institutions, the banks, which had afflicted the people for four years, and after four years nothing was getting any better."
Author: Michael Mann
7. "The decision by the British in 1911 to build New Delhi, without integrating the old city with the new, sealed the fate of Shahjahanabad. From then onwards, purani Dilli would live on but only like an ageing courtesan abandoned by her new suitors, waiting to die."
Author: Pavan K. Varma
8. "All of us should treasure his (John Dillinger) Oriental wisdom and his preaching of a Zen-like detachment, as exemplified by his constant reminder to clerks, tellers, or others who grew excited by his presence in their banks: 'Just lie down on the floor and keep calm."
Author: Robert Anton Wilson
9. "Sometimes God dillies and dallies,' Steve said, ‘and sometimes he just points at you and tells you to hang up your jock."
Author: Stephen King

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