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1. "Let us say that science fiction is a kind of conceptual disorientation of the familiar."
Author: Adam Roberts
2. "Future shock is the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time."
Author: Alvin Toffler
3. "The past is a stronger influence in the South. But I think everywhere you have this sense that the world changes faster than you can accommodate yourself to. Looking back and seeing how you got where you are is a useful way to combat disorientation."
Author: Charles Frazier
4. "In any event, whether a supernatural tale remains altogether fantastic or eventually modulates to the uncanny or the marvelous, the reader is faced with disconcerting ontological and perceptual problems.Indeed, the disorienting effect of the supernatural encounter in fiction seems to reflect some deeper disorientations in the culture at large."
Author: Howard Kerr
5. "The disorientation, the distraction, the difficulty focusing-all classic. Phase One signs of deliria."
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
6. "It's amazing how effective simple disorientation is as a mechanism for controlling people."
Author: Mira Grant
7. "They were slowing down. The noise of the rope as they reached the full extent of the jump sounded like the ricochet crack of the sail on a tall ship. And now they were accelerating again, up, up and suddenly they were hanging suspended: weightless in space. No up or down. The feeling of disorientation absolute."
Author: Natasha Mostert
8. "The web: yet another total disorientation that becomes status quo without anyone realizing it."
Author: Richard Powers
9. "Though not necessarily aware of when we feel purpose and meaning, we are nearly always aware of the sickening feeling when we don't possess them. This isn't an intellectual misapprehension; it is a gut sense of disorientation and a loss of personal direction. Rarely are brute mental effort and self-help pep talks able to rekindle the missing feeling. For most of us, we simply wait patiently, knowing from past experience that the feeling will return in its own sweet time . . . Of particular interest is [Tolstoy's] conclusion as to the inability of science and reason to provide a personal sense of meaning."
Author: Robert A. Burton
10. "Strike noticed that, in spite of Duffield's air of disorientation and distress, he had made a good job of applying his eyeliner."
Author: Robert Galbraith

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