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1. "Shuddering Tanis stepped back. Raistlin gave the drawstring on the top of the bag a quick jerk, snapping it shut. Then, glancing at them distrustfully, he slipped the bag within his robes, secreting it in one of his numerous hidden pockets, and begun to turn away. But Tanis stopped him."Things can never again be the same between us, can they?" the half-elf asked quietly.Raistlin looked at him for a moment, and Tanis saw a brief flicker of regret in the young mage's eyes, a longing for trust and friendship and return to the days of youth."No," Raistilin whispered. "But such was the price I paid."
Author: Margaret Weis

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Forsooth, I no longer toil in vain,To prove that demon pox warps the brain.See though 'tis pity, it's not in vainThat the pox-ridden worm was slain:For to believe in me, you all must deign."
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