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1. "Most people can motivate themselves to do things simply by knowing that those things need to be done. But not me. For me, motivation is this horrible, scary game where I try to make myself do something while I actively avoid doing it. If I win, I have to do something I don't want to do. And if I lose, I'm one step closer to ruining my entire life. And I never know whether I'm going to win or lose until the last second."
Author: Allie Brosh
2. "Selectivity - the determination to choose what we will attempt to getdone and what we won't - is the only way out of the panic thatexcessive demands on our time can create."
Author: Andrew S. Grove
3. "Look out for Number One. If you don't, no one else will."
Author: Arnold Rothstein
4. "A miscarriage is a natural and common event. All told, probably more women have lost a child from this world than haven't. Most don't mention it, and they go on from day to day as if it hadn't happened, so people imagine a woman in this situation never really knew or loved what she had.But ask her sometime: how old would your child be now? And she'll know."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
5. "My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it."
Author: Brennan Manning
6. "And - as a woman reconciled in her own body - I feel I can argue with anyone's god about my right to end a pregnancy. My first conception - wanted so badly - ended in miscarriage, three days before my wedding. A kind nurse removed my wedding manicure with nail-polish remover, in order to fit a finger-thermometer for the subsequent D&C operation. I wept as I went in to the operating theatre, and wept as I came out. In that instance, my body had decided that the baby was not to be and had ended it. This time, it was my mind that has decided that this baby was not to be. I don't believe one's decision is more valid than the other. They both know me. They are both equally capable of deciding what is right."
Author: Caitlin Moran
7. "Gentlemen," returned Mr. Micawber, "do with me as you will! I am a straw upon the surface of the deep, and am tossed in all directions by the elephants- I beg your pardon; I should have said the elements."
Author: Charles Dickens
8. "I don't write genre stuff in any form. I'm not interested in it. I always try to do the opposite of that."
Author: Charlie Kaufman
9. "You want to protect you children, don't you? You let them out of your body but you never let them all the way out."
Author: Diana Abu Jaber
10. "I know who I am, I know what I can and can't do. I know what I will and won't do. I know what I'm capable of and I don't agree to do things that I don't think I can pull off."
Author: Dolly Parton
11. "I'd love to cover an 'Incubus' song. I don't think anybody in a cowboy hat on a country stage has ever done that, and I'd love to be the first."
Author: Dustin Lynch
12. "He was soppy! He went along with everything! I'd say what about this or what about that, and he'd always say yes. It didn't matter what I said. It was always the same answer. He gave into everything. You can't have that in a man. I like people to stand up for themselves. They've got to have their own opinion, know their own mind. I could tell it was going nowhere. I couldn't be with him. We weren't right for each other. When I broke it off, he was baffled and broken. He cried and asked how he'd wronged me. But he hadn't done anything wrong; he just wasn't the right one"
Author: Elise Valmorbida
13. "The challenge has always been that "good people" don't know how to win elections"
Author: Fela Durotoye
14. "Just don't ever think you deserve to be beaten."
Author: Gail Tsukiyama
15. "If you haven't read you don't have the voice. The lack of voice eliminates experience."
Author: George Saunders
16. "Always be wary of people who use quotes. I don't know who said that.' - Murdoc Niccals"
Author: Gorillaz
17. "Was that all her religious beliefs had ever been then, a set of precepts so deeply inculcated in her that they became automatic, even instinctive? Hear the word God, think He. See the misery of humankind, blame Eve. Obey your parents, be a good girl, vote Trinity Party, never sit with your legs apart. Don't question, just do as you're told."
Author: Hillary Jordan
18. "HECKLER: Say something funny!COMEDIAN: I don't do requests."
Author: J. Ross Clara
19. "... Brandon's going to talk to a B-O-Y, and -""What?""That's your assignment tonight. You converse in public with a boy. You've heard of them, right? They're like girls, but with penises?"
Author: J.C. Lillis
20. "And while I'm sure they're very admirable and brave and all the rest of it, I don't personally fancy the mortality rate -"
Author: J.K. Rowling
21. "I play the real instruments. I don't waste my time with anything else."
Author: Jason Newsted
22. "Nowadays, people don't ask you how you are, they say, 'Are you busy?' meaning, 'Are you well?' If someone actually does ask you how you are, the most cheerful answer, of course, is a robust 'Busy!' to which the person will reply 'Good!'"
Author: Jo Ann Davis
23. "God, what had we done? It didn't really matter. Piper had been the kind of friend with whom I didn't have to fill in the spaces with random conversation. It was okay to just be with her. She knew that sometimes I needed that - to not have to take care of anyone or anything, to simply exist in my own space, adjacent to hers."
Author: Jodi Picoult
24. "I never touch sugar, cheese, bread... I only like what I'm allowed to like. I'm beyond temptation. There is no weakness. When I see tons of food in the studio, for us and for everybody, for me it's as if this stuff was made out of plastic. The idea doesn't even enter my mind that a human being could put that into their mouth. I'm like the animals in the forest. They don't touch what they cannot eat."
Author: Karl Lagerfeld
25. "Stop it, Barry," Joanie said. "Get ahold of yourself. This is just how we work."I agreed. When she told Shelley I was useless, I heard the smile in her voice and knew she was pretending to be irritated. Really, she wouldn't know what to do without my uselessness, just as I wouldn't know what to do without her complaints. I take it back. It's not that we don't treat each other well; it's just that we're comfortable enough to know that sarcasm and aloofness keep us afloat, and we never have to watch where we step."You are both so cold," Barry said that night."
Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
26. "[in 1979] You must have - besides intuition and sensitivity - a cutting edge that allows you to reach what you need. Also, you have to know life - bastards included - and it takes a bit of one to know one, don't you think?"
Author: Laurence Olivier
27. "All that I know is that Claire Lyons should consider herself done, done and you know what else?DONE!"
Author: Lisi Harrison
28. "I don't have an idol. I don't like imitations."
Author: Ljupka Cvetanova
29. "Don't get so involved in the duties of your life and your children that you forget the pleasure. Remember why you had children."
Author: Lois Wyse
30. "When I joined Granada - which, you don't want to start crying about these things, but Granada was a very, very hot place to be, it was my good fortune to be there at that time - the BBC was firmly asleep."
Author: Michael Apted
31. "Whenever I hear, 'It can't be done,' I know I'm close to success."
Author: Michael Flatley
32. "I don't try to intimidate anybody before a fight. That's nonsense. I intimidate people by hitting them."
Author: Mike Tyson
33. "Just live as simply you are.Don't take a burden too much."
Author: Nao Crimson
34. "But that can never be," said Milo, jumping to his feet."Don't be too sure," said the child patiently, "for one of the nicest things about mathematics, or anything else you might care to learn, is that many of the things which can never be, often are. You see," he went on, "it's very much like your trying to reach Infinity. You know that it's there, but you just don't know where — but just because you can never reach it doesn't mean that it's not worth looking for."
Author: Norton Juster
35. "See how ignorant you are? You don't even know why you need to know the things you don't know yet."
Author: Orson Scott Card
36. "Ignoring is what you are supposed to do with bullies, so they get bored and leave you alone. But the problem in school is that they don't get bored, because whatever else there is to do is more boring still."
Author: Paul Murray
37. "<> I was at the mall last night, walking around by myself, trying not to spend money, trying not to think about a delicious Cinnabon...and I found myself walking by the Baby Gap. I've never been in a Baby Gap. So, I decided to duck in. On a lark.<> Right. On a lark. I'm familiar with those.<> So...I'm larking through the Baby Gap, looking at tiny capri pants and sweaters that cost more than...I don't know, more than they should. And I get totally sucked in by this ridiculous, tiny fur coat. The kind of coat a baby might need to go to the ballet. In Moscow. In 1918. To match her tiny pearls."
Author: Rainbow Rowell
38. "Eternity with Artemis?" He heaved a big sigh.Thalia rolled her eyes. "You satyrs. You're all in love with Artemis. Don't you get that she'll never love you back?""But she's so…into nature," Grover swooned."You're nuts," said Thalia."Nuts and berries," Grover said dreamily. "Yeah."
Author: Rick Riordan
39. "If I were to retire, I would keep my family's interest in the company the same and say, Don't sell."
Author: Sheldon Adelson
40. "In my darkest night, when the moon was covered and I roamed through wreckage,a nimbus-clouded voice directed me:"Live in the layers,not on the litter."Though I lack the art to decipher doubt the next chapter in my book of transformations is already written.I am not done with my changes"
Author: Stanley Kunitz
41. "..(l'architecte) il compose la musique que d'autres vont jouer. De plus, afin de vraiment comprendre ce qu'est l'architecture, il faut se rappeler que les gens qui l'interprètent ne sont pas des musiciens sensibles qui jouent la partition de quelqu'un d'autre, lui donnant un phrasé particulier, accentuant l'un ou l'autre trait de l'oeuvre. Au contraire, c'est une multitude de gens ordinaires qui, comme des fourmis travaillant ensemble à la construction de la fourmilière, contribuent de manière tout à fait impersonnelle à l'ensemble, souvent sans comprendre ce qu'ils aident à créer. Derrière eux il y a l'architecte qui organise le travail, et l'on pourrait vraiment dire que l'architecture est un art d'organisation. Le bâtiment est produit comme un film sans vedettes, une sorte de documentaire avec des gens ordinaires qui jouent tous les rôles."
Author: Steen Eiler Rasmussen
42. "I'll miss you every day for the rest of my life. You're my heart and it'll go with you. I'll be here, and I'll hold your hand, and you focus on me, and when you leave me, you won't be alone. Don't be afraid. We won't be saying good-bye, baby. Just, 'til later."
Author: T.A. Webb
43. "I came out the box and for seven years I had a huge career. And then it's done, it's dumped. But I ain't gone, and I refuse to be gone."
Author: Taylor Dayne
44. "Unless the South Beach techno-dance clubs outbid them. They don't have live bands, just DJs up in a booth. And the DJs are now celebrities like Mick Jagger, with their own dance-mix followers who make pilgrimages club to club to hear them turn on the music. When did a stereo become a musical instrument?" Serge leaned forward and clicked on the car radio. "There, I'm an artist. Thousands of women on ecstasy now want to have three-ways with me."
Author: Tim Dorsey
45. "I don't want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together."
Author: Truman Capote
46. "The reader will pardon us another little digression; foreign to the object of this book but characteristic and useful . . . ."
Author: Victor Hugo
47. "Nos dirigimos a un mundo distinto decía Cándido; sin duda debe ser allí donde todo está bien. Porque debemos reconocer que en el nuestro existen muchas cosas, en lo físico y en lo moral, que nos pueden hacer llorar."
Author: Voltaire
48. "Don't forget we are in a state of war and no peace. But it's very dynamic and challenging compared to the rest of the Arab world."
Author: Walid Jumblatt
49. "Don't forget that healing takes time. Don't expect to try meditation and a new skincare line and end up with perfect skin in a week. Give yourself the gift of time and patience. The body is a complicated, miraculous system and each body processes change in its own time."
Author: Yancy Lael
50. "I don't know why femininity should be associated with weakness. Women should be free to express who they are without thinking, 'I need to act like a man, or I need to tone it down to be successful.' That's a very good way to keep women down."
Author: Zooey Deschanel

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