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1. "A 13 anni, è risaputo, una femmina è una ragazza in fiore, una giovane donna nel pieno splendore della maturità, mentre un maschio è un lattante goffo e ridicolo che deve soltanto girare alla larga. L'unica dota apprezzabile in lui è quella di saper star al suo posto. Cioè fuori dai piedi."
Author: Bianca Pitzorno
2. "Cuando hablamos de la "ira" del cielo, la "agitación" del mar, la "resistencia" de los diamantes a ser tallados, la "atracción" que ejerce la Tierra sobre un asteroide cercano o la "excitación" de un átomo, de nuevo pensamos en una especie de visión animista del mundo. Estamos atribuyendo existencia real a objetos inertes. Algún nivel primitivo de nuestro pensamiento dota a la Naturaleza inanimada de vida, pasiones y premeditación."
Author: Carl Sagan
3. "Reading for me will be a combination of books, magazines, Tumblr and just kind of the Web in general on the iPad."
Author: David Karp
4. "I am a huge consumer of social networks, and I utilize Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I'm interested and am learning more about Tumblr and other visually dominant sites."
Author: James G. Stavridis
5. "Menshn is a play on the word mention, and in the U.S. that's how it'll be perceived. Like Tumblr or Flickr. People in the U.K. thought that I'd named it after myself."
Author: Louise Mensch
6. "As long as I manage investments properly and don't spend recklessly, Tumblr has given my family a strong safety net and given me the freedom to work on whatever I want. And that's exactly what I plan to do."
Author: Marco Arment
7. "If you are in Mountain View, you don't resonate with the needs of urban dwellers. Tumblr couldn't have emerged in Sunnyvale."
Author: Roelof Botha
8. "Boondocks' is simply the Tagalog word for mountains."
Author: Sharyn McCrumb

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Quotes About Dota Tagalog Tumblr
Quotes About Dota Tagalog Tumblr
Quotes About Dota Tagalog Tumblr

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