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1. "The con movie is a little bit different where maybe we tell you what we're going to do but it never goes down the way you expect because there's so much double-crossing and cheats and lies going on along the whole way."
Author: Edward Burns
2. "Racing up the wide staircase, I barreled through the double doors and smacked right into a brick wall.Stumbling backward, my arms flailed like a cracked-out crossing guard. My over-packed messenger bag slipped, pulling me to one side. My hairflew it front of my face, a sheet of auburn that obscured everything as I teetered dangerously.Oh dear God, I was going down. There was no stopping it. Visions of broken necks danced in my head. This was going to suck so—Something strong and hard went around my waist, stopping my free fall. My bag hit the floor, spilling overpriced books and pens across the shinyfloor. My pens! My glorious pens rolled everywhere. A second later I was pressed against the wall.The wall was strangely warm.The wall chuckled."Whoa," a deep voice said. "You okay, sweetheart?"
Author: J. Lynn
3. "You dirty, double-crossing rat."
Author: James Cagney
4. "Be careful of your enemy once, and your friend thousand times, for a double crossing friend knows more evil: Arabic proverb"
Author: Radostin Chernev

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