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1. "I hang out with dudes a lot. I can relate to being the guys girl."
Author: Alexis Knapp
2. "Jadakiss is not no walk in no park. Nas is not no walk in no park. These are dudes that could have ended my career."
Author: Beanie Sigel
3. "Dudes," He said, "Do not follow other dudes to the bathroom."Isabelle sighed. "Latent homosexual panic will do you in every time"
Author: Cassandra Clare
4. "Subject: Challenge acceptedMr. Zaccadelli,If you keep this up, I'm going to report you to the workplace hotline for harassment. They don't take kindly to tattooed, guitar-playing dudes making advances toward sweet, innocent girls. Game ON.Sincerely,The Girl You Will Never HaveP.S. Esquire? You are so full of shit."
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
5. "I was getting the hang of arson. It really sends a message, you know? Not only will I kill your dudes and steal your shit, but I will burn your place down behind me."
Author: Cherie Priest
6. "These dudes, clutching their little gifts, for them today is their kind-of-honeymoon."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
7. "Nina chuckled, giving Katie her infamous devilish grin. "It means you aren't just a werecougar, lady. You're a cougar-cougar. You took stereotyping to a whole 'nother level. You're like one of those 'doesn't look her age' chicks who hits on young dudes because they got the zoom in their boom still happening. You're a total label. Hot. Niiiice work, Mrs. Robinson."
Author: Dakota Cassidy
8. "Dante climbed back on top of him, sitting on Griff's round butt to knead his shoulders. "I just wanna try. It'll be fine. No big deal. Maybe a massage first? Two dudes. That'd be okay right?" What was he asking?"And then, I want you" -Dante leaned forward, pressing his chest against Griff's muscular back, lips against his ear -"to fucking turn yourself loose on me."
Author: Damon Suede
9. "Rocker dudes don't have a lot of swagger."
Author: Demi Lovato
10. "My heroes were Eddie Van Halen - especially after Van Halen I, II, III, and IV - Randy Rhoads, Ace Frehley and dudes like that. My brother played drums and we jammed in the garage and started writing our own stuff."
Author: Dimebag Darrell
11. "They kill hundreds of people, those pilots. I would have loved to have flown the plane that dropped the bomb on Japan. A couple of dudes killed hundreds of thousands. That f****** rules! Yeah!"
Author: Evan Wright
12. "If you ever see shitty ass rock dudes in shitty ass rock bands asking you to show them your tist for backstage passes, I want you to spit right in their fucking faces and yell 'FUCK YOU!"
Author: Gerard Way
13. "It seemed like a joke, how much all of these dudes looked alike, like living was so hard it just erased your features, rubbed out anything distinctive."
Author: Gillian Flynn
14. "We have a six-month-old son. When he was first born and I was walking him, I kept on running into these guys in the neighborhood. They were always like, "Hey dude, welcome to the club!" And I'm like, "Wow, what club did I join?" It confused me and I didn't feel comfortable with it at all. How could something so organic - what is more organic than the birth of a human being? - turn into a "club"? But then suddenly it struck me and I was like, "Wait a minute! I'm a fucking punk!" I've always felt like a freak, it's just that I had never a parent before. And I realized that these were the same dudes who used to say, "What's with your hair? Are you a fag?"."
Author: Ian Mackaye
15. "Don't get too hung up on working with any one person, because it's like a game of checkers where dudes are hopping over one another all the time, shouting, "King me, motherfucker!" It's checkers, yo. But with a lot of money at stake."
Author: Ice T
16. "—Constanza, ¿Qué quieres que haga para que olvides lo estúpido que he sido?—Nada. —Le dije tristemente mientras intentaba irme.—Tal vez esto… —Me acercó más a él, pegando mi cuerpo al suyo mientras me abrazaba con fuerza, inhalando lentamente mi aroma y besándome suavemente.—¿Puedes estar seguro de mi amor? —Pregunté después de recuperar el aliento.—Sí.—¿Cómo? —Porque te siento estremecer en mis brazos. —Susurró suavemente al oído—. Porque respondes a mí de la misma manera y con el mismo deseo.—Y porque eres el único en mi vida, no dudes que mi corazón y mi ser te pertenecen solo a ti, ya te lo he dicho."
Author: Itxa Bustillo
17. "Just in case you thought elephants were all sweetness, I can attest to the fact that this one had the time of her life scaring the bejeezus out of those dudes."
Author: James Patterson
18. "Gotta protect the little dudes. I tried an AK-47, but it wouldn't fit under my seat. I like the Uzi better, anyway. It looks better with the dress. The AK seems too casual to me"
Author: Janet Evanovich
19. "Look I have somewhere I have to be and I don't particularly love that I have to go, but you freaking out and making a scene is not going to do anything other than piss me off. I hope you had a good time last night and you can leave your number but we both know the chances of me calling you are slim to none. If you don't want to be treated like crap maybe you should stop going home with drunken dudes you don't know. Trust me we're really only after one thing and the next morning all we really want is for you to go quietly away. I have a headache and I feel like I'm going to hurl, plus I have to spend the next hour in a car with someone that will be silently loathing me and joyously plotting my death so really can we just save the histrionics and get a move on it?"
Author: Jay Crownover
20. "It reached a point where the paranoia was getting to me. Everywhere I looked, it seemed like people were hanging out, wanting to date, hooking up, wanting to hook up—it was relationships, relationships, relationships everywhere. Guys checking out girls, girls checking out guys. Dudes checking out dudes, chicks checking out chicks. Fuck! That's what being a teenager was all about."
Author: Jess C. Scott
21. "It happens when I get really excited. The more excited I get, the more I vibrate.""Now there's a thought," Lor says."If you mean what I think you mean, you want to shut the fuck up and never think it again," Ryodan says."Just saying, boss," Lor says. "You can't tell me you didn't think it, too."I never understand half of what these dudes are talking about and don't care. "You can touch me if you want to," I say to Lor magnanimously. I'm so pumped on adrenaline and excitement that I'm feeling downright sociable. I poke one of my shoulders toward him. "Check me out. It feels really cool."All heads swivel my way, then they look back at Ryodan."He doesn't own my fecking shoulder. Why you looking at him?"
Author: Karen Marie Moning
22. "I look at Ryodan and he looks at me and for a second I think we might both kill the kid. Ryodan's more stone-faced than usual, if that's possible without turning to concrete, and his fangs are out. I look down. Ryodan's sick is as big as mine. "Why the bloody hell don't you wear underwear?" To an Unseelie Prince an exposed male dick is a call to battle."They chafe. Too small and confining.""Fuck you," I say."Dudes. Get over yourselves," the kid says."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
23. "I'd turn and run but I'm anchored by two dudes that could hold the Titanic during a tsunami."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
24. "Oh God, we've become the dudes we used to make fun of, haven't we?"
Author: Katie Ashley
25. "It's the twenty-first century. Arriving to find a bunch of old dudes in brown robes would be equally weird."
Author: Kendare Blake
26. "I love creepy old dudes. I love that they have so much self-confidence, despite having no evidence whatsoever to back it up."
Author: Kesha
27. "Oberon perked up, "Awesome! I've never seen a base model elf before! But they come with bonus dudes?"
Author: Kevin Hearne
28. "Dudes know I'm not a threat. Chicks know I'm not a threat."
Author: Kevin Smith
29. "The homeless dudes on Alameda all have legs any runway model would kill for, and sometimes I think of giving them money, but— I don't know, I've got bills to not pay, and drinks to make people buy for me."
Author: Kris Kidd
30. "No es posible que todavía dudes de lo que siento por ti. ¿Quieres más pruebas?¿Acaso quieres que deje morir a Christian solo para demostrarte que me importas?¿Es eso lo que me estas pidiendo?¿Era eso lo que esperabas que hiciera cuando Asrhan me exigió que eligiese entre los dos?¿Es eso lo que aun no me has perdonado?"
Author: Laura Gallego García
31. "It never stopped, this running. We were constant prey, and the hunters soon became big blurs: the police, the gangs, the junkies, the dudes on Gaarvey Boulevard who took our money, all smudged into one. Sometimes they were teachers who jumped on us Mexicans as if we were born with a hiduous stain. we were always afraid. Always Running."
Author: Luis J. Rodríguez
32. "This dudes nuttier than squirrel shit." -Ty Henderson"
Author: Madeleine Urban
33. "Thank God I never got in a fight. All of the jock dudes hated me, but all of their girlfriends thought I was nice so they wouldn't touch me. It was infuriating to them."
Author: Mark Hoppus
34. "Metal is made up of many silly cliches, and Dio's songs rarely shied away from a good cheeseball lyric about medieval knights and crystal balls. But the amazing thing is, Dio the man never succumbed to the typical ravages of drugs, booze or hideous all-body tattoos. He never gained 75 pounds later in life or lost most of his voice through merciless shredding and ended it all playing county fairs for 19 drunk dudes in a barn before collapsing in a heap in a motel room in Jersey. There's a lesson in there somewhere. Or everywhere."
Author: Mark Morford
35. "Those dudes are hot," announced Tamara. Both Lor and Patrick shut up and turned to stare at her. Damian looked up and grinned wolfishly. My daughter's face went bright red. She drew the sheet over her head, muttering, "You can stake me now."
Author: Michele Bardsley
36. "And then she figures out something important: These people aren't looking at her. They're not even giving her a second glance. They're all looking at Raven. And it's not just a case of celebrity watching or something like that. All of these Raft dudes, these tough scary homeboys of the sea, are scared shitless of this guy. And she's on a date with him. And it's just started."
Author: Neal Stephenson
37. "Artists are very young, and say, Um, ok, to these industry dudes."
Author: Nikki Sixx
38. "Lot of ugly funny dudes end up with some pretty gorgeous women. Women are much deeper than us in choosing a mate - they see in the long term."
Author: Patton Oswalt
39. "I love these dudes, but I don't know what they're doing with all that facial hair these days. There's a lot of peach fuzz going on. They called me up to go to a Kanye West concert, and I was like 'hold on I'll call Kanye.' So I called him and they got into the show, and I called Kanye later and said, 'Yo did you see my dudes from Panic! at the show?' and he was like 'Nah they mst not have been dressed like they were from the 1700's'. But I back them. They have their own unique style, which is cool."
Author: Pete Wentz
40. "¿Extraño? No lo creo. Las coincidencias son los pequeños maravillosos misterios de la vida. No dudes de una coincidencia. Sólo disfrútala."
Author: Phoebe Stone
41. "I always give RZA that support as far as saying he brought Wu-Tang to the table. It was his philosophy. He picked certain dudes to be part of this group, and he said, 'This is what it's going to be called.'"
Author: Raekwon
42. "Real dudes never Chase, they just move on from the bad Phase & improvise themselves with more rigor & Pace, that's why they always win the Race!!!"
Author: Rahul Kumar Gola
43. "Your limits. You are small and alone. You need friends to protect you. Without them, you are unable to withstand me. I vowed not to possess you again, but I can still kill you." The armored dudes stepped forward. The points of their swords hovered a few inches from Leo's face. Leo's fear suddenly made way for a whole lot of anger. This eidolon in the wolf helmet had shamed him, controlled him, and made him attack New Rome. It had endangered his friends and botched their quest. Leo glanced at the dormant spheres on the worktables. He considered his tool belt. He thought about the loft behind him—the area that looked like a sound booth. Presto: Operation Junk Pile was born. "First: you don't know me," he told Wolf Head. "And second: Bye." He lunged for the stairs and bounded to"
Author: Rick Riordan
44. "Some dudes just know what they know, and they are fine with it. They might obsess with sex as much as you do, but never really explore some of the more advanced topics. These guys need their horizons expanded and you are just the girl to do it for him."
Author: Roberto Hogue
45. "This country was built on the backs of dudes who drank on buses. What we do honors them."
Author: Sam Lipsyte
46. "Nick scowled out the window. "I have friends in Exeter already. I have-those people, you know, they hang around outside the bike sheds, they're always hassling Jamie.""Those are some awesome dudes," Jamie muttered. "Don't let them get away."
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
47. "Nerd boy? Where he? (Biff)'Okay... sad that they couldn't even form a complete sentence. See what happens when you abuse steroids? Dudes should have read the warning label. First the penis shrinks, then the sentence structure deteriorates. Next thing you know, you're climbing to the top of the Empire State Building, swatting at planes with your over-sized fists.' (Nick)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
48. "This is a team of gay dudes, isn't it?"What gave it away? The pink shirts, or half our team drooling over you?"
Author: Simone Elkeles
49. "Everybody has forgotten about showmanship. People don't look like rock stars any more. They just look like regular dudes off the street."
Author: Vince Neil
50. "Duda que sean fuego las estrellas, duda que el sol se mueva, duda que la verdad sea mentira, pero no dudes jamás de que te amo."
Author: William Shakespeare

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