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1. "I was called 'Dumbo,' like the elephant, as a child because I couldn't understand things at school."
Author: Anthony Hopkins
2. "Dumbo... makes me cry. Every single time and in the exact same spot. I just have a special affection for Dumbo."
Author: Leonard Maltin
3. "I wish I was Dumbo the Octopus. Adapted to freezing deep-ocean temperatures, I'd flop around down there atpeace. The big concerns of my life would be what sort of bottom-coating slime to feed off of—that's not so different from now—plus I wouldn't haveany natural predators; then again, I don't have any now, and that hasn't done me a whole lot of good. But it suddenly makes sense: I'd like to beunder the sea, as an octopus."
Author: Ned Vizzini
4. "I wish he hadn't gone and cut his hair.He looks about eight years old.His ears have tripled in size.Everyone's started calling him Dumbo.Which wouldn't be so bad,except they've started calling meMrs. Dumbo.You can't even tellhe's got curly hair anymore.There's nothing leftto run my fingers through.Just this weirdblond AstroTurfsprouting out of his skull."
Author: Sonya Sones
5. "I'm often asked if I think the beginning writer of fiction can benefit from writing classes or seminars. The people who ask are, all too often, looking for a magic bullet or a secret ingredient or possibly Dumbo's magic feather, none of which can be found in classrooms or at writing retreats, no matter how enticing the brochures may be."
Author: Stephen King

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