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1. "One must remember that the Jews have one, tiny country, the only place they have the right and capability to defend themselves by themselves. And it is our duty and my responsibility to see that we will never compromise about that."
Author: Ariel Sharon
2. "It is a high patriotic duty that we support and sustain the men who have been placed in position of difficulty, burden, responsibility, and even danger as the result of our suffrages."
Author: Bainbridge Colby
3. "Well, you get my point: You've go one life with zero guarantees, so you do your best, adapt if possible, and keep on breathing. I recommend striving for happiness, but many opt for duty and responsibility. Mileage varies."
Author: Beth Harbison
4. "A life of hospitality begins in worship, with a recognition of God's grace and generosity. Hospitality is not first a duty and responsibility; it is first a response of love and gratitude for God's love and welcome to us."
Author: Christine Pohl
5. "When God put everybody here, I don't think that he had a master plan of a pecking order. That's not what you see in the Bible. I disagree with that notion, so in my estimation, we've all been put on this planet to share it. It is our duty and our obligation and our responsibility to make sure that we've done so in the proper fashion."
Author: Corey Feldman
6. "Islam expect every Muslim to do this duty, and if we realise our responsibility time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious past."
Author: Muhammad Ali Jinnah
7. "I'm a strange mixture of my mother's curiosity; my father, who grew up the son of the manse in a Presbyterian family, who had a tremendous sense of duty and responsibility; and my mother's father, who was always in trouble with gambling debts."
Author: Rupert Murdoch
8. "The duty of the media is to observe truth and social responsibility."
Author: Salva Kiir Mayardit
9. "Parker suspected that Jace had been born an adult. At nineteen he had a larger sense of duty and responsibility than ninety percent of the people Parker knew."
Author: Tami Hoag

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Quotes About Duty And Responsibility
Quotes About Duty And Responsibility
Quotes About Duty And Responsibility

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