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1. "Directing, editing, and everything about filmmaking has definitely changed me as an actor."
Author: James Franco
2. "Editing is where movies are made or broken. Many a film has been saved and many a film has been ruined in the editing room."
Author: Joe Dante
3. "I brought Yoko Ono to New York and gave her her first job there. I was editing a magazine called 'Film Culture.'"
Author: Jonas Mekas
4. "If I can have the opportunity to go into an editing room, it's like the golden ticket for me. All I want is to learn about everything else in the filmmaking process. I just directed a music video which just came out and that'd sort of be the area of the field that I'm going to move into, I hope."
Author: Nikki Reed
5. "Particularly in the final stages I always find that I'm rushed. It's dangerous when you're rushed in the editing stage, most of my early films are flawed in the cutting."
Author: Satyajit Ray
6. "A lot of young filmmakers bring their movies to my dad because he always gives lots of good editing ideas and notes. He'd be a good film professor."
Author: Sofia Coppola
7. "Editing is not a part of the filmmaking process I've ever been privy to as an actress."
Author: Vera Farmiga

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