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1. "The physical effects of alcohol are often one of the least rewarding parts of drinking for addicts."
Author: Charles Duhigg
2. "I think falling in love should come with a warning label: CAUTION—side effects may include breaking up, accompanied by heartache, severe mood swings, withdrawal from people and life itself, wasted hours obsessing over bitter reflections, a need to destroy something (preferably something expensive that shatters), uncontrollable tear ducts, stress, a loss of appetite (Cheetos and Dr. Pepper exempt), a bleak and narrow outlook on the future, and an overall hatred of everyone and everything (especially all the happy couples you see strolling hand-in-hand, placed on your path only to exacerbate your isolation and misery). All above reactions will be intensified with the consumption of one or more alcoholic beverages."
Author: Katie Kacvinsky
3. "I'm a big fan of the effects of alcohol."
Author: Peter Steele

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Quotes About Effects Of Alcohol
Quotes About Effects Of Alcohol
Quotes About Effects Of Alcohol

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