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1. "I'm the guy who happened to be home the night Kat came to steal a Monet."- Hale"
Author: Ally Carter
2. "Shh!" the guy beside me hissed again."Blame him," I told the guy, pointing at Patch. The guy craned his neck back. "Listen," he said, facing me again. "If you don't quiet down, I'll get security.""Fine, go get security. Tell them to take him away," I said, again signaling Patch. "Tell them he wants to kill me.""I want to kill you," hissed the guy's girlfriend,"
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
3. "It is frustrating when in an interview people say: 'Give us your make-up tips' and 'How do you stay skinny?' I think: 'Do you ask a guy that?'"
Author: Emily Browning
4. "As a director, you can't stop a guy if he thinks something's hysterical, because if you do, then he'll get depressed because he thinks he didn't come up with a good joke. So if a guy's going on some run and it's killing him, and he thinks it's hilarious, you gotta do enough so that he thinks you can use it in the movie."
Author: Evan Goldberg
5. "I think my wife saw a picture of the rock group Journey, and they're kind of aging, and the one guy had dyed blonde hair with black roots, and... my idea was to get a little earring, I wanted to have a dangling earring."
Author: Fred Willard
6. "It's chemical, fancying him is purely chemical. It's intoxicating - the frisson, the attraction - it's intoxicating because it's purely chemical. But you'll just have to remember the wedding ring - divorcees don't wear wedding rings. This guy has his own Vita at home. You're his potential Suzie. Is that who you want to be? Do you want the next man in your life to have Tim's principles?"
Author: Freya North
7. "Dangerous as a lightning strike, as lethal as a pair of crisscrossing short swords, William whispered, "You're about to find out how your liver tastes, my friend.""I have tasted it already," Zacharel said, his voice its usual monotone. The snowflakes began to fall in earnest, tiny at first, but growing in diameter. An arctic wind blustered around him. "It was a bit salty."How the hell was a guy supposed to respond to that?Apparently William didn't know, either, because he gaped at the angel. Then, "Maybe if you added a little pepper?"O-kay. It was official. William had an answer for everything."
Author: Gena Showalter
8. "Why did the warrior cross the road? [Koldo]That's easy. To kill the guy on the other side. [Nicola]A bud of amusement had her smiling.Knock, knock. [Koldo]Who's there? [Nicola]Donut.Donut who?Donut run from me, puny girl."
Author: Gena Showalter
9. "It's their story, and I got to be the guy in the back while they were in the foreground."
Author: Geoffrey Rush
10. "I'm OK with being the Old Spice Guy because before I was the Old Spice Guy I was the guy looking for work on his couch."
Author: Isaiah Mustafa
11. "The Guy Morrow was about as sensitive as a goddam toilet seat"
Author: J.D. Salinger
12. "As a dad, you are Vice President. You are part of the Executive Branch of the family, but you are the partner with the weaker authority. In your children's eyes, you mostly fulfill a ceremonial role of attending pageants and ordering pizza. I'm never the first choice. My kids don't even mask it, which I respect them for. "Let's see, the crabby guy with the scratchy beard or that warm soft lady that tells us stories for eight hours?" It's not even close."
Author: Jim Gaffigan
13. "Renee: "You know what I did when I finished Moby Dick?"David: "You harpooned the guy that sold you the book?"
Author: John C. Stipa
14. "I like a lot of talk in a book and I don't like to have nobody tell me what the guy that's talking looks like. I want to figure out what he looks like from the way he talks"
Author: John Steinbeck
15. "Is that your subtle way of saying you missed me last week?""I've missed my hot chocolate. I just think of you as the guy who brings it to me. Sometimes I forget your name and call you hot chocolate guy."
Author: Kasie West
16. "Mr Rutger cornet de Groot. Never read any American poetry or any other foreign poetry, which is why he always mentions 2 poets as a reffering point, either Lucebert or Tonnus Oosterhoff. The guy started reading when he was 48 years old with a few library books and was turned instantly in one of the most important critics hired by the fund of literature. Oh well."
Author: Martinus Hendrikus Benders
17. "Chandler's the guy everybody thinks will do well with women, but he thinks too much and says the wrong thing."
Author: Matthew Perry
18. "Or maybe go sci-fi. You sorta look like that guy who roamed outer space everybody's so crazy about." "Malcolm Reynolds?" asked Rook."
Author: Richard Castle
19. "She wished he weren't so damned fit. Running away was a lot harder when the guy you were fleeing kept in such an excellent shape. -Cath Talarico"
Author: Ruthie Knox
20. "It's not always so simple, Haven. Sometimes there isn't a good guy and a bad guy. Sometimes even the ones you want to believe turn out to be liars."
Author: Sarah Dessen
21. "I don't think a guy that really has no understanding about people, or has no interest in understanding people would make a good film composer."
Author: Stanley Clarke
22. "(Talks about a school production) 'There was one solo; but it was a guy. It was this character called 'Freddy Fast Talk' and it was the bad guy. I didn't care, I was like I will dress up like a guy, I want to sing that song. And so I remembered we drew on eyebrows, and I had like a moustache,and we put all my hair up in this hat. So I dressed like a guy and sang the solo."
Author: Taylor Swift
23. "This was maybe the first time she'd done it when she'd felt the true intimacy of it. The first time she'd done it because she wanted to express her feelings for a guy in some new way she hadn't before. The first time it meant something.The fact was, sex with a man she cared for was making all other sex pale in comparison. No wonder sex with Mike had been the best of her life from the very start—caring for him had been…destiny.Destiny in Destiny."
Author: Toni Blake
24. "Apparently Big Guy has become the new Voldemort, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."
Author: Victoria Scott

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