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1. "Simplicity = Beauty (how things look) + Elegance (how things work)"
2. "It's a new town. The old elegance is gone. It used to be one big family, this industry."
Author: Cesar Romero
3. "I'm somewhat socially inept. Slide me between two strangers at any light-hearted jamboree and I'll either rock awkwardly and silently on my heels, or come out with a stone-cold conversation-killer like, "This room's quite rectangular, isn't it?" I glide through the social whirl with all the elegance of a dog in high heels"
Author: Charlie Brooker
4. "The way in which mathematicians and physicists and historians talk is quite different, and what a physicist means by physical intuition and what a mathematician means by beauty or elegance are things worth thinking about."
Author: Clifford Geertz
5. "Some people's elegance was only skin-deep, scrape off a little bit of the veneer and you got the real wood—common"
Author: D.E. Stevenson
6. "Reading for me will be a combination of books, magazines, Tumblr and just kind of the Web in general on the iPad."
Author: David Karp
7. "The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it."
Author: Diana Vreeland
8. "I love 'Chaplin'; I mean I really love 'Chaplin.' I just think there's a grace and an elegance that's almost never been matched."
Author: Gary Ross
9. "Her religion--perhaps, Alwyn thought, American Christianity as a whole--was a religion of ideal prose; all the beauty it had was the elegance of a perfect law, a Napoleonic code. It deified Jesus, but deified Him as a social leader and teacher martyred for His virtue, a compassionate attorney at the right hand of God the judge, and a fulfillment of the half-political prophecies of the Old Testament--whose jurisprudence of hygiene, family relations, patriotism, and commerce, its morality resembled."
Author: Glenway Wescott
10. "I admire those people who hold on to their elegance in old age but I'd rather have fun."
Author: Heather Graham
11. "I know that Brighton is famously a mixture of the seedy and the elegant, but in the summer of 2001 seediness swamped elegance hands down."
Author: Julie Burchill
12. "Vasily chortled. "What a diplomat you've become! You've a most refreshing way about you. Given time, I have no doubt that, despite your humble antecedents, you will learn to conduct yourself with the restraint and elegance of a noblewoman.""You mean I'll learn to shut up?"
Author: Leigh Bardugo
13. "Menshn is a play on the word mention, and in the U.S. that's how it'll be perceived. Like Tumblr or Flickr. People in the U.K. thought that I'd named it after myself."
Author: Louise Mensch
14. "If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor."
Author: Ludwig Boltzmann
15. "Don't get me wrong, I admire elegance and have an appreciation of the finer things in life. But to me, beauty lies in simplicity."
Author: Mark Hyman
16. "The elegance of honesty needs no adornment."
Author: Mary Browne
17. "Percy and BooksPercy does not like it when I read a book.He puts his face over the top of it, and moans.He rolls his eyes, sometimes he sneezes.The sun is up, he says, and the wind is down.The tide is out, and the neighbor's dogs are playing.But Percy, I say, Ideas! The elegance of language!The insights, the funniness, the beautiful storiesthat rise and fall and turn into strength, or courage.Books? says Percy. I ate one once, and it was enough. Let's go."
Author: Mary Oliver
18. "The gracefulness of the slender fishing boats that glided into the harbor in Dakar was equaled only by the elegance of the Senegalese women who sailed through the city in flowing robes and turbaned heads. I wandered through the nearby marketplace, intoxicated by the exotic spices and perfumes. The Senegalese are a handsome people and I enjoyed the brief time that Oliver and I spent in their country. The society showed how disparate elements-- French, Islamic, and African-- can mingle to create a unique and distinctive culture."
Author: Nelson Mandela
19. "I felt that the elegance of pop music was that it was reflective: we were holding up a mirror to our audience and reflecting them philosophically and spiritually, rather than just reflecting society or something called 'rock and roll.'"
Author: Pete Townshend
20. "Most, I loved James Baldwin's essays. There was to a Baldwin essay a metropolitan elegance I envied, a refusal of the livid. In Baldwin I found a readiness to rise to prophetic wrath, something like those ministers, and yet, once more, to bend down in tenderness, to call grown men and women "baby" (a whiff of the theater). Watching Baldwin on television—I will always consider the fifties to have been a sophisticated time—fixed for me what being a writer must mean. Arching eyebrows intercepted ironies, parenthetically declared fouls; mouthfuls of cigarette smoke shot forth ribbons of exactitude."
Author: Richard Rodriguez
21. "I love unique things that not everyone has. I believe its all about how you wear an outfit, not how much it costs or where it's from. Elegance is the key."
Author: Sasha Jackson
22. "I have found my star. She is beauty and grace. Elegance and goodness. My laughter in winter. She is courageous and strong. Bold and tempting. Unlike any other in all the universe, and I cannot touch her. I dare not even try." [Zarek]"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
23. "It made it clear to me that Gates was not the kind of person that would understand or appreciate the elegance of a Macintosh."
Author: Walter Isaacson
24. "We must never confuse elegance with snobbery."
Author: Yves Saint Laurent
25. "Isn't elegance forgetting what one is wearing?"
Author: Yves Saint Laurent

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