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1. "No", she wanted to say. " I don't want you to care for me, I want to be with my husband." But nothing came out. She turned beseeching her eyes to Darcy and she saw him as if from a great distance, through a distorting glass, but his words were firm and clear. "She has no taste for your company," he said."No?" said the gentleman. "But I have a taste for her."Hers, thought Elizabeth. He should have said hers."Let her go," said Darcy warningly."Why should I?" asked the gentleman."Because she is mine," said Darcy.The gentleman turned his full attention toward Darcy and Elizabeth followed his eyes.And then she saw something that made her heart thump against her rib cage and her mind collapse as she witnessed something so shocking and so terrifying that the ground came up to meet her as everything went black."
Author: Amanda Grange
2. "How she wished she had Elizabeth to herself for a little so they could discuss what Henry's real intentions were and also how high and mighty Penelope had acted at lunch and what a tremendous insult it was that she'd come at all and did anyone really think she was beautiful with those oversize features anyway."
Author: Anna Godbersen
3. "Nu exista decât o singura regula de care trebuie sa ?ii seama: sa râzi de toate ?i sa nu-?i pese de nimeni! Pare egoist, dar, în realitate, asta e singurul remediu pentru cei care-?i plâng singuri de mila."
Author: Anne Frank
4. "Benjamin je promatrao Elizabeth kako hoda. Nije ju poznavao onoliko dobro koliko je htio, ali imao je dojam da mu je dopustila da ude u njezin život više nego ostalima. I on je ucinio isto. Razgovarali su dovoljno puta da vidi koliko su slicni. Gledao ju je kako se razvija i mijenja i sad se napokon smirila. Zurio je u krajolik kojem se Elizabeth tako dugo divila i prvi put u godinu dana koliko je tu, otvorio je oci i uistinu ga doživio."
Author: Cecelia Ahern
5. "What are you working on?" Elizabeth asked. Nate could hear her tapping a pencil on her desk. She took notes during their conversations. He didn't know what she did with the notes, but it bothered him."I have a lecture at the sanctuary in four days." Why, why had he told her? Why? Now she'd rattle down the mountain in her ancient Mercedes that looked like a Nazi staff car, sit in the audience, and ask all the questions that she knew in advance he couldn't answer."
Author: Christopher Moore
6. "I guess I was inching and crawling my way toward Elizabeth Bennett's words about unconditional love. That it was a dangerous thing without heavy doses of mutual respect."
Author: Deb Caletti
7. "She used to write all the time,' Elizabeth explained, 'before she lost all that weight. Remember? When she was the butt of everyone's jokes instead of the girl all the boys want to date?"
Author: Francine Pascal
8. "The advent of electronically synthesized sound after World War II has unquestionably had enormous influence on music in general."
Author: George Crumb
9. "Australians are coffee snobs. An influx of Italian immigrants after World War II ensured that - we probably had the word 'cappuccino' about 20 years before America. Cafe culture is really big for Aussies. We like to work hard, but we take our leisure time seriously."
Author: Hugh Jackman
10. "Mr. Darcy began to feel the danger of paying Elizabeth too much attention."
Author: Jane Austen
11. "Mr. Wickham was the happy man towards whom almost every female eye was turned, and Elizabeth was the happy woman by whom he finally seated himself"
Author: Jane Austen
12. "Somebody is going to have to do fancy footwork to make sure Elizabeth and John Edwards get their prime-time shot ."
Author: Jeff Greenfield
13. "General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the global media to film the unspeakable hell of the Holocaust. General Eisenhower feared there would come a day when there would be "Holocaust deniers" who would declare it never happened.5 Today, Iran's radical Islamic leaders, who have promised to wipe the Jews off the face of the map, are indeed Holocaust deniers.6 Sadly, their venom is gathering international support. From the tears and tragedy of World War II came the rebirth of the State of Israel in May"
Author: John Hagee
14. "For himself Ian would have calmly and unhesitatingly told society to go to hell, but they'd already put Elizabeth through hell, and he wanted somehow to make it right for her again."
Author: Judith McNaught
15. "But you have told me," Elizabeth protested, "time and again, that the hallmark of civilization is routine."Lady D shrugged and made a fussy little chirping sound. "A lady cannot take it upon herself to occasionally change her routine? All routines need periodic readjustment."
Author: Julia Quinn
16. "Regele Carol II a avut, aproape în egala masura, mari calita?i ?i mari defecte. Motive pentru a fi admirat ?i hulit. Din pacate, domnia i s-a sfâr?it prost, în condi?ii tragice pentru ?ara, a?a ca imaginea lui în posteritate a ramas mai curând defavorabila."
Author: Lucian Boia
17. "Finally, Elizabeth understood that she had been orphaned not once but twice when her mother passed away. She lost her father as surely as her mother on the day of her birth. All those years, she idealized the earl's devotion to her mother's memory and ignored the price she herself paid. She grew up a lonely child, envying a beloved spectral being and wishing someday for an undying, perfect love of her own in compensation.   Her next thought stunned her: she would never wish that childhood on any child of hers."
Author: Miranda Davis
18. "Intimitatea mea cu celalalt corp al meu este permanenta, când dorm stiu si în vis ca e lânga mine, dar în orele de dragoste fizica ea devine totala. Atunci nu mai disting privirea de atingere, tandretea de violenta, fericirea de suferinta. Numai pe ea o vreau pentru ca numai pe ea o cunosc. Ii privesc, între coapse, «fluturele cu aripi lipite somnoros» si stiu ca e, cu adevarat, cel mai frumos lucru pe care l-as putea vedea si atinge vreodata. Ajungi cu adevarat la maturitate sexuala doar atunci când începi sa traiesti un ciudat solipsism în doi care te face sa spui: «în tot universul nu exista decât doua fiinte care fac cu adevarat dragoste: eu si iubita mea.»"
Author: Mircea Cărtărescu
19. "And how do you propose we sort this out?" His voice was wonderfully hoarse.She smiled, a devilish glint in her eyes. "Oh, I'm sure we can figure something out." Her gaze dropped to the hefty bulge in his pants.Dear God.Her mouth suddenly went dry. Her bravado faltered. She wasn't nearlyas confident as she pretended.Unconsciously, she licked her bottom lip. If possible, the prodigiousbulge seemed to grow a little bigger. He appeared to be in a great deal ofpain, but Elizabeth was discovering that she had a rather ruthless streakwhen it came to this man.She approached him slowly,"
Author: Monica McCarty
20. "This could be a dream,' Phase II said, 'Not one that wakes you up in a panic, but one that makes you never want to wake up at all"
Author: Pauline Fisk
21. "I am glad you like what I said of Mrs. Elizabeth Fry (prison and mental hospital reformer). She is very unpopular with the clergy; examples of living, active virtue disturb our repose and give one to distressing comparisons; we long to burn her alive."
Author: Sydney Smith

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