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1. "Luke, I don't want to discourage your curiosity, but I have to remind you, if something goes wrong, this is an exceptionally embarassing way to die."Mara"
Author: Aaron Allston
2. "American religion is conspicuous for its messianically pretentious energy, its embarassingly banal prose, and its impatiently hustling ambition."
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
3. "On the plus side, if he ever had to fight through a roomful of adolescent girls, he only needed to blink (his velvet brown eyes framed in embarassingly long lashes) a few times, and they would all faint."
Author: Ilona Andrews
4. "You," Madeline said, her voice hollow and wheezing, "are like a bad case of herpes, wizard. You're inconvenient, embarassing, no real threat, and you simply will not go away."
Author: Jim Butcher
5. "This is all so CHILDISH PATHETIC. YOU'RE EMBARASSING. GET OVER IT GET OVER IT GET OVER IT. But he did not quite know what "it" was."
Author: John Green
6. "It isn't wise to be rude to one's mother. She knows everything about your childhood that is potentially embarassing."
Author: Mercedes Lackey
7. "When you are mocking somebody, you are just trying to get rid of something embarassing within you that makes you doing so."
Author: Toba Beta

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Quotes About Embarassing
Quotes About Embarassing
Quotes About Embarassing

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