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51. "Hey now, it issthhhh new technology. Dustin: "The dentissthh says all my teethtths will ssseparate if I don't keep it in."Jenna: "But our eyes could separate if you don't take it out—"
Author: Anne Eliot
52. "But the truth was that I didn't want to stay in Riley. The pulls of familial love and obligation could not, for the moment, compete with the promise of early-relationship sex. Starlight and beer and our twisting, naked bodies--that was what I wanted, not a seat at a dining room table with two old women eating breaded veal cutlets and Vienna torte."
Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
53. "Even in dying, a Thennanin ship was reputed to be not worth putting out of its misery. In battle they were slow, unmaneuverable—and as hard to disable permanently as a cockroach."
Author: David Brin
54. "Das Fegen der Wandelgänge ist eine lästige Angelegenheit an diesem Nachmittag: Kaum sind die Blätter und Piniennadeln zusammengekehrt, bläst der Wind den Haufen davon. Wolken ziehen über dem Kahlen Gipfel auf und verschütten eisigen Nieselregen."
Author: David Mitchell
55. "Concept to the Moriori as the telescope is to the Pygmy. Peace, not a hiatus betwixt wars but millennia of imperishable peace, rules these far-flung islands. Who can deny Old Rekohu lay closer to More's Utopia than our States of Progress governed by war-hungry princelings in Versailles & Vienna, Washington & Westminster? "Here," declaimed Mr."
Author: David Mitchell
56. "Poem to My Sex at Fifty-OneWhen I wash myself in the showerand afterward, as I am dryingwith the terrycloth towel,I love the feelof my vulva, the plump outer lipsand the neat inner onesthat fit together trimlyas hands in prayer. I liketo feel the slick crevice and the slightswelling that beginswith just this casual handling.So eager, willing as a puppy. When I was young I couldnot have imagined thisas I looked at women like me,my waist thickened like pudding,my rear end that once rode highas a kite, now hanging like asweater left out in the rain,skin drooping, not just the dewlapsor pennants that flutterunder the arms, but all over,loosening from the bone like boiledchicken. And it will onlyget worse. But that fleshyplum is always cheerful. And new.A taut globe shiningin an old fruit tree."
Author: Ellen Bass
57. "For my Vienna is as different from what they call Vienna now as the quick is different from the dead."
Author: Erich Von Stroheim
58. "Det finns en sak som förvånar mig mer än den dumhet med vilken de flesta människor framlever sina liv: det är den intelligens som finns i denna dumhet."
Author: Fernando Pessoa
59. "Az a hamutömeg, ami a szíve volt, s amely a mindennapos valóság legkeményebb csapásait is állta, a sajdító emlékezés elso fuvallatára összeomlott. A szomorúság kényszere mindinkább szenvedélyévé vált, ahogy lassan orölték az évek. A magány emberivé tette."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
60. "How long since you had sex?" Aeron asked his friend. Another moan. "Two—three days." Paris wiped his mouth with the back of his wrist. Which meant Paris hadn?t had a female since before their return. But Aeron knew Lucien had flashed the warrior into town every night they?d spent in the desert for just that reason. Had the warrior had trouble finding a willing partner? "Let me take you into town. You can—" "No. Only want Sienna. My female. Mine."
Author: Gena Showalter
61. "Well I live in Vienna with my wife and son, and I teach in Hamburg, there will be no changes in that respect."
Author: Gyorgy Ligeti
62. "My idea was to go to Vienna to study conducting and perhaps play in an orchestra first, so I thought before I got to Vienna I could do with a little training in Paris."
Author: Harry Mathews
63. "Aggrottai la fronte e accennai un sorriso. «Vuoi scommettere?» (sig.ra Maddox)"
Author: Jamie McGuire
64. "What if those weren't ear hairs, but cockroach antennas, and that's why your grandpa loves listening to political rhetoric so much?"
Author: Jarod Kintz
65. "Soha nem érezzük úgy, hogy itt a megfelelo pillanat; mindig úgy gondoljuk, hogy ami az ínyünkre van vagy felvidít, amitol megkönnyebbülünk, vagy ami segít rajtunk és elorevisz a mindennapokban, egy kicsit tovább is tarthatott volna: még egy évig, még néhány hónapig, még néhány hétig vagy még néhány óráig; mindig túl korainak érezzük, ha valakinek vagy valaminek vége, sosem tartjuk megfelelonek a pillanatot […]"
Author: Javier Marías
66. "That was the awakening, really; it dawned on me that this wasn't really very fair on anyone. On her. On me. On Sienna. But I wasn't willing to change anything, either. I was fiercely protective of my friendship with Sienna. I had fought for it, against my true feelings, for years. I had battled so hard to suppress my feelings, and succeeded. I could never let her go."
Author: Jessica Thompson
67. "We should have won the pennant that year. It was the best club I was ever on."
Author: Jimmy Piersall
68. "But when Christopher mentioned that he and Talbott had been trying to package post-Cold War policy in a single phrase, Kennan said they shouldn't. "Containment" had been a misleading oversimplification; strategy could not be made to fit a "bumper sticker." The president laughed when Talbott told him what had happened: "that's why Kennan's a great diplomat and scholar but not a politician."
Author: John Lewis Gaddis
69. "Jenna." Brock stroked the underside of her chin very gently, lifting her face up toward his. "Would it be all right if I kissed you?"
Author: Lara Adrian
70. "Without moving her head, she turned her dark eyes toward me and answered, "Jenna, you are different from all the others who seek me. You come to me with an unselfish heart." She paused and turned her head to match her eyes. "You seek to save someone and give up your own happiness in return."Save someone and give up my own happiness in return,I repeated again in my head, trying to understand what she meant."Ah, Jenna," she continued. "Don't let your mind worry you. Not everyone has happy endings."
Author: Laura Burks
71. "It's complicated," I said in defense, hands going up to show surrender."Talk slowly," Jenna retorted derisively."Okay, I deserved that," I admitted."
Author: Laura Kreitzer
72. "May the next man in McKenna's life be one of those heroes in a romance novel - rich, good-looking and perfect in every way."
Author: Lauren Blakely
73. "Nobody ever won a pennant without a star shortstop."
Author: Leo Durocher
74. "McKenna will always be a part of me, no matter where he goes. They say that people who've lost a limb sometimes feel as if they still have it. How many times I've felt that McKenna was still here, and the empty space beside me was alive with his presence." She closed her eyes and leaned forward until her forehead and the tip of her nose touched the cool glass. "I love him beyond reason," she whispered. "He's a stranger to me now, and yet he is still so familiar. I can't imagine a sweeter agony, having him so close."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
75. "It was likely that no one had been surprised, however, as it was clear that Aline and Mckenna belonged together. There was something invisible and yet irrefutable that made them a couple. Perhaps it was the way both of them stole quick glances at each other when one though the other wasn't looking... glances of wonder and hunger."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
76. "Mrs March knew that experience was an excellent teacher, and, when it was possible, she left her children to learn alone the lessons which she would gladly have made easier, if they had not objected to taking advice as much as they did salts and senna.*"
Author: Louisa May Alcott
77. "Or maybe I'm a masochist and I like girls who are as annoying as hell! Don't try to analyze me, Jenna. I am what I am."
Author: Mary E. Pearson
78. "Jenna reached over and held one of my hands, Kara held the other, and I felt like the universe was holding us all.For that night, maybe just for that magic moment, it all seemed to make so much sense, like the thousand puzzle pieces of my life were all in place and I knew the How and Why of all things. It was one of those moments that I was sure would stay impressed on me forever because it was real and true. It was as tangible as the blanket beneath me. I felt lik I had touched something, something as big as the universe, and it had touched me back. I didn't know that even a big moment like that could be snuffed out in a matter of days by packing to go home, by the wrong teacher on the wrong school schedule, or by my uncle getting his brains blown out at a traffic stop.But all that just made Kara and Jenna brighter stars in my sky. I had no way of knowing that, in a matter of weeks, even those stars would be snuffed out."
Author: Mary E. Pearson
79. "Sienna's voice has been known to cut through solid steel."
Author: Melissa Jensen
80. "It was only nine o'clock, and I was already exhausted.The first half of the day with Bridezilla hadn't helped, but bu two, I think Nonna had slipped her a Xanax (who knows where she got it,although I suspect collusion with Sam Nguyen), and by the time we climbed into the limo at three, Sienna was channeling Grace Kelly in a big way.The mass was fine, if you like that kinda thing. The photo session was a nightmare, since the flower girl and rng bearer kept kicking each other with their new, hard shoes, and the photographer didn't quite get that, no, I wasn't going to push my hair back so we could see my pretty face, so get over it."
Author: Melissa Jensen
81. "You sure got a quick trigger, Sienna," he teased..."
Author: Nalini Singh
82. "That works fine for me . . . Sienna Lauren Snow."
Author: Nalini Singh
83. "Then I almost pity Judd." Leaning in, she whispered, "Make him uncomfortable. Don't take no for an answer. Push. Push him until he loses control. Remember, fire melts ice." Brenna looked into those eerie night-sky eyes as Faith drew back. "Could be a dangerous game." "You don't seem to be the kind of woman content with safe and easy." "No." She also wasn't the kind of woman who gave up at the first obstacle. Judd might be categorically Psy, but she was a SnowDancer."
Author: Nalini Singh
84. "He and Brenna were different in one crucial respect, a difference they had both gone to great lengths to avoid discussing - the lack of a mating bond between them.He was a psychic being. He would have seen it had it been present in any form. That it wasn't, was a sign that though they might be drawn to each other, they weren't made to fit. He didn't give a damn. He was keeping her."
Author: Nalini Singh
85. "I actually speak fluent German. And I live in Vienna, and I'm married to a Viennese woman."
Author: Peter Morgan
86. "They have statues," Jenna said. "In a hallway." Sure enough, two bronze statues of veiled women guarded the massive staircase, where even more people were now lining up. They were all wearing black uniforms, and had nearly identical smiles plastered on their faces."What are those people doing?" Jenna whispered to me."I don't know," I replied through a frozen grin, "but I'm afraid a musical number might be involved.""This is our household staff," Dad said, sweeping his arm toward the group. "Anything you need, they'll be happy to help you with.""Oh," I said weakly, feeling like my voice echoed in the cavernous room. "Great."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
87. "Cal, Archer, Jenna and I managed to achieve something truly impressive: the *four-way* glance."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
88. "Jenna and I had spent one very boring Magical Evolution class speculating on what her e-mail address might be. Jenna thought it was probably something dull, like just her name, but my personal vote (and a ten-dollar bet) was for I guess now I could find out."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
89. "In writing the short novel Fahrenheit 451 I thought I was describing a world that might evolve in four or five decades. But only a few weeks ago, in Beverly Hills one night, a husband and wife passed me, walking their dog. I stood staring after them, absolutely stunned. The woman held in one hand a small cigarette-package-sized radio, its antenna quivering. From this sprang tiny copper wires which ended in a dainty cone plugged into her right ear. There she was, oblivious to man and dog, listening to far winds and whispers and soap-opera cries, sleep-walking, helped up and down curbs by a husband who might just as well not have been there. This was not fiction."
Author: Ray Bradbury
90. "Griffin: "Dude! You get to film-fuck Sienna Sexton! High five!"
Author: S.C. Stephens
91. "There was a present on the front seat of Ethan's car, a Gap box tied with a white ribbon. "Happy birthday, Jenna," Ethan said, leaning over to kiss me, his lips cool from the iced chai he stopped for every morning. I opened the box and pulled out an orange sweater with a cream-colored stripe down the arms."Thank you. I love it.""I know," he said, pulling away from the curb. "That's what you said when you handed it to me at the store and told me to get it for your birthday.""I'm sorry," I said, holding the sweater in my lap. I knew he was just teasing, but I wanted to be the kind of person who could enjoy surprises. I wanted to be as spontaneous and free as everyone else seemed to be and not feel all the time like if I didn't follow some kind of specific map of daily life, disaster would be right there waiting. "I just...really liked it.""And wanted to make sure you got it," he said, smiling. "So basically you're greedy.""Basically."
Author: Sara Zarr
92. "I shrug and smile amiably the way you do when you're in a foreign country and have no idea what anyone is saying, so you end up grinning and nodding your way into a three-way with a henna vendor and a camel."
Author: Sarah Bird
93. "Enna leaned back her head and laughed at the sky. 'Of course he wasn't! Who could kill Razo?"
Author: Shannon Hale
94. "Finn, do you see the lias—whatever, the orange-haired girl?" Razo Gestured ahead. "Do you think she's pretty?"Finn glanced Dasha's way, then returned his attention ot his horse. "She's all right.""Really? Just all right?"Finn shrugged.Razo rolled his eyes. "What am I saying? He doesn't think any girl is pretty but Enna.""Are there any girls but Enna?" Finn called back."There'd better be."
Author: Shannon Hale
95. "I heard a tale once,' said Isi, 'of the gifts of language. Do you know it? How in faraway places, there are people who can speak with birds or horses or rain, and some when they speak to other people have the unnatural power to persuade, their every word a kind of magic? Once in Ingridan I heard Sileph speak and wondered if he had not just walked out of that old tale.' Enna's skin tingled with an icy chill. Isi was trying to tell her something - Sileph had the gift of people-speaking. A dangerous gift, Isi had said once. When one with this gift speaks, it's not easy to resist the power of their persuasion. It's difficult not to adore them."
Author: Shannon Hale
96. "Am I the moss on your bark, then?" Ani asked.Enna grabbed her around the waist and shook her affectionately. "You're the mossiest girl I know."
Author: Shannon Hale
97. "Yes, Jenna, I love you with all my heart. And with my atoms and molecules and electrons and whatever further breakdown you require."
Author: Sharon Shinn
98. "I don't believe a manager ever won a pennant. Casey Stengel won all those pennants with the Yankees. How many did he win with the Boston Braves and Mets?"
Author: Sparky Anderson
99. "Round 5: Telling him I felt bad about the puppy-shirt thing, I told him we could go pick out a dog at the pound now that we had a yard for it. Instead, I took him to the dentist. Winner: Bear "Rock Star" McKenna."
Author: T.J. Klune
100. "Le parole sono anche molto democratiche; pensano che una parola sia buona come un'altra; che le parole rozze valgano quanto quelle educate; che quelle incolte siano uguali a quelle colte, non esistono classi o titoli di merito nella loro società. E non amano essere sollevate in punta di penna ed esaminate una per una. Restano sempre unite in frasi, in paragrafi, e a volte per intere pagine di fila. Odiano essere utili; odiano dover far soldi; odiano andare in giro a tenere conferenze. In breve, odiano qualsiasi cosa che imponga loro un unico significato, o che le immobilizzi in un'unica posa, perché cambiare fa parte della loro natura."
Author: Virginia Woolf

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