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1. "However, if we examine the Canadian scene closely enough, we can see signs of this physical and spiritual rot settling into a number of our Canadian urban centres with a troubling spill-over into many of our more rural areas."
Author: Alex Campbell
2. "El 326 tenía por delante menos futuro que María Antonieta la mañana que le cortaron el pelo en la Conciergerie."
Author: Arturo Pérez Reverte
3. "If I kept trying to be what everybody wanted, I'd soon be insipid enough to fit in everywhere."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
4. "Eudora Welty's 'A Curtain of Green' had an enormous effect on me. But my early attempts to graft stories from the Deep South onto North of England provincialism were not successful. All were rejected."
Author: Barry Unsworth
5. "The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough."
Author: Bede Jarrett
6. "I've always had just enough success to buy me some more tour dates and another record."
Author: Blake Shelton
7. "Being nice doesn't make you stupid. It makes you feel good because you know you are gracious enough to forgive and smart enough to realize how distasteful some people can be."
Author: C.S. Lewis
8. "Is that deathstalking menow?no, it's only my cat,thistime."
Author: Charles Bukowski
9. "I'm angry enough to set fire to a house just by looking at it...I'm angry enough, at last, to stop being afraid of life, and angry enough...before I die to fucking well live."
Author: Claire Messud The Woman Upstairs
10. "«El género no importa si el libro es bueno, ¿verdad?». Creo que con esa contestación he sellado nuestra alianza."
Author: Colleen Hoover
11. "... one of those librarians who rules the stacks with an intimidating scowl, whispers quiet sharply enough to lacerate the tender inner tissues of the ear, and will pursue an overdue-book fine with the ferocity of a rabid ferret."
Author: Dean Koontz
12. "I could feel the hair rising on my forearms, as though with cold, and rubbed them uneasily. Two hundred years. From 1945 to 1743; yes, near enough. And women who traveled through the rocks. Was it always women? I wondered suddenly."
Author: Diana Gabaldon
13. "We can never be born enough."
Author: E.E. Cummings
14. "Even as we grew up, my mother could not help imposing herself between her children and whatever it was they might take it in mind to reach out for in the world. For she would get it for them, if it was good enough for them--she would have to be very sure--and give it to them, at whatever cost to herself: valiance was in her very fibre. She stood always prepared in herself to challenge the world in our place. She did indeed tend to make the world look dangerous, and so it had been to her. A way had to be found around her love sometimes, without challenging that, and at the same time cherishing it in its unassailable strength. Each of us children did, sooner or later, in part at least, solve this in a different, respectful, complicated way."
Author: Eudora Welty
15. "When you will not fly into a passion people know you are stronger than they are, because you are strong enough to hold in your rage, and they are not, and they say stupid things they wish they hadn't said afterward. There's nothing so strong as rage, except what makes you hold it in--that's stronger. It's a good thing not to answer your enemies."
Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
16. "In poor Rosamond's mind there was not room enough for luxuries to look small in."
Author: George Eliot
17. "Your head's like mine, like all our heads; big enough to contain every god and devil there ever was. Big enough to hold the weight of oceans and the turning stars. Whole universes fit in there! But what do we choose to keep in this miraculous cabinet? Little broken things, sad trinkets that we play with over and over. The world turns our key and we play the same little tune again and again and we think that tune's all we are."
Author: Grant Morrison
18. "El error se precipita por un plano inclinado, mientras que la verdad tiene que ir penosamente cuesta arriba"."
Author: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
19. "Only by observing this condition would the results of our work be regarded as fully conclusive and as having elucidated the normal course of the phenomena."
Author: Ivan Pavlov
20. "I have every luxury imaginable, I own acres of land, and have enough money to buy the moon were it for sale. Though people think I have everything, it sometimes feels like my possessions own me; towering over me and reducing me into a small bundle of insignificance."
Author: J. Matthew Nespoli
21. "When I could hold my eyes open long enough, I did stare up at the rain pelting down on me. I've never looked at it like that, straight up into the sky, and while I flinched more than I could actually see, when I could see it was absolutely beautiful. Like each drop rocketing towards me was separate from the thousands of others and for a suspended moment in time, I could glimpse it and see its delicate facets. I saw the gray clouds churning above me and felt the car shake when the wind from the traffic pushed against it. I shivered even though it's warm enough to swim. But nothing I saw or felt or heard was as warm and fascinating as Andrew's closeness."
Author: J.A. Redmerski
22. "A lot of modern amps and preamps sound great when you're jamming by yourself, but don't hold up in a band situation. The sound isn't dense enough, and the lows and highs tend to get soaked up by the bass and cymbals."
Author: James Hetfield
23. "I can't seem to be a pessimist long enough to overlook the possibility of things being overwhelmingly good."
Author: John Corey Whaley
24. "If you want to see if you can swim, you have to have enough faith and be willing to get your feet wet first..."
Author: José N. Harris
25. "Her fingertips reached to trace the damage, but he grasped her hand with his own. He leaned down, far enough that the dark ends of his hair brushed feather-light against her face, caught in her lashes."
Author: Kelly Creagh
26. "Ravenous." I nodded in agreement and started to get my head together. My fight with Emmy was still fresh, but I needed to focus. With some effort, I was able to push her out of my mind and prepare myself for battle with Vivian. "I hope you are in a better state of mind today, Mr. Kessler," Judge Marsen said a half hour later. "I am. I apologize for my behavior, your Honor," I said sincerely, and then added. "Bad hair day." A few snickers arose from the few people seated behind me, but the judge was not amused and neither was her bailiff. I made it through the day without having"
Author: L.D. Davis
27. "People who are always taking care of their health are like misers, who are hoarding a treasure which they have never spirit enough to enjoy."
Author: Laurence Sterne
28. "The woman trembled, eyes wide as she stared at the bluff. Her teeth pressed against her lower lip hard enough he wouldn't have been surprised to see blood. Devyn recognized the building hysteria. His chest tightened; he'd seen like expressions all too often and it opened a raw, bleeding hurt in his chest."
Author: Lynda K. Scott
29. "I have been scientifically studying the traits and dispositions of the "lower animals" (so-called,) and contrasting them with the traits and dispositions of man. I find the result profoundly humiliating to me. For it obliges me to renounce my allegiance to the Darwinian theory of the Ascent of Man from the Lower Animals; since it now seems plain to me that that theory ought to be vacated in favor of a new and truer one, this new and truer one to be named the Descent of Man from the Higher Animals."
Author: Mark Twain
30. "For a country boy, poor as I was, whose constant worry was to be able to have enough to eat, the Army guaranteed one's survival."
Author: Mo Yan
31. "She did not get a medal - it was not fair. 'What a swizz,' she whispered bitterly to her mother as Cicely Barnard's name was called. 'She simply doesn't know enough to be bad."
Author: Monica Dickens
32. "What you did was enough," I said. "We didn't need a superhero. Just an adult who acted to help us when I asked."
Author: Nancy Werlin
33. "The black bird cocked its head to one side, and then said, in a voice like stones being struck, 'You shadow man.''I'm Shadow,' said Shadow. The bird hopped up onto the fawn's rump, raised its head, ruffled its crown and neck feathers. It was enormous and its eyes were black beads. There was something intimidating about a bird that size, this close.'Says he will see you in Kay-ro.' tokked the raven. Shadow wondered which of Odin's ravens this was: Huginn or Munnin, Memory or Thought.'Kay-ro?' he asked.'In Egypt.''How am I going to go to Egypt?''Follow Mississippi. Go south. Find Jackal.''Look,' said Shadow, 'I don't want to seem like I'm-- Jesus, look...' he paused. Regrouped. He was cold, standing in a wood, talking to a big black bird who was currently brunching on Bambi. 'Okay. What I'm trying to say is I don't want mysteries.''Mysteries,' agreed the bird helpfully.'What I want is explanations. Jackal in Kay-ro. This does not help me. It's a line from a bad spy thriller."
Author: Neil Gaiman
34. "I took the dog out for a walk tonight, and together we wandered across the meadow next door. It was a warm summer's night, dark, and moonless. There were a handful of fireflies flickering intermittently, some so close to me I could see they were burning green as they flew, and some further away, who seemed to be flashing white.And in the sky above them a continual roil of distant summer lightning (the storm distant enough that it was silent) burned and flashed and illuminated the clouds. It seemed as if the lightning bugs were talking to the lightning, in a perfect call and response of flash and counterflash. I watched the sky and the meadow flash and flash while the dog walked ahead of me, and realised that I was perfectly happy..."
Author: Neil Gaiman
35. "No man is rich enough to buy back his past."
Author: Oscar Wilde
36. "My French was neither good nor bad. I had enough to understand what people said to me, but speaking was difficult, and there were times when no words came to my lips, when I struggled to say even the simplest things. There was a certain pleasure in this, I believe – to experience language as a collection of sounds, to be forced to the surface of words where meanings vanish – but it was also quite wearing, and it had the effect of shutting me up in my thoughts."
Author: Paul Auster
37. "The heart of a man is a small thing but it desires great matters. It is not big enough for a dog's dinner but the whole world is not big enough for it. Man spares nothing that lives; he kills to feed himself, he kills to clothe himself, he kills to adorn himself, he kills to attack, he kills to defend himself, he kills to instruct himself, he kills to amuse himself, he kills for the sake of killing. From the lamb he tears its guts and makes his harp resound; from the wolf his most deadly tooth to polish his pretty works of art; from the elephant his tusks to make a toy for his child.(...)And who will exterminate him who exterminates all others?"
Author: Paul Hoffman
38. "If he is weak enough to grow smaller to fit himself to his covering, then it becomes a process of gradual suicide by shrinkage of the soul."
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
39. "Then, like I wasn't thrown enough, Cal leaned down and picked up a potted African violet on the low table next to the sofa and brought it over to me. For a second, I wondered if this was his socially awkward way of trying to give me flowers."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
40. "I didn't know with certainty what to say about the large world, and didn't care to risk speculating. And I still don't. That we all look at it from someplace, and in some hopeful-useful way, is about all I found I could say--my best, most honest effort. And that isn't enough for literature, though it didn't bother me much. Nowadays, I'm willing to say yes to as much as I can: yes to my town, my neighborhood, my neighbor, yes to his car, her lawn and hedge and rain gutters. Let things be the best they can be. Give us all a good night's sleep until it's over."
Author: Richard Ford
41. "We know well enough that if we repeal this law and give nothing for it, the people of this country will regard it as a total demonetization of silver, which it will be, so far as this Congress is concerned, without any question."
Author: Richard Parks Bland
42. "It would be a shame to get expelled from school (or arrested) for trying to stab the principal with a ballpoint pen just because he doesn't use enough deodorant."
Author: Rick Riordan
43. ". . . I still wouldn't be able to control myself around him, and I'm math geek enough to know that equation doesn't work out."
Author: Robin Brande
44. "Forse oggi ti va di leggermi una poesia", riprese lei. "A tua scelta. Mi mancano tanto. Potrei fare a meno di "Oprah", ma una vita senza libri è una vita di sete, e una vita senza poesia è...". Rise. Lo sconcerto che udii in quella risata mi fece male al cuore. "É come una vita senza quadri, non trovi? O no?"."
Author: Stephen King
45. "Sometimes love's not enough. And if it's not enough, what good is it ?"
Author: Sylvia Day
46. "I was young enough to certainly realize the excitement of how popular 'Seinfeld' was."
Author: Tim DeKay
47. "Lord make me happy enough in the grace of Jesus to avoid being proud, cold, scared, and hooked."
Author: Timothy Keller
48. "You have to help another person. But it's not right to play God with masses of people. To be God you have to know what you're doing. And to do any good at all, just believing you're right and your motives are good isn't enough."
Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
49. "My ambitions aren't grand. All I have ever wanted is to be there for the two people who mean everything to me. Maybe that's a small goal to others, but it's always felt like enough."
Author: Veronica Rossi
50. "The explanation has been written already in the three words that were many enough, and plain enough, for my confession. I loved her."
Author: Wilkie Collins

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