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1. "She did it on purpose," hissed Treble. "I know she did. But why? Why expose Childersin, and then cause so much chaos that we cannot pursue him properly? I know him. Even now he will be looking to turn all this to his advantage. Men – be alert. He will probably try to have me assassinated any moment n—"Enquirer Treble had a good set of instincts. Two faint, metallic scraping sounds caught her ear, one to her left and one to her right, and before her mind had even registered them as the sound of drawing swords she had already flung herself to the ground. Looking up, she saw that her two bodyguards had managed to impale each other, whilst stabbing at the place she had been a moment before. They crumpled to the ground, one even managing a surprised Face before he expired. "Not again," snarled Treble as she clambered to her feet. "Core of the Earth! Is there anybody working for me who is actually working for me?"
Author: Frances Hardinge
2. "Hence the strong attraction which magic and science alike have exercised on the human mind; hence the powerful stimulus that both have given to the pursuit of knowledge. They lure the weary enquirer, the footsore seeker, on through the wilderness of disappointment in the present by their endless promises of the future: they take him up to the top of an exceeding high mountain and show him, beyond the dark clouds and rolling mists at his feet, a vision of the celestial city, far off, it may be, but radiant with unearthly splendour, bathed in the light of dreams."
Author: James George Frazer
3. "The dangerous charm of GPC was that everything in the world could be called up; if you didn't look out, a couple of sessions might turn you from a serious enquirer into a mere gape-mouthed browser."
Author: Julian Barnes
4. "Mike Walker - the National Enquirer Legend."
Author: Los Angeles Times
5. "Is Jimmy Hoffa dead or does he work at the National Enquirer with Elvis and Bigfoot?"
Author: M.J. McGuire
6. "Being pretty crazy while being chased by the National Enquirer is not good. The British tabloids were the worst."
Author: Margot Kidder
7. "I think the Cincinnati Enquirer must be edited by children."
Author: Mark Twain
8. "Enquirer, cease, Petitions yet remain,Which Heav'n may hear, nor deem Religion vain.Still raise for Good the supplicating Voice,But leave to Heav'n the Measure and the Choice."
Author: Samuel Johnson
9. "I wrote for magazines. I wrote adventure stuff, I wrote for the 'National Enquirer,' I wrote advertising copy for cemeteries."
Author: Walter Dean Myers
10. "If you truly love film, I think the healthiest thing to do is not read books on the subject. I prefer the glossy film magazines with their big color photos and gossip columns, or the National Enquirer. Such vulgarity is healthy and safe."
Author: Werner Herzog

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