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1. "I'd say that animal rights and environmental issues have always been at the forefront of my mind."
Author: Corey Feldman
2. "There are a tremendous amount of environmental issues that are on the table."
Author: Ed Rendell
3. "I'm sad that it's uncool or offensive to talk about environmental or human rights issues."
Author: Grimes
4. "You cannot achieve environmental security and human development without addressing the basic issues of health and nutrition."
Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland
5. "Like I said, I'm more worried long term about the environmental issues then the use of arms."
Author: Hans Blix
6. "I hope that in future Congresses there will reemerge a recognition that climate change is a reality, that our policies to meet our energy needs must also deal responsibly with environmental issues, including the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions."
Author: Jeff Bingaman
7. "Americans don't pay much attention to environmental issues, because they aren't sexy. I mean, cleaning up coal plants and reining in outlaw frackers is hugely important work, but it doesn't get anybody's pulse racing."
Author: Jeff Goodell
8. "The language 'It's too late' is very unsuitable for most environmental issues. It's too late for the dodo and for people who've starved to death already, but it's not too late to prevent an even bigger crisis. The sooner we act on the environment, the better."
Author: Jeremy Grantham
9. "A social impact bond is a new way of bringing financing into social and environmental support issues."
Author: Judith Rodin
10. "We obviously want to produce things that people want. We are going to continue to do that in an environmentally responsible way, while still being aware of the physical, scientific, and practical issues that we have to deal with."
Author: Lee R. Raymond
11. "I like the outdoors and the natural world. Environmental issues."
Author: Mackenzie Crook
12. "This whole idea that we address environmental issues by not doing stuff just doesn't work."
Author: Natalie Jeremijenko
13. "My contention throughout this book is that reconnecting to nature is one key to growing a larger environmental movement. That reconnection is visceral and immediately useful to many people's lives. Encouraging personal reconnection does not mean less engagement with global environmental issues; it means more. To act, most of us need motivation beyond despair."
Author: Richard Louv
14. "Address these environmental issues and you will address every issue known to man. And we keep dabbling in things that aren't really that important in the long term."
Author: Ted Danson

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Quotes About Environmental Issues
Quotes About Environmental Issues
Quotes About Environmental Issues

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