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1. "Afterward I always kiss her, my baby, and look into her clear eyes that know everything about me, and want me to be her daddy anyway."
Author: Angela Johnson
2. "You love me?""Of course I do." My shoulders dropped. "I knew it the day I wanted to punch that idiot's face when he had his hands all over you."
Author: Brenda Pandos
3. "Feel The Love in Friendship"
Author: Chiranjit Paul
4. "An intense cold swept over them all. Harry felt his own breath catch in his chest. The cold went deeper than his skin. It was inside his chest, it was inside his very heart. . . .Harry's eyes rolled up into his head. He couldn't see. He was drowning in cold. There was a rushing in his ears as though of water. He was being dragged downward, the roaring growing louder . . .And then, from far away, he heard screaming, terrible, terrified, pleading screams. He wanted to help whoever it was, he tried to move his arms, but couldn't . . . a thick white fog was swirling around him, inside him —"
Author: J.K. Rowling
5. "She asked why I wanted to be friends, and I replied, "I love meatloaf." Of all the things I could have said, that summed up what I hoped our relationship would one day become."
Author: Jarod Kintz
6. "I want to direct, write, produce... y'know, I love the entertainment industry."
Author: Jason Marsden
7. "What man can hate or love well when he is drugged?"
Author: Kristin Cashore
8. "Like one of those damned clapper lights. Love on. Love off.Robert musing about his parents love for him"
Author: M.L. Rhodes
9. "We are born sad and we die sad, but meanwhile we love bodies whose sad beauty is a miracle."
Author: Mario Benedetti
10. "If you love her, set her free. If she comes back, she's yours. If she doesn't…Christ! Stubborn woman! Hunt her down, and bring her the hell back; she's still yours according to vampire law."- Niccolo DiConti, General of the Vampire Queen's Army."
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
11. "Rekindled love is generally short-term."
Author: Nicholas Sparks
12. "I know. I know I've been a jerk, and I don't have a good excuse. But touching you and loving you, and knowing you were planning to leave me, made me crazy. After we made love the second time, I began to think maybe you'd decide to stay with me. I started to think about you and me waking up every day together for the rest of our lives. I even thought about kids and taking some of those breathing classes when you got pregnant. Maybe buying one of those mini-vans."
Author: Rachel Gibson
13. "You make someone into a object of – not so much of pity as of weakness, sickness, stupidity, inefectiveness, do you see what I mean? You hit them for their stupidity and their inability to respond, and when you've hurt them, marked them, they're even more sick and ugly, aren't they? And they're afraid and cringing too. Oh, I know this isn't very pleasant, but you did ask.""Go on" he said."So you've got a frightened, stupid, even disabled person, silenced, made ugly, and what can you do with someone like that, someone who's unworthy of being treated well? You treat them badly because that's what they deserve. One thinks of poor little kids that no one love because they're dirty, sovered in snot and shit, and always screaming. So you beat them because they're hateful, they're low, they're sub-human. That's all they're good for, being hit, being reduced even further."
Author: Ruth Rendell
14. "I knew he never loved me like he loved her, but I wanted him anyway. I knew his love for me was conditional, but I wanted him anyway. I knew I was second choice, but I wanted him anyway."
Author: Tarryn Fisher

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