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1. "You need to accept your yesterday, so u can be happy on your today, risk and failures will always be there, and so is success."
Author: Candy Bustillo
2. "For it is written that "if the wise man appears always stupid, his failures do not disappoint, and his success gives pleasant surprise."
Author: Christopher Moore
3. "Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."
Author: Dale Carnegie
4. "We are all misfits, poseurs, and clowns. We are heartbroken and lonely, failures in life, criminals and frauds. Most of our successes are pleasant illusions. Through the books on the shelves, the library becomes a support group and lets us know that we are not alone. Once we realize we are not alone, we can relax, set our burdens down, and move on."
Author: Don Borchert
5. "It is on our failures that we base a new and different and better success."
Author: Havelock Ellis
6. "I took the route favoured by all worldly failures and became a spiritual success."
Author: Howard Jacobson
7. "I'm simply a businessman who has seen his share of failures and successes."
Author: Jack Whittaker
8. "Dreams are the result of a million choices, a billion failures, and a few successes."
Author: Jared Leto
9. "How do entrepreneurs survive their early failures? They don't view their failures as failures - they view these experiences as feedback, and a prelude to future success."
Author: Kevin Kelly
10. "Keep in mind too, our failures serve to teach us, and usually teach us more than our successes do. What we may perceive as a failure is also an opportunity for someone else to rise to the occasion and perform a mitzvah, or mitzvot. Do not begrudge someone their joyous performance of mitzvot. Sometimes, perhaps even more often then you may think, what we consider our failures were blessings in disguise for ourselves, or others, or everyone. Abraham did not change the world just because he himself changed, and followed his own destiny. He changed the world through his giving others opportunities to rise to their own greatness."
Author: Laura Weakley
11. "A perfect couple shares their failures, mistakes and their successes equally and deal with them all as a team."
Author: Ricardo Derose

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