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1. "Fame and success and titles stay with you, but they wear out eventually. In the end, all that you are left with is your character."
Author: Ana Ivanovic
2. "I think people often confuse success with fame and stardom."
Author: Brenda Blethyn
3. "There is no schooling for fame and success. You learn as you walk."
Author: Corey Hart
4. "I'm not after fame and success and fortune and power. It's mostly that I want to have a good job and have good friends; that's the good stuff in life."
Author: Drew Barrymore
5. "I've never sought success in order to get fame and money; it's the talent and the passion that count in success."
Author: Ingrid Bergman
6. "The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them."
Author: Jean Genet
7. "You can take Elvis. You can take Marilyn Monroe. Success and fame will not be the answer if something inside of you is bothering you, if things in your mind aren't going right."
Author: Linda Evans
8. "When you get quick fame and success and exposure, it makes you feel dizzy, and I didn't want to lose my balance 'cause that's something I've been struggling with for so many years. I'm not fond of the idea of making it in Hollywood. That's not my aim; otherwise, I would have settled down in Los Angeles."
Author: Ludivine Sagnier
9. "I think as a writer you never have to flee from fame because you're not that visible in the first place, but, after the Broadway success of 'Beauty Queen,' people were coming up to me all the time, and I wasn't really prepared for that level of attention."
Author: Martin McDonagh
10. "My fame came from my success as a country music singer."
Author: Mindy McCready
11. "October 1976 was the penultimate performance of Bench's Hall of Fame career. All the early success and awards and accolades thrown in his direction had prepared him for this moment—when the Big Red Machine became a dynasty by defending it's World Championship from the season before."
Author: Tucker Elliot
12. "The most valuable lesson I've ever learned in my life is that life is about family and friends, not about material things or any of that. It's about enjoying your life. If you have no family, no friends to enjoy it with, it don't matter how much you have, how much success you have, how much fame you have, how much money you have, it doesn't matter."
Author: Vanilla Ice

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Quotes About Fame And Success
Quotes About Fame And Success
Quotes About Fame And Success

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