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1. "My favourite genre lies inside myself, and as I follow my favourite stories, characters and images, it sums up to a certain genre. So at times even I have to try to guess which genre a film will be after I've made it."
Author: Bong Joon Ho
2. "I just have more fun when I get to try new things - and the action film genre has kind of painted itself into a corner, copied itself so many times and it has basically run out of bad buys."
Author: Bruce Willis
3. "But the action film genre is gonna have to come up with some new bad guys."
Author: Bruce Willis
4. "Mention the gothic, and many readers will probably picture gloomy castles and an assortment of sinister Victoriana. However, the truth is that the gothic genre has continued to flourish and evolve since the days of Bram Stoker, producing some of its most interesting and accomplished examples in the 20th century - in literature, film and beyond."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
5. "It's chick flick disguised as a sword-and-sorcery picture. The only genre film with less balls is probably... freakin' Legend. Anyone who actually enjoys Ladyhawke is a bona fide USDA-choice pussy!"
Author: Ernest Cline
6. "If one horror film hits, everyone says, 'Let's go make a horror film.' It's the genre that never dies."
Author: George A. Romero
7. "Billy Wilder is really is a heavy influence on Bound. We felt that film noir was a genre where you could create a really contained story. We wanted to be on a set as much as we could to get the kind of style level we were looking for."
Author: Lana Wachowski
8. "I'd like to do a number of films. Westerns. Genre pieces. Maybe another film about Italian Americans where they're not gangsters, just to prove that not all Italians are gangsters."
Author: Martin Scorsese
9. "As a European filmmaker, you can not make a genre film seriously. You can only make a parody."
Author: Michael Haneke
10. "I go by the role pretty much. And I think the only genre I haven't gotten to do but I'd love to is a western, but no one has ever asked me to do that. Unfortunately they are very few and far between these days, but that is one type of film I'd love to do."
Author: Sam Neill

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Quotes About Film Genre
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