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1. "You must purge yourself before finding faults in others.When you see a mistake in somebody else, try to find if you are making the same mistake.This is the way to take judgment and to turn it into improvement.Do not look at others' bodies with envy or with superiority.All people are born with different constitutions.Never compare with others.Each one's capacities are a function of his or her internal strength.Know your capacities and continually improve upon them."
Author: B.K.S. Iyengar
2. "I implore the atheist not to judge the religious and I implore the religious to not find fault with the atheist. Be a good religious person, or be a good atheist person. How? By putting an end to faultfinding. All do what they believe in their best interest to do and with a little insight and understanding, all can see that the only way anyone can do any good service to the world, is by being thankful for what is been given him, by looking inwards to correct his own faults instead of the perceived faults of others, and by keeping his eye upon his own horizon; not upon the perceived horizons of anybody else."
Author: C. JoyBell C.

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Quotes About Finding Faults In Others

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