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1. "I love Adele, I want her to be my best friend. She could come to the U.S., live with me and sing to me every morning."
Author: Amber Riley
2. "Cheap grace means grace as a doctrine, a principle, a system. It means forgiveness of sins proclaimed as a general truth, the love of God taught as the Christian "conception" of God."
Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
3. "The love of complexity without reductionism makes art; the love of complexity with reductionism makes science."
Author: Edward O. Wilson
4. "I am the mother that bore you, and your sorrow is my agony; and if you don't hate her, i do'Then, mother, you make me love her more. She is unjustly treated by you, and I must make the balance even."
Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
5. "Oh, love will make a dog howl in rhyme."
Author: Francis Beaumont
6. "It seemed to Scobie that life was immeasurably long. Couldn't the test of man have been carried out in fewer years? Couldn't we have committed our first major sin at seven, have ruined ourselves for love or hate at ten, have clutched at redemption on a fifteen-year-old deathbed?"
Author: Graham Greene
7. "I believe in love. I believe in hard times and love winning. I believe marriage is hard. I believe people make mistakes. I believe people can want two things at once. I believe people are selfish and generous at the same time. I believe very few people want to hurt others. I believe that you can be surprised by life. I believe in happy endings."
Author: Isabel Gillies
8. "Actually, if I could find a woman who was that wonderful; that understanding, well, I'd give her everything in the world that was in my power to give. And, I'd love her more than I ever thought it possible to love any woman."
Author: James MacArthur
9. "Love is a check, that can be forged, that can be cashed. Love is a payment that comes due."
Author: Janet Fitch
10. "Click. The door swung open."Three," James said with a slightly self-satisfied smile."Well done," Caroline said.He smiled back at her. "I've never met a woman or a lock that didn't love me."
Author: Julia Quinn
11. "I just want to cuddle with my Lion and give him all the love nobody in the world has given him but me."
Author: Katy Evans
12. "One might have supposed that the true act of love was to lie together and talk."
Author: Mary Renault
13. "Divorce can be crazy. Man, if you're happy... Love is a beast, man. Hold on. Be prepared for any way it may go, and be honest."
Author: Nas
14. "If there is any possible consolation in the tragedy of losing someone we love very much, it's the necessary hope that perhaps it was for the best."
Author: Paulo Coelho
15. "That one person you are is you...its hurts but try love maybe it will get you through"
Author: Sabrina Salas

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Quotes About Finding Love In The Bible
Quotes About Finding Love In The Bible
Quotes About Finding Love In The Bible

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