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1. "Some girls have to go to college to discover what they are good at; some are born doing what they must without even truly knowing why. I felt a hole in my heart shaped like a dark door I needed to guard."
Author: Catherynne M. Valente
2. "I have an audience that goes from kids to seventy year olds."
Author: David Cassidy
3. "Next year he would suggest they hire a chalet on the edge of an icy fjord in Norway, as far away from the Jacobs family as possible."
Author: Deborah Levy
4. "However, the economics of our business continued to deteriorate. We barely escaped bankruptcy a year ago, and in the aftermath of that escape we had to make some even tougher decisions."
Author: Gerard Arpey
5. "The SNCC base of operation, at the corner of Jackson and High Streets, was in the heart of the black community in Montgomery. I don't remember too much else about the city, but I'll always remember that corner. There were hundreds of young people behind police barricades of some sort. Lots of college students, some white, from up North, and some local black folks and college students. The whole Selma-to-Montgomery push, and this ancillary thrust by SNCC in Montgomery, was because on the other side of that barricade there were white folks who had shown they would stop at nothing, including violence, to protect white supremacy."
Author: Junius Williams
6. "Pigs are friendly, loyal and very intelligent, they are even considered to be smarter than a 3-year-old child. Eating bacon is like eating a voiceless 3 year old child!"
Author: LuzMaria Gómez Güémez
7. "Two and a half thousand left-handed people are killed every year using things made for right-handed people."
Author: Maggie O'Farrell
8. "In college I studied '60s and '70s radicalism, student activism, forms of political violence, groups like the Weathermen, the Black Panthers, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the New Left."
Author: Marisha Pessl
9. "A year or so ago I went through all the people in my life and asked myself: does this person inspire me, genuinely love me and support me unconditionally? I wanted nothing but positive influences in my life."
Author: Mena Suvari
10. "To be better equipped for the tests that the year will bring — read a textbook. To prepare for the tests that life will bring — read a book."
Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
11. "I don't need to come back to Wimbledon every year because I can't live without it. I'd be totally cool without tennis."
Author: Roger Federer
12. "Bear in mind that since medications do not fix anything, they allow the underlying problem to continue uncorrected and actually accelerate. Meanwhile, new symptoms and new seemingly unrelated diseases are the inevitable consequence of this biochemical faux pas. Furthermore, drug side effects are the leading cause of death. NSAIDs as an example of only one group of medications, are fatally toxic to thousands of people each year by damaging joints, lungs, kidneys, eyes, hearts, and intestines. And they are covered by insurance. You and your doctor have been screwed into believing every symptom is a deficiency of some drug or surgery. You've been led to believe you have no control, when in truth you're the one who must take control. Unfortunately, the modus operandi in medicine is to find a drug to turn off the damaged part that is producing symptoms."
Author: Sherry A. Rogers
13. "I'm afraid I talk a lot, too much, perhaps. I should have been a lawyer or a college professor or a windy politician, though I'm glad I am not any of these."
Author: Tom Glazer

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Quotes About Finishing Freshman Year Of College
Quotes About Finishing Freshman Year Of College
Quotes About Finishing Freshman Year Of College

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