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1. "You can't quit!" I shouted. "I need you. How am I going to know what to do unless you tell me? I'm lost without you, Lane!" "You'll be better off without me," he insisted. "You're abandoning me!" "I'm doing this for you, Moon," Lane said firmly. "Tell the press you fired me. Tell them I'm incompetent. They'll blame me for everything that's gone wrong. This will deflect the criticism away from you. I'm doing this to save your presidency, Moon. Part of the job of a presidential adviser is to protect the president." "You protect the president by quitting?" "Yes, if necessary." I begged Lane to reconsider, but nothing I said would convince him to stay. When I realized that, I hugged Lane, we wished each other well, and he walked out of the Oval Office."
Author: Dan Gutman
2. "You can get fired from any job at any time."
Author: Jorge Garcia

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Quotes About Fired From A Job

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